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Magpul has just announced the release of new MOE M-LOK forends for the Mossberg 590 and Remington 870 shotguns, as well as a newly-designed, M-LOK compatible Angled Fore Grip.
The Remington 870 MOE M-LOK Forend is a drop-in replacement for Remington 870 model 12-gauge shotguns.
The M-LOK AFG is an update on the popular Angled Fore Grip which incorporates elements from both the original AFG and AFG2 in a new design that is also compatible with Magpul’s M-LOK attachment system.
Magpul was the first company to produce the AFG back around 2009 and this is the third distinct version released in the series. What about a M-LOK heat shield(s) that are direct replacement for those shotguns that came with, or as a add-on,for those Mossberg’s that did not come with a heat shield. I would love to have the M-LOK ability & capability, but hanging lights,sights,scopes or what have you, off of a shotgun foregrip is not for me.
Just in case your were wondering about the relative size of the new M-LOK AFG, Magpul produced these handy images. The latest update to the GUNSTRUCTION player features new part categories, functionality, vendors and of course parts!
In Explode Mode you will notice we added the much asked for new Magazine Pulls as a point of customization.
We have also added Brownells to the list of dealer links, and encourage everyone to shop around and utilize these links within the program.
Behind the scenes we have made some performance upgrades, fixed some bugs, and corrected some information for parts. As for the new vendors we are proud to announce that Aero Precision, Bravo Company, and MultiTasker Tools are now in GUNSTRUCTION. All of the new functionality and parts are great but the real story is that now you can, well… I should probably just show you.
You may remember the Limitless Gear OPFOR magazine carrier from their attempt to crowd fund it’s launch. The OPFOR is unique among magazine carriers in that it can be attached to and removed from standard PALS webbing with very little effort. Please call 1-909-869-0671 for specialsThis product is Excluded from Coupon CodesNeed this faster? The MagPul PTS Angled Fore-Grip is another innovative new product from one one of the best firearms and accessories manufacturer in the world. One recommendation I have is to stipple the grip to allow for better control as polymers can at times be a little slippery.
I love this grip, but honestly all of the advantages with this grip can be had with a stubby vertical grip and some rail covers. This vertical grip fit perfectly on my JG MK36, I use it as a DMR set up so it works very well with the gun.

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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Manufactured from reinforced polymer material, the M-LOK AFG features a new radiused curve grip area in a streamlined, minimalist design. So Magpul is the pioneer behind the entire concept with several others now following suit years later.
Haley, BCM or even Magpul, who’s become big (and therefore hate-able for the cliches others ape).
It allows me AND my wife to share a shotgun we can both enjoy shooting, which is rare for a fixed-stock longarm. 11 more products to release prior to the end of this year, then about a dozen big ones at SHOT.
I always thought the rail interface made it too bulky, direct mounting looks like a big step up.
Magpul is releasing new MBUS Pro Offset Sights and they are probably going to rock… hard.
They boast things like steel construction, Melonite finish, tool-less adjustment, solid detent lockup, and a very compact form factor.
They tend to see wider acceptance on rifles with higher magnification optics where they serve as a not only a backup sighting system but a faster one for closer targets. The integrated RMR mount allows the optic to be mounted far lower and more securely than would be possible by mounting to a rail. This is an extensive database of parts information, reviews, high res pictures, and places to buy. We also are proud to announce that we now support Magpul M-LOK compatible rails and accessories! War Sport Industries released this image (below) to tease the release of the LVOA -SP at SHOT Show 2015.
The list is fairly extensive and seems to indicate that the health of the new direct-connect specification is solid. Did you know that if you purchase your Combat Optic Tool Optimized through Robar, you can choose to have them coat it with one of their products like NP3, Roguard, or others?
I really enjoy this grip a lot as it let's me hold the gun naturally, it feels like it's not even there sometimes as if it were part of the gun. For anyone who believes in the isosceles stance and the thumb over bore grip, this product is for you as it allows an excellent grip of the rifle while keeping your wrist in a more comfortable and natural angle.
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That will set you back a lot less money and take up less rail space, but it will not look as cool. I would recommend this to any sort of assault riffle, sniper, DMR, or any accurate gun for that matter. It’s worth noting that this forend is not compatible with the optional Mossberg heatshield. It’s worth noting that this forend is not compatible with the Remington 870 Super Mag. The good news is that the new MBUS Pro Offset Sights will have all the same features and they will deliver those features at the same price.
The Gear Locker also allows you to print out or e-mail your build to yourself or others, and see your saved builds outside of GUNSTRUCTION. Now you can share builds made on your mobile version of GUNSTRUCTION with web users and vice versa!
The OPFOR retains the magazine aggressively enough that it can actually be used upside down. The only con there really is with this grip is, you should not use this for CQB, but that is the only bad thing about this grip. The contoured rear surface allows placing the AFG in front of an M-LOK MVG for a more versatile grip combination. To access the Gear Locker simple click on the ARFCOM logo found in each part’s “Part Info” screen. Other interesting features include the ability to stack them on top of each other and a respectable 2.8 ounce weight. I said the new offset sights will cost the same as the original MBUS Pros which are pretty reasonably priced for what you get.
Moving between a heated home and the icy cold polar vortex parked over my house can fog even high quality optics. From the web player you can also load up the Gear Locker via the tab on the left hand side of the window. I have never had one of my Aimpoints become mechanically disabled but I have fogged them before.

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