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Contains first aid emergency notes card, emergency foil blanket, 10 plasters, large and medium dressings, 1 pairs of nitrile gloves, 2 alcohol free antiseptic wipes, 6 safety pins, 4 blister plasters, crepe bandage, tough cut scissors, hypo- allergenic tape, 1 pack of gauze swabs and a pen. Ideal portable first aid kit to assist in the provision of basic first aid for minor injuries, including appropriate safety items to protect the first Aider. I made a phone call and was told to run it under cold water and apply pressure while holding above his head. Any parent that still has children living at home should have a full first aid kit at home.

His voice was quivering when he called for me in the bathroom as his finger was dripping blood. There are other items that could be also put in there all depending on where you are putting the first aid kit (at home or in your car). Add in non-stick gauze for wounds that are slightly weeping and wrap with a stretchy self adherent wrap (coban like).
If one is searching frantically, one will lose their ability to stay calm in a time of emergency.

Between calling my husband to tell him what happened and trying to calm my son and getting the bleeding to stop, I had to be calm too.

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