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However, there are a number of ways that drivers end up wasting gas, increasing their fuel bill and not getting anything in return. Few things are more exhilarating than standing on the gas and ripping up to 60 MPH in a few seconds. Older cars have a certain classic style…but they also have ancient engine technologies that were designed in a day when gasoline cost 10 cents a gallon. You may not have a choice – but if at all possible, get on the highway when the road is clear instead of joining the commuter convoy. If your car requires a high-octane fuel, but you feed it regular gas, it will run just fine (thanks to modern computer-controlled ignition systems) but it will also lose mileage. Oil changes, filter checks, sensor replacement – these maintenance tasks are unglamorous and easy to ignore.
High-performance, high-grip tires might improve your safety (and sometimes that will be the most important concern) and road performance, but they also use a lot more gas.
Ever since the first Honda Accords hit the North American market more than 35 years ago, this innovative model has been a trendsetter. The most visible upgrade is also one of the most important to the driver experience: the passenger cabin has been retooled with a lavish hand. The engine has been redesigned as well, utilizing an aluminum block and direct fuel injection. The pricing for the 2013 Accord family continues to be aggressive, with base models coming in at just over $22,000 – a fantastic value for a car of exceptional reliability, well-reviewed driving performance, great passenger and driver comfort, and top-notch electronics and features. Minimize your use of your cell phone.   Several studies have shown that you are more likely to be involved in an accident if you are talking on the phone, even if you are using a Blue Tooth device. Limit eating in the car.  If you must eat in the car, choose items that are easy to hold and can be easily eaten with one hand.
Remove roof racks when not in use.  This will both decrease wind noise and improve fuel economy.
Change your wiper blades regularly and use window treatments like Rain X to improve visibility and decrease window fogging.  If you live in an area with excessive rain or snow it is helpful to change blades and treat windows every few months. Commuting to work can be stressful enough, so plan vacations to minimize peak traffic driving.  Consider traveling on Thursday or Saturday during a 3 day weekend to avoid Friday traffic. Please consider these tips when planning your commute or your next vacation.  Have a safe and fun summer! For most consumers with newer vehicles, we recommend upgrading to a premium synthetic motor oil to take advantage of the benefits for your engine and to save you time and money. The most important goal in choosing a rack is ensuring that the bike, rack, and vehicle fit together properly for a safe driving experience.
A small but significant percentage of vehicle accidents result from impaired vision caused by a dirty or damp windshield. The windshield wiper system refers to the system of moving parts installed in your vehicle designed to wipe rain and dirt off of your windshield. High quality Honda OEM wiper blades will make short work of that mess, while low quality blades will leave you squinting through smears, detracting from your ability to see what’s going on ahead of you. Modern day wiper blades are modeled to mimic your eye, which blinks every few seconds, rather than continuously.
When considering new wiper blades, you may also consider aftermarket options that attempt to match to the precision of a manufacturer blade. The main drawback to aftermarket blades is that they are not built to mimic your vehicle’s windshield, but the typical windshield wiper length of several makes and models. So now that you know the benefits of a Honda OEM and aftermarket wiper blades, which wiper should you choose?
Additionally, an aftermarket warranty is typically far less than Honda’s one year warranty on all OEM products.  We recommend aftermarket solutions for only those with patience and troubleshooting experience. OEM and aftermarket accessories installed by Honda Part World include: Custom wheels, trunk spoiler, underbody kit, front and rear underbody spoiler, and tint. Milk, Flowers, Eggs…anything that could potentially shift and be destroyed by turning a corner should not be placed in your trunk. NOTE: This instruction (for a 2012 Accord) shows the Honda OEM cargo hook being installed on the left side of the vehicle. Holding the 6 mm rivet nut tool with the hex wrench, turn the 19 mm wrench clockwise and install the rivet nut to the vehicle panel.
Remove the 6 mm rivet nut tool from the rivet nut by turning the hex wrench counterclockwise. Align the cargo hook pin with the hole in the vehicle panel, and secure the cargo hook to the vehicle panel using the 6×20 mm bolt with the 6 mm plain washer and the 6 mm spring washer. A back-up sensor uses four sensors that emit audible beeps into the cabin while you back up, signaling objects as you approach them. Most backing over accidents are the result of an object being obscured from view by a vehicle’s blind spot. reports that at least fifty children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week in the United States.
The principle benefit of a back-up sensor system is that it reduces the risk to small children, other pedestrians and reversing vehicles by warning the driver of any objects that block their path. Back-up sensors are an important Honda Accessory to prevent injuries and vehicle damage and should be seriously considered based on your car’s dimensions and your driving environment.
On a recent trip to Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island the weather was a typical heavy mist with occasional rain mixed in. I’m a strong advocate of using your lens shade at all times and not just to shade the lens from sunlight and glare. I really don’t worry too much about my camera bag getting a little damp but try to keep it closed as much as possible. My biggest concern with equipment is getting it dry when I return to the vehicle or to my house. Coming into a warm home or trailer is another issue however as condensation will form very quickly if a damp and cool camera is brought into a warm and dry environment. When brought into a warmer environment any condensation should form on the plastic and once that equipment has warmed up to ambient temperature it should be fine. What do you do if the weather is just so awful that you don’t want to risk your valuable photography equipment? We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. The inclusive deals are easier to cost, but booking the two separately could potentially get you a better price, if you are willing to put in the effort. When picking your flights, make sure there are no hidden booking or check-in fees that can substantially add to the cost of your trip. Spend some time changing your flight dates and times, getting quotes for each, as the space of a few days can lead to big savings. When you get to your destination, as with a standard rental car, the salesperson will most likely tempt you into taking an upgrade. If you have planned your holiday from beginning to end, leave a couple of hours breathing room each day for unexpected things that catch your eye or simply to have a rest, and budget for them too. When it’s too cold to change your underwear and abandoning your onesie sounds like a sin, all options that involve walking out the front door will sound preposterous. Whether it’s a Hurricane Sandy or a freezing day in Dublin, before you start moping, do me a favor and take the bad weather as an opportunity. Idea #5:  Gather your friends together and play cards, dice, or any other amusing game you can think of. I was visiting the island Senja this weekend, but the weather was really bad with blizzards hitting us all the time.

I have made an advertising page for Photos from Northern Norway, if anyone should be interested in advertising on this site. Yeah- Senja again, I need to find some free pictures of Senja the island for my daughter Senja’s scrapbook.
Family vacations, long trips, and better weather all encourage driving and result in higher gas prices across the board and filling up the tank seems to empty the wallet. Cruising through green light after green light is efficient, letting your engine run at an economical speed and not wasting energy through constantly stopping and starting.
If you idle a newer car for more than about ten seconds, you’d be better off, in terms of fuel consumption, to shut it off and start it again when you’re ready to move again.
But if you’re engaging in that kind of racetrack behavior, you’re burning fuel for little, or no, improvement in your actual travel time. You can lose 6 MPG just by being two octane rating points short of what your engine is designed for. But they can also absolutely devastate your mileage, particularly sensors that fail with use. The 2013 Accord models, scheduled to reach dealers in late September 2012, continue this proud tradition with some substantive improvements to the base design and an extremely reasonable price point. Automated sensors include a forward collision detector, a lane-departure warning system, and a video camera mounted in the passenger-side mirror that automatically brings up an image of any car that appears in the Accord’s (very small) blind spot. Lighter and more powerful, the new engine configuration delivers 12% more torque and 4% more base power.
The 2013 Honda Accord meets and exceeds an already-formidable reputation for quality, performance, and value. Tires that are worn, under-inflated, or out-of-balance, will increase road noise, decrease fuel economy and increase the likelihood of accidents. We’d like to simplify the process by outlining the most common choices and the important factors to consider before making your purchase.
Poor fitting racks are not only a safety hazard, they could also damage your bike, your vehicle, or other drivers’ vehicles. It can be difficult to load heavy bikes or to load a bike while parked on a hill or uneven surface. Many mountain bike frames required a cross bar adapter to fit properly on standard hitch rack. Driving through thunderstorms, torrential downpours, and fierce winter snow storms are bad enough on their own, but when a huge 18-wheeler speeds past, leaving a dirty, muddy spray across your windshield, you want it gone and your field of vision clear as quickly as possible. In addition, many of the vehicles on the road today have windshield wipers that are beyond their functional lifespan.
The system is composed of the wiper motor, the wiper linkages, the wiper arm, the wiper blade and the wiper refill. Improved wiping capabilities in rain and freezing weather, long lasting durability, and an easy to service design using a rubber insert that requires no special tools or high cost items to replace will leave a clean appearance from inside the vehicle with the wiper profile neatly conforming to the base of the windshield.
Each manufacturer carries the benefit of improving weather visibility, safety and driving comfort, but they require additional products to repel rain, sleet and snow.
This puts you at a slight disadvantage when you’re looking for the best fit for your vehicle. Each hook has four separate hangers, perfect for a shopping trip with goods you do not want to get bruised during the drive home.
An additional cargo hook (sold separately) can be installed on the right side of the vehicle unless the vehicle is equipped with a navigation unit or a compass. Insert the rivet nut into the hole in the vehicle panel, and install the hex wrench on the 6mm rivet nut tool.
OEM Back-up sensors are designed and marketed as parking aids, yet their benefits affect more than just the driver when parking. Those beeps quicken as your vehicle gets closer to objects, helping you in and out of tight spots while protecting your vehicle (and other people’s vehicles as well).
The data they provide explains how the if bottom of the rear window rises, the car length increases, or if the driver’s height decreases, the length of the blind spot increases.
Over 300,000 reversing accidents are reported every year, and that doesn’t include the unreported accidents. The longer and taller the vehicle is, the bigger the blind spot may be, making it more difficult to see.
Forty-eight (48) are treated in hospital emergency rooms and at least two (2) children are fatality injured every WEEK. Where I live on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada we have our share of rain and what I like to call heavy mist. Rather than putting the camera away and forgetting photography completely I took this opportunity to capture what in many ways is a unique landscape. These shades are also very effective at keeping rain off the front element of your lens or filter.
On occasion I have slipped a garbage bag over my camera bag if the weather gets extremely ugly and while this works well for the worst of it, it also makes access to equipment very difficult. I find returning to a vehicle is the easiest as the temperature inside is about the same as outside so I tend not to get condensation.
I’m a little skeptical on this as I have always thought I likely have rain clouds forming inside the plastic bags and this can’t be good!
When not travelling he writes on his blogs, Nature Travel Photography and Kevin Oke Photography. The flipside to making savings on booking your own tailor-made holiday is that you will not be covered in the event of things going wrong. Most deals with itineraries include accommodation at your destination, cutting down the time you have to spend organising your holiday, but again, it can be worth tracking down your own separate deal, so shop around before committing.
If you are feeling daring and you are unhappy with the deals you have found, try waiting until the latest date possible before booking your flights, as there are often great last minute offers. You will be spending a lot of time in the vehicle, so dona€™t be afraid to ask questions and push a bit to ensure you are getting one you will be happy to drive for long periods of time. If you return a car with an empty tank when your deal stipulated a full one, you will be charged a refuelling fee which is usually more expensive than the cost of the fuel itself, so dona€™t shirk on your duties if you take that option. Avoid being steered towards another vehicle, especially if you have taken the time out to choose carefully, no matter how shiny or sporty it looks. That way when you come across something you never knew was there, you will have the freedom to stop and explore for a while without deviating from your itinerary.
A fly-drive vacation is an adventurous, exciting way to view a country, and it is worth taking the time before you go to make sure you can enjoy it as much as possible with all that spare cash in your pocket. At the same time, the guilt of losing a day sits on your mind like a sugar-high kid waiting for the bus.
Take this day indoors to catch up to make albums, add one-click hipster effects, and publish to your social network of choice.
Research things to do once you are able to emerge from your cave, and book in advance if you can.
In between the snowfalls I was able to go outside and have a look (and take a few pictures) at the ocean in turmoil. I love the blue cast to the entire shot — makes it seem even more cold that it may have been (but probably WAS).
Don’t putter along the on-ramp or create a safety hazard, but most of the time, gradual acceleration with just a little pressure on the accelerator will get your car up to speed perfectly well without burning a ton of fuel in the process.
Learn the timings of the street lights along your regular travel routes, and what speeds should be maintained in order to avoid the red-light cycles. Be careful doing this at intersections, but if you’re waiting for a passenger off the road, shut it down and save yourself some gas.

Cars get the best mileage when they maintain a steady speed – if you can schedule long drives for quiet times, you’ll see the results in the fuel bill.
Get to the safe highway speed, engage the cruise control, and let the computer keep your speed and RPMs steady and stable. It looks like a big savings to buy the cheapest gas – but for nearly all modern vehicles, the gasoline with the recommended octane level is the gasoline that will have the lowest cost-per-mile.
Keep your vehicle at peak maintenance, and you’ll make the money back by preserving your fuel economy.
Don’t roll around on bald rubber, but don’t buy more tire performance than you actually need, either.
High efficiency oil filters typically have pore sizes of 3 microns or less which studies have shown reduces engine wear. In most climates, you should anticipate changing your wipers every 6 months, in areas such as the Pacific Northwest, many drivers replace their wiper blades every 3 months. All these parts work together to clear the windshield from anything that can obstruct your view while driving. Next, run your finger along the blade surface and check for hard or brittle rubber or ragged edges. Your windshield wiper needs the correct geometrical pivot to keep the windshield clean and clear. With Honda OEM Back-up Sensors, you’ll be able to get yourself in or out of a tight spot, using parking spots you previously thought were too small and all the while protecting the paint on your vehicle. The good news is that back-up sensors can help prevent accidents in all shapes and sizes of Honda vehicles. I try to change lenses under cover of trees or cliffs or when there is a slight break in the drizzle. It’s amazing how a few drops on your front element can make unpleasant blurred areas in your photos. The harder it is to access your equipment and shoot the less likely you will be shooting photographs; trust me on this!
I wipe my gear off as well as possible, open up my camera bag so it can breathe and don’t think too much about it. Generally I dry my equipment off the best I can outdoors and let it sit in a covered area for an hour or so. At any rate, in my many years of shooting I have only had major condensation issues a few times and while I have had anxious moments watching all my lenses fog over they have always dried out fine without lasting damage. My first is to shoot in the forest or another protected area and concentrate on close up photography and not the grand landscape.
These are pre-planned routes that you follow to approved destinations, and are a good way of seeing a lot in a short space of time.
Package travel regulations mean that any operator you book a package holiday with is obligated to look after you if things go belly up, i.e. Dona€™t push your luck though; therea€™s a wafer-thin line between waiting for a bargain and finding all the seats are gone.
The salesperson is only there to make money out of you, not to make your holiday any better. If you have a less strict routine in mind, then budget for what you think you will need and then add a half. You’re even allowed to create elaborate descriptions of how stormy it is outside or how delicious your hot tottie is. Sign on and let them know you’re alive, you have been eating, and no Mom, I haven’t “met anyone.” Catch up with friends from home and tell them about your trip. Look for tips online of places to go based on your age and interests, and read reviews on attractions you were thinking of visiting. In this picture you can see the west coast of Senja where the island meets the Norwegian Sea and next piece of land is Greenland. I was in there in late November, frozen half stiff, but it was worth it to get some pictures at by the lighthouse at the tip of Husoy. The speedometer, tachometer, and gauges are laid out in a sophisticated three-dimensional array that is both stylish and extremely functional.
The suspension system has received a similar update, with a Continuous Variable Transmission that’s winning raves from reviewers for eliminating the “rubber band” feel some engines have been burdened with. Fifteen percent of the vehicles inspected during National Car Care Month failed because of worn windshield wiper blades.
All Honda vehicles are equipped with a high quality Honda OEM windshield wiper system, but these systems need proper care. Vehicle owners and drivers should keep in mind that it would be best to inspect windshield wiper blades at least every six months. Finally, inspect the plastic or metal wiper body, looking for a bent or damaged frame that could affect wiper performance. If I do get drops or mist on the element I wide it off with a dry cloth or tissue and wait for it to clear. As the vehicle warms up the air temperature inside slowly warms the equipment and condensation generally isn’t a problem. Yes, I’m sure damage can be done but do your best with drying out your equipment and you likely will be OK.
You will also be spared the hassle of finding your own accomodation, as there will be recommended places to stay.
Things like an airport pick-up and car insurance can be costly if not booked as part of the package. And if you’re planning to drive your car through the rain, you must also make sure that the various parts of your windshield wiper system are in good working condition.
Windshield wiper blades may not be used frequently but they do get damaged by several factors such as dirt and dust, UV radiation, friction and acid rain.
Another option is to dry the equipment as well as possible and place the items in plastic bags.
Some companies gives quotes for the flight and the car separately, others give you an inclusive deal.
Operators can also charge an additional fee if you drop the car off in a different location to where you started. As silly as it may sound, dona€™t forget to budget for fuel before you leave – in many countries it will be your main expense.
In case of damage, it is extremely important to immediately replace the damaged wiper arm with a new one. Lens shades can also save your lens if you are moving quickly and give the front of the camera a smack against a tree or rocks and this does happen, at least to me!
This is an important consideration if you are planning a cross-country trip, so ask your operator if they provide an a€?open-jawa€™ service which will allow you to return the car to a different destination at the end of your holiday. I try to have a light towel or in a pinch my tee shirt to wipe off the camera if a little too much moisture lands on it. The third for me is to find a warm cafe or pub and just sit the weather out for an hour or two. Long journeys will be made easier if more than one of your party can drive, so see which offers included insurance for more than one driver.
The weather often changes hourly and your photography day may have just been delayed a little.

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