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The police point out that we are the ones who see things like this, that we are the ones who provide information to them about what is happening on our streets. Please be on the lookout for yourselves and for this criminal who was wearing a maroon hoodie and a black scarf across the face. Please forward and advise other neighbors not on this email to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They should be the same because the two paths should point to relative addresses at the same level. The alert warns banks towatch out for hackers using spam, phishing emails, Remote Access Trojans and keystroke loggers to try and pry loose bank employee usernames and passwords.
I walked around to my stock tank early this morning, optimistically hoping that perhaps it may have showered during the night.  Not yet quite awake, (pre-coffee),  I walked up to the tank to take a look. After my shattered morning nerves had returned to normal, I wandered to my papyrus stock tank.
This worm has a winter tree-lined avenue scene on the side of it, complete with white fluffy clouds.
The moth is often mistaken for a bee or wasp because of its movements, and the bright orange hindleg scales.
A Naboo tribesman has been captured on camera, and you will not believe who captured this never before seen tribal member. You have to zoom in on this infamous discovery…I could not believe it myself…a warrior peeking out of the amaranth stems, is that a tribal headdress on the right? This is either the larvae of the Three Lined Lema Beetle, or the Three Lined Potato Beetle, it is really hard to tell unless you can find the eggs and so far I haven’t.
Yes folks, you guessed it, these tiny slugs with their swollen bodies and black heads have an annoying habit of piling their own excrement on their backs…they really do. My pokeweed fruit has matured to indigo, the stems turning quickly from green to this crazy pink.
I have a new resident in one of my water lilies, sporting a sort of full-face, Hitler-esk mustache.  Some unsuspecting insect is in for a bit of a scare, when alighting on this bloom. It was, awesomely disgusting, wasn’t it, I am sure I have now lost at least half of my readers! Yes some great bugs this past week, just when you think you have seen most species up pop a bunch more. Yes the purple poop is something not to look forward to, I do like that unusual pokeweed plant though, it is quite bizarre.

Yes, I should be finished with the installation next week, at least the hardscape, planting will begin after the summer heat has subsided.
The dragonfly head is a real shocker, I could see it throwing it’s eyes back at me as I slowly got close with the camera. I remember what a learning experience it was to take our son out to eat, finding which restaurants were kid friendly and still had good food.
We made the decision to integrate our kids into eating out since they were infants and never shied away from taking them anywhere. I have to say, nothing I have done has ever involved me in such a kerfuffle as the taking of that picture wherein the Naboo warrior was spotted. Yes the men in black have been paying me quite a lot of visits since the release of the photograph, it has created quite a stir.
The crap-backs epitomize grossness, and are even worse when squished (insert gag reflex face right about here). It seems the tomatillos took ages to set peppers, I had no idea they were so slow, then all of a sudden there they were!
The sunflower you gave me has been host to what has to be called an infestation, I have never seen so many caterpillars! My sunflowers were decimated by bordered patch caterpillars over the past few weeks, but it’s satisfying to see the butterflies fluttering about, and now the birds are having a field day with the seeds. I think I can safely say that I am not aware (to my knowledge) of one of my posts ever nearly having such a violent reaction, I apologize for almost sending you swiftly to the toilet! My bordered patch caterpillars have moved on from the sunflower, I will be keeping a lookout for the butterflies, yes, it is all good.
The officers think he will make another attempt in the area* as he was unsuccessful with me as I had nothing on me. The worms cut the canna leaves and roll them over to live inside the cozy domicile while pupating and scoffing down on the leaf, and can they scoff!  Look at my new cannas!
The females typically lay their eggs at the base of leaf stalks, and the caterpillars develop and feed inside the stalk, eventually killing the leaf. I have even begun to watch other families really closely at the seating moment, just to see their particular “seating” dynamic, and how they deal with it!
I ended up squishing the excrement back carrying chaps as soon as they slimed their way down and chomped on one of the tomatillo husks…oh no, that was enough. I will be sure to forward your hypothesis to the science group that are currently investigating the validity of the picture.

Now, I must say, they are usually very well behaved (apart from the rare, boogy incident, a first for us) in restaurants. The tomatillos have suddenly jumped to life, and I have a bunch of them growing inside their lanterns, it should be a good crop as long as I keep the crap-backs at arms reach…a very good place for them. I can imagine him screaming and ranting in this lily pad, those Utube videos are ridiculous! In my previous blog, I talked about custom queries can be defined in Authoring console with option to create Two state or Three State monitoring Windows Azure SQL database. They soon migrate to the main stem, where they will reap complete havoc on the plant, eventually killing it. Are you using mainly native plants for the job because if you are how about my putting your name forward for the Wildflower Center Tour?
Just as frustrating in an empty restaurant is when there are larger tables available they show you to one of those tiny tables, you know the ones where everybody can reach everything!
BTW, if our family’s experience has any relevance for others, the musical chairs dance at restaurants may well continue for your family well into middle school and perhaps beyond.
They took my memory card and ALMOST took my computer, but I got in their face with some spookiness of my own.
Apparently, there has been a dearth of extra terrestrial sightings so they have been freelancing now, dealing with incursions of the tiny terrestrial variety.
The Naboo are the hot thing on the Fortean Times circuit – I think we may be called upon to do a power point presentation at an upcoming Fortean convention in Mexico City.
I can’t wait to hear reports of its flavor and texture – it looks suspiciously like a steroidal zuchinni to me! One finally overcame being a runt and started to fulfill its duty as being pollinator of the other.
I only caught one adult but I sure squished hundreds of eggs and the plants finally died from heatstroke rather than the borer.

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