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Using light as an interior design element Over the past few years, interior lighting design has completely changed the way we decorate our home environments. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. My thoughts, memories, fears and hopes keep running through my head, so that I risk to suffocate under them.
The primary objective of interior lighting design is to achieve maximum visual comfort that takes on different meanings based on the context in which the lighting fixture is mounted. The Bianco Pumpz Pump range is now online and ready to order with complete tech specs to ensure your seamless selection.

In the retail sector, from large shopping centres to small shops, lighting is the central element around which the right system should be designed in order to create a pleasant and attractive environment for customers.
If you’re unsure be pump sure, Plumbonline has a committed team of pump specialists with over 20 years of pump selection experience. The great versatility of our new spotlights enhances the merchandise in the best way possible and creates customised lighting systems to make the brand always recognisable. Fosnova, the ideal supplier for any type of customer, offers a wide range of spotlights and other lighting solutions to meet the needs of any type of environment.
It is however, up to the designer to decide upon the right colour temperature that, in addition to the LED source, can enhance the yellows and reds, or the different shades of light and dark blue.

The lighting designer is now aware of the fact that the right selection of the whole system, as well as the fixture's design, the reflector's opening angle, the appropriate colour temperature and CRI value are fundamental to guarantee a store's success and increase sales. Therefore, the current trend is geared towards the manufacturing of more flexible fixtures, which also emit an excellent quality of light, while guaranteeing remarkable energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

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