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With all of the disasters that are happening all over the world, more and more people have come to realize that they need a basic survival kit stocked with some basic survival gear to help them get through a disaster. Have some tents or tarps to protect your family from the weather just in case your home isn’t habitable. If your family is small or you live alone find like minded people in your neighborhood that you can team up with during the emergency.
As we mentioned in our How to Make a Bug Out Plan post, the more skills you have, the more self reliant you are and the higher your chances for survival become.
When you are out on your own without the support net of a healthy society, these are the traits and basic survival skills you need to master in order to succeed. This is actually more important than any of the other basic survival skills because when you are relying on your ability to wring survival from your surroundings, once you give up hope you are done. Set goals for yourself – These may be daily or even hourly goals such as making it to the next hilltop or obtaining a meal from your surroundings. Focus on what you can change – If a major disaster has struck, focusing on the unfairness of the resulting situation or the loss that has occurred will not help you.
Keep hydrated and nourished – This will give you the energy to persevere in the face of adversity. If you are able to map a route as a part of your Bug Out Plan, identifying likely sources for water along the way will be a massive boon.
Filtration – this consists of passing water through very fine membranes to remove particles and some pathogens. Purification – treating water with either chemicals such as iodine or UV light sources. Boiling – This is a type of purification as it kills all pathogens but does not remove particles. Because of the separate benefits of both filtration and purification it is recommended that you use both methods to be 100% sure of water safety. Utilize a Solar Still – This can be purchased here or fashioned out of your survival gear.
Hiking with your Bug Out Bag loaded with essential survival gear will cause you to burn 400-500 calories in an hour. A well prepared person will have a means of sheltering themselves from the elements as a part of their Bug Out Contents List.
Consider bringing paracord and a saw or hatchet when building your Bug Out Bag Contents List as these can be your best friends when building a shelter.

If you do not have paracord, zip ties, duct tape, or another binding material, primitive rope can be improvised from strips of tree bark, small green saplings or branches, and vines. If you cannot use your poncho or tarp for this, layer brush on to the frame sloping away towards the ground to insulate for warmth and keep moisture out. Fire can provide many things when in a survival situation and both building and maintaining one are essential basic survival skills.
Air – A fire consumes air hungrily and it is important to build it in a way that allows air to flow into the combustion.
Ignition Source – this can be a lighter, matches, or a fire starter that you bring with you. The most commonly used types of fires are called a Teepee and a Log Cabin, which are pictured below. There is no doubt that learning basic survival skills will significantly increase your chances of success.
If you thought this post was helpful, please Like, +1, or Share it using the social media buttons at the top of the page! I was also finding that with the lack of a business application purpose, and trying to stay busy at home to keep my mind and body on track, I was neglecting some very important things. Keep up the good work Chris, sorry it is taking me some time to read through all your articles. November 28, 2014 by Liz Long Leave a Comment Kids come in all ages and levels of maturity. Here is a list of skills that are practical and basic to survival. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
Liz Long is an eclectic writer who lives in the exurbs (that's what comes after the suburbs) with her husband, sons, and cats. You will lose your chance to get the free product of the week.One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. These disasters have proven over and over again that the public services of our modern world quickly become taxed far beyond their limits. If handguns are legal where you live get a handgun or two, otherwise a rifle, shotgun, club, knife, machete, or anything else you can think of will be much better than nothing. There are of course many more items that you need to add to your survival gear to be better prepared…and much to add to your survival skills, but at least you will have taken the first basic steps to survive a disaster. When you are negative, and always project negativity, people will either not want to be around you or you will surely bring them down to your level.

You’ll have to determine which skills are appropriate to teach your own children or grandchildren. Her life-long Scouting skills have been a help in becoming a prepper, but the lack of any cooking skills in the entire extended family is not.
If you want to survive the next disaster that strikes your hometown, you need to learn how to provide for your own basic survival needs and have at least a basic survival kitto meet those needs.
So if you weigh 150 lbs then you should be drinking about 113 ounces (3.31 liters) of water per day. I found at first, I was beating myself up for being disabled, and I would show that to my wife when she got home from the office. I would go days without eating or drinking the proper amounts of water, as well as days without doing simple things like shaving. Before you can learn how to provide for your most basic survival needs, you need to know what those needs are. The first part, positive mental attitude, I can’t stress how important this is to survival.
For me it was a brief phase, and I was grateful it was only that instead of a new way of life.
After two decades of running both claim and finance departments for major health insurance agencies here in Houston, I had to put up the suit and tie and call it quits. While this gave me more time to be prepared for life, this didn’t give me the structure I had taken for granted. The entire survival mindset is all about prevention; preventing dehydration, starvation, hypothermia, heat stroke, suffocation, violence, kidnapping, slavery, and homelessness.
Those last four are part psychological; we all want to feel safe from violence, being kidnapped for ransom or sold into slavery, and having our home taken from us.
While I have always been a big picture person, like you stated, it was important at this point in time to goal oriented and set smaller more sensible goals. I had to sit down and draft a to-do list so I could focus on the small goals which would in turn mold my big picture.

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