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After increase in oil and gas prices, nuclear power is considered as an alternate or substitute to these sources. Another reason for increased demand for this energy is low carbon emission when it is compared to other non renewable sources like oil and coal. Here is a diagram which illustrates the amount carbon emissions when it is compared to clean energy like solar energy and wind energy.
When we talk about safe or clean energy sources we mostly think about renewable energies, but the drawback of using them is their unreliable supply. Power produced with nuclear energy is million times more, than power generated from hydro as well as wind power. Accidental release of harmful radiation is one of the biggest drawbacks of nuclear energy .
With nuclear power picking up speed, utilities and governments are going to need a lot of capital in order to build the future nuclear fleet. So far in 2016, the uranium price has been bumping along around US$34 per pound of U3O8, with utility buying remaining sluggish.
However, despite the slower market, there are still plenty of reasons to remain bullish on uranium. For one thing, Japan is expected to continue restarting its reactors, with a total of eight anticipated to come online by the end of the year. In light of those events, and due to utilities’ abnormally high long-term uncovered requirements, Raymond James believes utilities could come back to the market at any time to resume a normal pace of long-term contracting.
That positive outlook for uranium means that by extension there is a positive outlook for nuclear power. Corporate balance sheet financing: WNN explains that corporate balance sheet financing is typically a method of financing reserved for the largest utilities and developers. The Finnish Mankala model: The Finnish Mankala model is widely used in the Finnish electricity sector.
Vendor equity: Investopedia explains that vendor equity, also known as a seller note, is a debt instrument that is used as a short-term loan agreement, but also provides financing for the buyer. Export Credit Agency (ECA) debt and financing: ECAs are public agencies that provide government-backed loans, guarantees and insurance to corporations from their home country.
Private financing with government support mechanisms: The final financing method discussed by WNN is private financing with government support mechanisms. Securities Disclosure: I, Vivien Diniz, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. China is planning to commence the construction of the country's first floating nuclear power plant by end of this year. Reports from reliable sources suggest that Beijing would not be using the floating power plant for any military purposes, but instead for meeting its increasing energy needs.
Experts believe that by investing heavily in nuclear technology, China is aiming to reduce its dependence on coal and to emerge as an important player in the lucrative nuclear and energy export market. China's overwhelming dependence on coal, which has increased over last two decades, has made the country the largest air polluter in the world.
China is also keenly pursing its goal to become a primary player in the nuclear and energy export market. In a show of military force in the disputed South China Sea, the US Navy has dispatched a carrier strike group (CSG) to the disputed international waterway amid rising tensions in the region as Beijing and Washington exchange accusations of militarizing the region. Scuba diver Christopher Le Cun thought he was going to die after getting sucked into the intake pipe at St. Le Cun and Blake were diving with friends and family, going from rock pile to rock pile when they saw a yellow buoy. During the five-minute journey, Le Cun thought about pulling the regulator out of his mouth and just dying but started thinking about his family. Upon surfacing he called out for help from a very surprised worker, and immediately asked to use a phone to call his wife. South Africa has signed a $10bn nuclear power cooperation agreement with Russia for the construction of up to 9.6GW of nuclear facilities based on Russian technology. The agreement for large scale nuclear power plant (NPP) development was signed during the International Atomic Energy Agency General (IAEAG) Conference in Vienna between Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation director general Sergey Kirienko and South Africa’s Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson.
South Africa is going ahead with its plans for nuclear power plants despite funding concerns, reports Reuters. Joemat-Pettersson said, “South Africa today, as never before, is interested in massive development of nuclear power, which is an important driver for the national economy growth. Kirienko said: “I am convinced in cooperation with Russia, South Africa will gain all necessary competencies for the implementation of this large-scale national nuclear energy development programme. For the last twenty years, the African nation has not been able to make investments in new power plants, which has resulted in a severe power crunch. Kirienko observed: “In future this will allow to implement joint nuclear power projects in Africa and third countries.

In South Africa, nearly 95% of the power comes from coal-fired plants while only 5% comes from nuclear plants. The West African nation signed an agreement with Rosatom to cooperate on the design, construction, operation and decommissioning of a facility, said Franklin Erepamo Osaisai, chairman and chief executive officer of the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission. Peak electricity output of Africa’s biggest economy is about 3,800 megawatts, with another 1,500 megawatts unavailable because of gas shortages. South Africa’s agreement with Rosatom gave the company the right to veto the nation doing business with any other nuclear vendor, Johannesburg-based Mail & Guardian reported in February. Rosatom will hold a majority, controlling stake in Nigeria’s nuclear facility while the rest will be owned by the country, with roles to be specified in contractual agreements, Osaisai said. The plants will be financed by the vendor, which will then build, own, operate and transfer them to the government, he said. Russia offered to help Egypt develop a nuclear-power industry after the nations’ two presidents signed an accord in February. Africa’s sole nuclear power station is Koeberg in South Africa, which is owned by state-owned Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A bird, or more specifically its droppings, may have forced an abrupt shutdown at a nuclear power plant outside New York City, concluded a report. Since the wires ferrying electricity are high tension cables, they possess enough potential to cause the current to make small jumps even through the air. Incidentally, the report noted that there were no bird carcasses found in the vicinity of the transmission tower, reported CNN. Although there are multiple protocols and techniques deployed to ensure that birds and other wildlife don’t venture too close to the power lines or power plants, plant managers at Indian Point added they are revising preventive maintenance for additional inspection and cleaning.
Atoms which are small particles and have almost no volume have ironically enormous source of energy. Demand for use of nuclear energy is rising day by day and today about 25% of world electricity is produced through this non-renewable source. A study shows that its total life cycle emission intensity finding is similar to other renewable sources in a comparison of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per unit of energy generated. As Raymond James highlights in a recent uranium industry update, 2016 could prove to be another year of flat performance — the firm is expecting an average price of US$38 for the year.
And indeed, many in the uranium space are optimistic about the role nuclear power will play in the global energy mix in the future.
Because when compared to the cost of natural gas, nuclear capital costs five times as much.
That is because the cost of a large nuclear plant — two or three reactors — is quite steep at about $20 billion. WNN explains that ECAs have stepped in to alleviate the pressure caused by the reluctance that commercial banks have in lending money. That is a method of support that can be crucial to the advancement of nuclear power projects. From Types of Potash to Potash StocksUranium Price Forecasts and Top Uranium Stocks to WatchWhy Invest in Platinum Stocks? China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) - a state owned organization that oversees all nuclear operations in China - owns intellectual property rights of this power plant. However, in recent years, China's usage of coal has dropped significantly, in a clear signal that the country is shifting from coal power generation to non- fossil power. With the floating nuclear power plant, Beijing also plans to export energy to coastline countries in the future. Seeing no warning signs, they tied the boat to the buoy and dove into the water to check it out. It takes in 500,000 gallons of water per minute, and the water is used to cool the plant’s nuclear reactors. It will be increased to four nuclear plants with total capacity of 4,800 megawatts by 2035, with each facility costing $20 billion, he said. South Africa, with a third of Nigeria’s population yet eight times more installed capacity, has also signed an agreement with Rosatom as the nation looks to add 9,600 megawatts of atomic power to its strained grid. One megawatt is enough to provide energy to 2,000 average European homes, or about 333 in Japan.
Indian Point nuclear plant remained shut for three days as engineers scrambled to find the cause and get it back online. While bird excrement isn’t an exceptionally good electrical conductor, it had enough conductivity for the computer inside Indian Point nuclear power plant to sense something was wrong and trigger a shutdown.
The report added that at no point in time was there any leak of radiation as a direct or indirect result of the incident, and public health and safety were never in jeopardy.

However, according to Inhabitat, it is not just the birds that are an omnipresent threat to the power lines and nuclear plants like Indian Point.
In addition to present measures, additional bird guards are expected to be deployed on transmission towers. To get energy from atoms their bonds are broken that are founded in nucleus of atom, the breakout releases high amount of energy that is further used for conversion purposes.
Different countries including Lithuania, France, Slovakia and Belgium heavily rely on this energy as it is providing them with nearly half of their energy needs.
Nuclear power is a stable energy supply source and its plants are designed in a way so that they can operate for long run. Ianno believes that makes the case for nuclear power a tough one to make. “It’s hard to make a decision to invest in new nuclear. Balancing the corporate balance sheet is a difficult task to undertake as it requires a company to carry a large capital commitment over a period of anywhere from five to seven years before the plant starts generating revenue.
As a caveat to vendor equity, WNN notes that technology vendors are limited by their balance sheets, which means that they are more likely to invest in the more advanced projects that are likely to succeed.
This type of financing mechanism can come in the form of guarantees to support debt, revenue support mechanisms or in even cash. The Russian company has an international portfolio of orders exceeding $100 billion, CEO Sergei Kiriyenko said in December.
Two most efficient ways to break the bond of atom from it nucleus are nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Limited availability of non-renewable energy sources and constantly changing prices are making nuclear power more attractive and are expected to lead to growth in nuclear generating capacity worldwide. Large units are constructed in these power plants that ensure great supply of electricity for longer period.
The method, however, hinges on the country in which the plant is being developed, as it requires a look at a variety of factors such as credit rating, financial reserves and the rights and obligations of generators. However, the incident, officially classified as streaming, will undoubtedly force plant engineers to deploy additional measures to keep the birds away, reported New York Daily News.
Nuclear fission separates energy from nucleus of atom by splitting it apart in tiny pieces. If a nuclear plant needs to shutdown at immediate basis, still it can give up to 540-730 days power without any hindrance. This power generates heat that produces steam and used with turbines to generate electricity. Nuclear energy is not broadly used due to some accidents faced with explosion of this energy. Some mentionable incidents include the Chernobyl disaster (1986), Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (2011), and the Three Mile Island accident (1979). Related Posts Are Nagasaki And Hiroshima Still Radioactive? May 19, 2013 Which Country Is Closest To Building Their First Nuclear Weapon?
The entire scientific community has been eyeballing the disaster that is Chernobyl, and they say less than 50. If someone had solid proof it was more than 50, they would become famous within the scientific community.
It led one reader to ask, "Are Nagasaki and Hiroshima still radioactive?" Our Most Popular Articles What Is The Hardest Language To Learn? Zidbits April 30, 2011 Why Can’t Anything Go Faster Than The Speed Of Light? Zidbits May 18, 2011 Can A Human Be Frozen And Brought Back To Life? Zidbits February 21, 2011 Why Do Men Find Women With Larger Eyes Attractive? Zidbits June 2, 2011 Top 10 Biggest Things In The Universe Zidbits March 5, 2011 How Far Have Our Radio Signals Traveled From Earth? Zidbits November 28, 2015 Does A Diamond Really Last Forever? Zidbits October 27, 2015 How Does Fusion Power Work?

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