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Tealight Candles White Unscented Set of 125 -- 125 candles for $14.99 is a great deal, but these only burn for 4-5 hours each. 10 Hour White Richland Unscented Votive Candles Set of 72 -- 72 candles here for $21.99 that burn for 10 hours each; by far the best deal of the 3! Another very cheap option is to simply buy several regular flashlights and sufficient rechargeable AA or AAA batteries and a solar-powered recharger to run them and keep them powered in a grid-down blackout situation.
Another very cool option is the BioLite CampStove, which burns small twigs and acts similar to a Solo Stove, but also converts some of that heat energy into electricity to charge mobile devices.
Disturbingly, a lot of us depend on electricity for our primary source of heat, and, if you live in a climate with cold Winters, this simple fact could conspire either to kill you or make you completely miserable. And that, folks, is what I consider a set of basic preparedness and survival gear, all of which can easily be stored in an attack or basement in a labeled Rubbermaid-style tote. All comments on this blog are moderated, meaning they don't appear until approved by me.
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Please note: This is a non-operational website for which availability and timeliness of content cannot be guaranteed. Its purpose is to provide a preview and solicit comments of an ongoing redesign of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) website. Two keys to weather safety are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. Online hazard and vulnerability assessment tools are available to gather information about your risks. Put together a basic disaster supplies kit and consider storage locations for different situations. Follow guidelines to guard your community's health and protect the environment during and after the storm.
Review the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) health considerations before, during, and after a storm. Review the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggestions for health and environmental safety in disaster preparedness. Review the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to allow for enough time to pack and inform friends and family if you need to leave your home. Consider your protection options to decide whether to stay or evacuate your home if you are not ordered to evacuate.
The calm "eye" of the storm – it may seem like the storm is over, but after the eye passes, the winds will change direction and quickly return to hurricane force. Mother Nature ultimately calls the shots, and although she's not out to get us, we do have to play by her rules. In light of Hurricane Sandy and the inevitability of future natural disasters, it's invaluably important that you have prepared yourself and your family to the best of your abilities. Depending on where you call home, you are surely exposed to different elements and possible dangers. That being said, weather is a wildcard and we recognize the pain and hardship these events have caused. Find a common, easily-accessible area of your home to stockpile some crucial keys to survival.
Again, SheKnows sends our prayers and condolences to those affected by these recent events and Hurricane Sandy, and would like to open this article up for discussion below. Disturbing Picture Event from Kaskuser KASKUS Corner KASKUS Playground KASKUS Peduli KASKUS Celeb KASKUS Promo Cinta Indonesiaku Ngampus di KASKUS Jual Beli Zone Product Review Sista Beauty Fashionista Women’s Health Suara KASKUSers Supranatural Budaya Spiritual Surat Pembaca The Lounge Deals Gosip Nyok!
Dari namanya, alat pertolongan pertama ( biasa kita sebut alat P3K ) adalah seperangkat alat yang dapat digunakan dalam keadaan darurat sebelum ambulans atau dokter dapat melihat korban. Selalu bersiaplah untuk kemungkinan terburuk karena kita tidak akan tahu apa yang akan terjadi pada diri kita dalam menghadapi bencana alam. Rumah anda bisa menjadi tempat berlindung terbaik atau bahkan menjadi mimpi terburuk anda tergantung pada seberapa baik anda telah mempersiapkannya untuk menghadapi bencana yang akan terjadi. Hal ini mungkin terdengar aneh karena dalam kasus bencana, hal menyelamatkan hidup anda adalah yang utama. Suatu kota yang mengalami bencana alam adalah seperti surga bagi pencuri dan penjarah karena situasi hukum dan ketertiban menjadi kurang terurus. Jika anda tinggal di daerah yang sering terkena bencana alam maka anda harus memiliki sumber daya listrik cadangan.
Di era sekarang ini yang didominasi oleh gadget terbaru yang dapat memberikan kita berbagai kemudahan seperti peta virtual dan sarana komunikasi canggih, radio telah dilupakan oleh kita.
Mengumpulkan informasi adalah sama pentingnya dengan segala sesuatu yang telah kita persiapkan sebelumnya. Kebanyakan orang menjadi takut dan sebagai akibatnya mereka tidak dapat mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapi bencana. Cara terbaik untuk menghadapi bencana alam adalah dengan menghormati dan mengerti alam dan kekuatan yang dimilikinya. Nobody wants to think about the next big storm, flood, or the many emergency situations that could happen, leaving you and your family without power or trapped within your home for a considerable period of time. If you don’t have a generator, or your residence doesn’t permit the use of one, there are other supplies that will aid you when the lights go out. We know that losing power can be frustrating, but the more prepared you are the less stressful the situation can be. Water – FEMA recommends 3 gallons to last 72 hours, but that recommendation includes cleaning water as well as drinking and weighs 25 pounds, that’s a lot to carry. Food – You will want to pack items with lengthy expiration dates such as peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, nuts and trail mix, cereal, granola bars and power bars, dried fruit, canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey, canned vegetables, and canned soups. First Aid – All your kits should have small individual first aid packs that include the basic first aid supplies and a first aid manual. Equipment – We’re going to stick to the basics here, but know that you can always add to your preparation later on. We hope this guide will help you get started with preparing you and your family for a possible disaster. For more information about being prepared and keeping your family safe during an emergency check out the American Red Cross ‘Plan & Prepare’ page and you can also follow our board ‘Emergency Preparedness and Prevention’ on Pinterest for tips and tricks. Flash floods involve a rapid rise of water that can develop quickly, within minutes to hours of the onset of heavy rain. Flooding can occur more quickly in urban areas as more runoff is created in developed urbanized areas with less green space available. Heavy rainfall falling over a widespread area (such as a large portion of a watershed) over a prolonged period (like several days) can cause river flooding. Flash Flood Warning implied flash flooding is reported or is imminent in the areas specified in the warning. Flooding of streets, low-lying areas like underpasses and storm drains, and small streams is expected. August 16, 2007 Tropical Storm Erin made landfall along the middle Texas coast around the Port Aransas area.

June 19, 2006 Some water rescues occured with this flash flood event that brought flood waters from 2 to 8 inches to as high as 18 to 20 inches into homes along area bayous and creeks.
June 8-9, 2001 Tropical Storm Allison devastated a large portion of Southeast Texas with an incredible amount of rain as she meandered around Southeast Texas for over five days. September 11,1998 Tropical Storm Frances made landfall along the upper Texas coast on September 11th. October 17-21, 1994 The October 1994 Floods were perhaps the worst floods to impact southeast Texas on record. Keep NOAA Weather Radio, battery-powered portable radio, emergency cooking equipment, and flashlights in working order.
Keep updated with the latest warnings, watches, advisories, and statements issued by the National Weather Service and be prepared to take action as necessary. Assist hospitals and other operations which are critically affected by power failure by arranging for auxiliary power supplies.
Children should never play around storm drains, creeks, streams, or rivers, or in flooded streets.
It's also helpful if one knows some basic first aid treatment in case of emergency situations. It is recommended that you put together your own first aid kit rather than buying one pre-made. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention offer information on animal health impacts in evacuation shelters. Here are some disaster preparedness tips and considerations that can help in light of any future hurricanes or emergencies. Regardless, basic human needs transcend all circumstance and an extra 20 minutes of preemptive disaster preparedness on a slow afternoon can make for a world of difference in the event of a natural disaster, particularly a hurricane. Jenis alat yang dapat ditempatkan dalam kategori ini bervariasi dari keahlian dan orang yang akan menggunakannya ( korban ) dan dalam situasi apa alat ini akan digunakan. Persiapkan keperluan anda seperti makanan, pakaian, alat komunikasi seperti ponsel yang terisi pulsa atau bahkan menyimpan baterai cadangan.
Tetapi jika anda ingin sepenuhnya siap untuk menyelamatkan hidup anda dan barang-barang penting anda maka harus dipersiapkan juga kotak dengan kunci yang aman di mana anda dapat menyimpan surat-surat berharga berkas kerja kantor, foto keluarga dan yang paling penting uang tunai.
Pastikan bahwa Anda memiliki alat pertahanan diri karena tiba-tiba anda mungkin berada dalam situasi berbahaya. Tetapi dalam keadaan darurat ketika jaringan telepon selular bermasalah dan ada tidak ada listrik, radio dapat menjadi alternatif yang baik untuk mendapatkan informasi terbaru tentang keadaan sekitar kita. Usahakan untuk selalu mengikuti informasi terbaru dan mengikuti prosedur pencegahan dan penyelamatan yang diberikan oleh pemerintah setempat.
Ketika Anda menghargai alam, otomatis Anda menjadi lebih sadar bahaya yang timbul dan ini adalah kunci untuk menghadapinya. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for anything and everything– even the zombie apocalypse!
It is important to make sure that what you pack you can actually carry, especially if you need to be agile in a flood or run from zombies.
Check out small camping first aid kits for purchase or an idea of what you should put in your small first aid kits if you would like to assemble them yourself. In emergency situations local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster but they cannot reach everyone immediately. Typically, river flooding begins as a high crest on the upper part of a watershed that takes several days to move downstream.
This usually means heavy rainfall is expected, especially following a period of wet weather when soils are saturated. Take immediate precautions to protect yourself, most importantly be certain not to drive through flooded areas.
This is similar to the Areal Flood Warning described above except the warning applies to a point along a river rather than a general area.
Tropical systems during the summer and early fall, and strong winter storm systems can cause widespread flooding and flash flooding across the area. A southeast to northwest feeder band developed from Katy to the western end of Galveston Island in the morning and moved slowly eastward to a line from Clear Lake to Humble by late in the afternoon. Sections of Sims, Halls and Hunting Bayous along with parts of Vogel and White Oak Creeks experienced significant flooding. Between the 5th and the 10th, much of Houston and the surrounding areas to the north, east and south received between 15 and 35 inches of rain which caused devastating flooding and flash flooding. As the storm moved inland, widespread heavy rainfall occurred in the Houston metropolitan area. This is very important as flood waters will contaminate the drinking water supply in your area. Just as with first aid kits, create food storage areas in different locations like your car, home, and office. Keep a list of phone numbers and other pertinent contact information for family members, doctors, local emergency services, and your regional poison control center. March 5, 2016Terror, Americans & Unification March 5, 2016BOYD CRAVEN III Author + Urban Farmer! Understand National Weather Service forecast products and especially the meaning of NWS watches and warnings.
To be safe, gather about three gallons of water per family member along with approximately three days' worth of non-perishable easy-prep foods. In an emergency situation, it is important to have already discussed a meeting place and plan of attack to ensure your greatest safety. Assure them you will all stay together and that you have taken precautions to prepare for an event like this. Bermacam kejadian bencana alam bisa terjadi seperti banjir, gempa bumi, kebakaran hutan, badai angin atau lainnya, dimana ini dapat mengubah berbagai aspek kehidupan pada ribuan orang di seluruh dunia.
Dalam kasus bencana alam di mana anda terputus dari dunia luar dan tidak ada perawatan medis yang bisa segera didapat, alat pertolongan pertama dapat menjadi alternatif utama pertolongan. Persiapkan juga barang-barang dasar seperti obor dan korek api di tempat yang aman dan terhindar dari basah. Dalam kasus gempa, tempat teraman bagi anda adalah berada di bawah tangga, atau tempat yang mempunyai perlindungan dari runtuhan. Anda mungkin harus menangani dua jenis bencana sekaligus, satu dalam kasus bencana alam dan lainnya dalam kasus perampokan atau pencurian.
Sumber daya dapat berupa generator dengan kekuatan yang cukup untuk mengalirkan listrik seluruh rumah anda selama beberapa hari. Bicaralah dengan kerabat atau dengan tetangga dan rencanakan strategi untuk mengatasi bencana alam. Masalah muncul ketika orang menganggap kekuatan alam adalah sepele dan mereka berpikir bahwa mereka mampu menghadapi bahayanya. Yes, we know the chances of the walking dead happening is pretty much zero, but when it comes to any disaster it never hurts to be over-prepared. Portable generators can power most, if not all, of your home’s power needs and for people with health issues that rely on electric powered machinery, it could be a life saver. You may also want to consider something with electrolytes and carbohydrates like Gatorade or Powerade to pack in your kits as well.

Maybe you have an infant that requires formula, or a child that has specific allergies to certain foods, or you are packing food for your pet.
You could get help in a few hours, or it might take days… and that is why it is so important to be prepared.
Due to the slow nature of river flooding, ample advanced warning is provided to evacuate people or property in the path of the flooding.
Flash flooding can also be produced by strong slow-moving thunderstorms especially during the spring and summer months. Training of cells along this line combined with rainfall rates upwards of 4 to 5 inches per hour resulting in major street flooding and minor flooding of several bayous in Harris County.
The Washburn Tunnel was flooded and impassable while Interstate 10 at federal Streets bypass was under water. The largest amount fell over a 6 to 12 hour period on the 8th and 9th resulting in 22 deaths in the Houston area. Liberty recorded 30 inches of rainfall in less than 48 hours, and much of the city went underwater due to a failed levee system. It is also recommended that you have several first aid kits in different locations, for example, your car, the kitchen, the boat, etc. The food in your home should be well stocked and include enough food for your family to eat for at least one month.
Furthermore, the canned goods may not be the ideal meal, but you've already stockpiled everything they'll need to ride this thing out. Kekuatan destruktif murni yang dibawa oleh bencana ini tidak bisa dihentikan tetapi dapat dihindari atau diminimalkan sampai batas tertentu misalnya mencegah adanya korban nyawa manusia.
Jenis dasar yang harus tersedia misalnya perban, antiseptik, sarung tangan, gunting, alkohol, aspirin, dan jarum suntik.
Selalu siap untuk cuaca dingin misal dalam kasus banjir dan badai atau panas yang ekstrim dalam kasus kebakaran hutan dengan menyimpan jenis pakaian yang cocok . Jika badai angin melanda daerah anda, pastikan bahwa semua jendela dan pintu terbuka sehingga tekanan udara luar dan dalam rumah adalah sama, tetapi jika tidak sama maka akan dapat menyebabkan atap rumah anda robek. Gunakanlah listrik hanya pada hal yang penting dan pastikan anda memiliki cukup bahan bakar untuk generator listrik anda.
However, we should mention that during a zombie apocalypse it could be risky to run the generator, as the noise may attract the walking dead. Be sure to check your supply kit monthly, refill as needed and check expiration dates on medication.
Remember to check expiration dates every 6 months on food you packed and replace as needed. Usually, less warning lead time is provided for flash flooding so quick action and decision making may be required.
Flood waters can fill streets, freeway underpasses, and parking lots and can sweep away cars. If the flooding is more gradual based on a longer period of rain, the areal flood warning may be used. Flooding and flash flooding can occur anywhere in southeast Texas, but is usually most severe near major watersheds like the Colorado, Brazos, San Jacinto or Trinity Rivers, and near urban areas like the Houston metropolitan area. Widespread major street flooding occurred throughout the afternoon across the eastern half of Harris county with SH 288 impassable near the 610 south loop, I-10 east closed at Wayside, and numerous secondary roads closed along I-45 S, SH 225, and I-10 E. Approximately 3,370 homes were flooded in the Interstate 10 and Beltway 610 vicinity (Belfort an Telephone Roads). More than 48000 homes were damaged (11000 with major damage and 3600 completely destroyed). Frances caused extensive flooding along White Oak Bayou and flooded several major roads and freeways in the Houston area. A comprehensive first aid kit should include supplies and medications for cuts, burns, insect bites and stings, nausea, fever, and rash.
This helps medical professionals take care of you faster and more efficiently in emergencies. That being said, you should also store a set of matches, a lighter, a flashlight, candles, a battery-operated radio (to pick up weather and rescue updates) and extra batteries inside a plastic bag to protect them from water damage and to keep everything together and mobile. Kuncinya utamanya adalah bersiap-siap untuk menghadapi bencana yang bisa datang kapanpun dengan cara mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya.
Air bersih adalah hal yang paling penting sehingga kita harus menyimpan air dalam jumlah besar. Untuk banjir anda harus meletakkan panel kayu atau lainnya sebagai penutup pada semua bukaan seperti pintu dan jendela agar air tidak merembes masuk. You may also want to consider packing some multivitamins, as these supplements will help replace the nutrients you would have consumed on a normal diet.
Flooding of homes and businesses occurred in the La Porte area where some structures were inundated with more than a foot of water. Several major highways into and out of Houston were flooded including I-45 north of Houston and US 59 northeast of Houston. You will also want to store extra layers and blankets to maintain warmth in case the power goes out.
Setiap bencana memiliki prosedur keselamatan yang berbeda tetapi kita dapat mempersiapkan cara yang dapat membantu kita untuk menghadapi bencana alam.
Four fuel pipelines ruptured on the San Jacinto River, causing a massive fuel spill and widespread fires. Remember to plan for different scenarios, like a fire in the kitchen, a fire outside, or a fire at night while everyone is in bed. Again, the more you can safely store, the better off you will be if you need to use it in an emergency. Go over your plans and practice drills annually to make sure that everyone and everything is prepared.
You have to be creative and think on your feet, making the most of what you have in your immediate shelter. An estimated 22,000 homes were flooded across southeast Texas during this event, with $900 million in damage reported.
Stock your food supply with non-perishables and other foods that have long expiration dates. Allison ended up being the costliest tropical storm ever (>$5 billion) for the state of Texas and for the United States.
Keep fire extinguishers in several areas, particularly any areas that are prone to catch fire such as the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and garage.
It can happen very quickly and be extremely dangerous, as we saw with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
After you have stored your food, remember to check it every 6 months for expiration dates and use and replace anything that will expire. It can not only provide warmth, but can also be used in a wide variety of ways in an emergency survival situation.

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