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In the last week of the June a flying bomb fell every day!Keats House was damaged when a flying bomb was dropped on the banks of Hampstead No. The FOURTH ROCKET fell at the endof March on Primrose Hill, close to the Barrow Hill Reservoir. There had been a whole raft of services in Hampstead to combat the effects of War.These included Heavy Rescue Service, Wardensa€™ Service, Light Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, Report and Control Service, Messenger Service, Emergency Mortuary Service, Food Treatment Service, Instructorsa€™ Service, Decontamination Service, Womena€™s Voluntary Services, Gas Identification Service, Post Raid Services, Home Guard, National Fire Service and Invasion Defence. There was blast damage in Oppidans Road, Primrose Hill Road, King Henrys Road and Elsworthy Terrace.

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