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Early warning signals are simple properties that change in characteristic ways prior to a critical transition.
Slow recovery from perturbations: The recovery rate after small perturbations decreases when the system is close to the bifurcation (panels a1,b1).
Increasing autocorrelation: The state of the system becomes more and more like its past state (panels a2,b2).
Increasing variance: The accumulating impact of the non-decaying shocks prior to the transition increases the variance of the state variable (panels a3,b3).
Increasing skewness: In the vicinity of saddles the rates of change are low (reflected in the asymmetry of the stability landscape, panels a,b).
Flickering: The probability that stochastic forcing may temporarily shift a system back and forth between alternative basins of attraction is higher close to a bifurcation.

Detect Early Warning Signals with Environmental ScanningEffective competitive intelligence uses strong environmental scanning in its strategical positioning. The highly correlated time series close to the transition can be quantified as an increase in autocorrelation.
The system spends more time close to the saddle resulting in a highly skewed distribution of the state variable (panels a4,b4). As a result, the variance and skewness of the frequency distribution of the state variable increases. Environmental scanning is an effective tool to provide companies ways to study and analyze the market.
The trends are usually good indicators that the environmental market is responsive or active.

Competitive intelligence uses benchmarking and environmental scanning as factors to help adjust production and sales, such as when cost descriptors are isolated. She provides business instruction for executives, students and women looking for educational business training to develop their business skills in communication and leadership. Often warning signals can be detected and early prevention can save a company from potential disaster.
These indicators provide warning signals and when carefully studied can help managers make effective decisions.

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