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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Traditionalists will love the attractive Harlequin, a quarter coloured kite in the much loved diamond shape - just perfect for anyone from 4 years old and upwards! Watching these antics brought back memories of making my first kite when I was a Cub Scout.  It was crafted with newspaper, string, Elmer’s glue, and thin wood trimming gathered from sawdust piles near the table saw at the lumberyard. Legend has it that Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm as an experiment to prove that electricity caused lightning.  I doubt that Ben would have been foolish enough to try such a test.
Then the wind died, forcing the kite into a sudden descent.  I lost control and watched helplessly as it crashed into a telephone line. Chuck Holmes, a Spartanburg resident and kite enthusiast, has an extensive kite collection, accumulated over a lifetime.
The First Annual International Kite Festival, to be held March 29, 2014, will include kite flying, kite making, music, food, and a celebration of everything that is good about Spartanburg. Everyone placing an order at the recent Toy Fair and Spring Fair had a chance to win their order absolutely free of charge.
Good friends allowed us to use their place at the beach for a time of uninterrupted writing. My diamond-shaped kite, which featured a picture of Stan “The Man” Musial – number six for the St.

Through the years kites have been used for military messaging and surveillance, science, meteorology, and photography.  They have also been used for lifting radio antennas, generating power, and conducting experiments with aerodynamics. Fishermen there deploy a kite to take their bait well beyond the rough surf by attaching the fishing line to the kite string with a clothespin. So, with thin dowel rods, butcher paper, and sturdy string, we built the contraption, which appeared much too heavy to fly. At that very moment the wind gusted again, causing the kite to make several flips around the wire. The festival will bring together people from diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures for an international experience. The kite took off, nearly pulling me off the ground as it soared higher and higher and further and further away. When Dad and I both tried to pull the kite loose, the string snapped, leaving it tightly wound around the telephone wire. We have many more products located at our store, including the full Folkmanis Puppet line, Prism Stunt Kite Line, and Innova and Discraft golf discs. The weather was exceptionally warm for late winter as the bright sun pushed March temperatures close to seventy each day.
College boys pitched baseballs, tossed Frisbees, and threw footballs while stealing glances at college girls strategically sunbathing close by.

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, each tethered with string, patrolled the skies as if attending to Curious George and Elmo. Over the next several weeks I watched the slow demise of my stranded box kite until it finally disintegrated during a hard spring rain. The adults launched the simple kites and then handed the strings to the children at their side.
Even a few daredevils – probably folks who had enjoyed a few too many beverages or those crazy Canadians who think that fifty degrees is as warm as water ever gets – swam in the cold Atlantic. One man’s kite – a five delta-winged multicolored ace – would take a kamikaze dive, swooping close to the sand.  Then at the last breath-taking moment, it would soar high above the waves.
A black Labrador retriever – no doubt belonging to one of the crazy Canadians – was determined to seize the kite when it came close to the ground.  Seagulls dodged the unauthorized intruder when it ventured into their air space.

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