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9pm Tuesday from Bob Breck at WVUE-TV: Isaac has essentially stalled, moving slightly southwest over the last couple of hours. Neighbor Conrad Abadie says, “If you have an icemaker in your refrigerator, you might want to empty it into a small ice chest. Computer projections of the hurricane show New Orleans as a place where the hurricane is likely to make landfall. And, one of the things you should be doing on a regular basis is cleaning that catch basin near your home. Accurate, immediate information, straight from the City of New Orleans to you via text, call, or email.
Louisiana price gouging laws are in effect from August 26, 2012 through Tuesday, September 25, 2012, following the state of emergency declaration from Governor Bobby Jindal. If you feel unsafe in your home due to a tree problem, ride out the storm in a neighbor’s home until you can consult a certified arborist. Whether it’s a boil water advisory or hurricane alerts, you need to be ready… NOLA READY!
Whether manmade or natural, every emergency situation is different, and requires both citizen and City to be prepared. Other times, I find myself sucked into arguments about God where I become a rude and insensitive blowhard.
Stephen asked me to write this article because several authors have voiced concern over taking back their rights. What you as an author need to make sure is that you possess the rights to your manuscript in all formats.
My story doesn’t end when I exercised my right; requesting my publisher to cease their publication. I’m not qualified to guide you in this area, but I strongly recommend you involve people qualified to provide guidance before signing any document or contract that might jeopardize your ownership. The fourth in the series Fragrance of Revenge is started and will be published in early 2013. This entry was posted in Featured Author, Guest Posts and tagged control, Copyright, publishers, publishing, rights, self-publishing by Administrators. One of the first discussions I followed on LinkedIn was about protecting ownership of one’s work. I was lucky that I had the rights to my first novel as i also ended my relationship with iUniverse and republished it myself. I just did an online search and it looks like I still have problems with other distribution sources listing that earlier publication.
NOMA & Besthoff Sculpture Garden will re-open to the public, weather permitting, on Thursday, August 30 at 10 am. Bring in anything that could be transformed into a missle or be of value to an opportunist. Each person should have a gallon of water per day for at least three days, as well as non-perishable food items and can openers. The price gouging statute prohibits the raising of prices above the pre-emergency levels unless there is a national or regional market commodity shortage.

Keep in mind that soggy soil doesn’t hold tree roots as well, and large, leafy canopies can catch a lot of wind, particularly with tall water oaks and red oaks. And remember, trees can actually help minimize wind damage to our homes and property when they are well-cared for and planted in the right place.
NOLA Ready is the CIty of New Orleans’ emergency alert system and official source of information about every emergency situation, from power electrical outages to hurricane evacuations.
March 2, 2016Christy George is concerned that too many Americans are in denial about climate change and is trying a find a new approach to change their minds. The fine print is very important when you realize you need to pursue other publication options. My publisher responded to my request in a reasonable period of time and ceased publication. A future article might be how I might receive those royalties since my publisher has discontinued my presence. When only their torsos are washing up on New England shores, the authorities speculate that their other parts are being kept as trophies by women. They took it off in the paper version but the ebook is still out there at three times the price – and with the two inconsistencies their editors did not catch still in it. When I republished mine I reversed the title and made some editing corrections so I called it revised.
These words should be tattooed on the chest of every salesperson so he or she will remember it.
If you suspect price gouging, please contact the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office at 800-351-4889.
The Council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City, as recommended by the mayor, and continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. Note all trees that are located N and NE of your home as hurricane winds typically come from these directions. Call the SPCA for more information to help you prepare for evacuating your pets… (504) 368-5191.
However, due to their relationship with other retailers, those retailers’ response cycles impacted my continued publication with Amazon KDP. Scott, who knew the murdered men, again joins a task force to help find the killer or killers. Local authorities speculate the men might be held captive for sexual purposes because no ransom has been requested and no bodies have turned up.
It seemed that as an indie author this was the only way to insure legal ownership of my work. For starters, entering a sales presentation fully prepared does wonders for your self-confidence. Trash pick-up stopped today and will not resume until later in the week; therefore, all residents are asked to secure their garbage cans and any loose debris. My last article here on Indies Unlimited made a comparison between my first publication experience and my latest using Amazon’s KDP process.
His efforts are aided by Mercedes Strong, who may have more than one motive to assist the authority’s efforts.

Knowing that you know everything about your product, company, and competition, backward and forward, works miracles in elevating your self-image. It also reviews and has final say on many land use and zoning matters, as well as considers major economic development projects for the City.
February 24, 2016Prisons are built on the supposition that time, discipline and routine transform inmates into new people. As an automotive motivational speaker I wouldn’t dream of setting foot on stage until I was completely prepared to face the audience.
As a Board of Review for Orleans Parish, the Council examines appeals of property tax assessments for real estate taxes, and certifies tax rolls to the Louisiana Tax Commission.
Nelson Davis has lived with this idea since 1980, when he arrived at the Louisiana State Penitentiary to fulfill a life sentence. However, Scott is drawn into an investigation of his own, and does a good job of getting too close to danger.
Nothing beats doing your homework so you know exactly what your prospect’s problems and needs are—and having solutions for them. Other responsibilities of the Council include overseeing the operation of the public access television in Orleans Parish. The only way to be assured of this kind of comfort is by doing your homework in advance so you’re 100 percent certain you can handle any situation that might arise. There’s nothing more disrespectful or presumptuous than going into another person’s office and not being able to answer all of his questions. You owe him an apology.Not only is it rude to walk into somebody’s office unprepared, but when you do, you’re likely to have feelings of distraction, anxiety, and guilt. Consequently, you lose the sense of being in charge, which for obvious reasons, is self-defeating. You must have the knowledge and ability to pass on certain information to your prospect so he or she can make an intelligent buying decision.
If a prospect doesn’t know specific reasons why he should buy your product, he simply won’t recognize why it is of value to him.Although I’ve already emphasized that being prepared is important, sometimes even the most professional salesperson can’t have all the answers. If a prospect asks a question you can’t answer, simply say: “I am sorry, but I can’t answer that for you. Keep in mind that if you hear yourself saying this too often, then you are not properly prepared. Find the information your customer needs and call them back immediately.I strongly recommend that you become an expert in your field. The only way professional people can keep current with the vast changes that are constantly taking place in their professions is to spend several hours each week reading published materials, having discussions with their peers and attending seminars.

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