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About Us This blog is for consumer products companies that are facing or preparing for legal issues confronting the industry. About Greenberg Traurig, LLPGreenberg Traurig, LLP is an international, multi-practice law firm with approximately 1900 attorneys serving clients from 38 offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. A wave of lawsuits questioning “all-natural” claims on labels of major food and beverage brands has swept across the Bay Area. Del Monte, Jamba Juice and Safeway have been attacked for what some consumers have called deceptive labeling. Many cases allege that all-natural marketing claims violate state consumer protection statutes by using false and misleading advertising. Most lawsuits argue that foods or beverages containing high-fructose corn syrup or genetically modified organisms, or are processed in a way that removes the natural characteristics of an ingredient, cannot be marketed as all-natural.
According to Biderman, attorneys are mostly interested in going after bigger companies because they could potentially yield bigger rewards. The head of one Bay Area food company, who requested not to be named because his company settled an all-natural lawsuit out of court, said that what’s happening to small manufacturers is nothing short of extortion. One big problem for companies and courts is that the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees packaged food labeling, has not decided on a clear definition of natural.
Renee Frojo covers hospitality, restaurants, retail and nonprofits for the San Francisco Business Times.
I made heart shaped lotion bars for Valentine’s day, but you could make them in any shape for any occasion. These all natural lotion bars are a natural alternative to lotions containing artificial fragrances, artificial colors, and other synthetic ingredients. This DIY recipe makes 24 mini-muffin-sized natural lotion bars or 12 regular-muffin-sized lotion bars.
To make the bars easier to remove from the mold, dip the bottom of the tray in hot water for a few seconds.

Since these natural lotion bars do not contain preservatives, it is best to use them within one year. My favorite shape for these honey cocoa scented lotion bars is the bumble bee, since it goes with the beeswax color and scent. You can help support Natural Beauty Lifestyle by purchasing through one of my affiliate links. I considered ordering beeswax on Amazon, but some of the reviews said that it smelled terrible. The mango butter was the only refined ingredient, and it did not have much of a mango smell. It’s worth it to get good quality ingredients, so the lotion bars turn out smelling decadently wonderful!
Heidi Avelino is constantly searching for ways to live a natural and eco friendly lifestyle. I am hoping to make lotion bars using beeswax, olive oil, and shea butter (I am allergic to coconut). Hi, I haven’t had any problem with the lotion bars spoiling, but I do recommend using them within a year. Subscribe To Our NewsletterRegister for FREE and receive news updates by email from the Daily Commercials! We address trends in the law, strategies for defending litigation and how to manage risk in a business frequently targeted by lawsuits. The firm is among the 2015 BTI Brand Elite and among the most “Tech Savvy.” It was on the 2013-2015 BTI Client Service 30 listings of firms “most recognized by clients for providing excellent client service,” and one of the 2014 BTI Client Relationship Scorecard “Power Elite,” based on the nature and strength of its client relationships. Labeling suits targeting large companies are widespread nationwide, but class action lawyers have especially hit Northern California.
That number is expected to double before the end of this year, according to David Biderman, partner at Perkins Coie LLP, who has been closely following food litigation class actions.

In the case against Safeway’s Open Nature line of products, for example, the plaintiff alleges that the company tailored its brand to capture consumers’ increased demand for all-natural foods when the ingredients are not all natural, according to the complaint. This month the court will hear Jamba Juice’s motion to dismiss one of two cases brought against the company for marketing its at-home smoothie kits as all-natural on the grounds that the claim complies with FDA guidelines.
They would make super cute party favors, but make sure to label them, so people know not to eat them!
We hope this blog helps these companies and their legal teams navigate what can be a challenging legal climate.
Other companies argue that no “reasonable consumer” would think their claims are deceptive.
Instead of squeezing liquid lotion out of a bottle, you simply rub the lotion bar onto your skin. Follow along for the latest on natural products, DIY recipes, natural foods, and natural parenting. If you are using an intricate mold on a hot summer day, a better method is to place the tray of lotion bars in the freezer for at least 10 minutes before flipping the tray and popping out the bars. We used the Nordic Ware Pro Cast Floral Cupcake Pan and the Nordic Ware Platinum Backyard Bugs Pan to create these shapes. It comes in little pebbles, which makes it much easier to measure and separate than if it were in one big block.

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