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To view the Ultimate Bugout Bag's content click each category below or click here to view all. We carry a full line of Tactical Gear, Survival Equipment and Camping Supplies from 511, Blackhawk, Wise Company, Datrex, Columbia River and many more.
Filson’s 72 hour all-weather briefcase is the perfect bag for travel, work or everyday use. Your bug-out bag is your sustainment load, or your gear needed to survive on the move for at least 72 hours. Food for your 72-Hour Bag or Bug-Out Bag needs to be easy to prepare, light weight, and able to be stored for long-term. If you find any of the following information helpful, please click on the "Follow" button below to receive blog update notices via email. If you have any photos, charts, corrections, or constructive information, please feel free to comment at the bottom of each page, or feel free to submit it via the Contact Us page. Home Disaster Preparedness Checklist:The items on this checklist are important to have in your household for emergencies lasting more than 72 hours. Blowout Kit Checklist:The blowout kit is intended to immediately control serious bleeding or other life-threatening condition in combat situation.

Wilderness Survival Kit Checklist:This is a list of items that each person must have anytime they venture into the wilderness.
Go-To Box Checklist:Go-to boxes are intended as “resupply” kits containing basic survival and fighting gear.
Gun Range Box Checklist:This is a list of items that will make your trip to the gun range much more enjoyable and productive. If you are living in the US outside this area, please contact us directly before placing your order. 72 Hour 2 Person Bug Out Bag Survival Kit Backpack Disaster Emergency SuppliesFree Ground Shipping! Your Bug-Out Bag is your sustainment load that will ensure that you will have enough drinking water, food, shelter, medical supplies, means of communications, and means of self-defense to sustain yourself throughout the emergency. MREs (discussed below), freeze-dried foods, and canned foods all fulfill these requirements. It is your sustainment load that will ensure that you will have enough water, food, shelter, medical supplies, communications, and means of self-defense to sustain you for at least 72 hours should you have to bug-out. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

We also supply you with a list of additional item which you may want to consider packing in your bug out or get home bag.
If we choose to incorporate your suggestion or comment into our bags we’ll send you the Deluxe Solar Charger for Cell Phones for FREE! With all that in mind you still want to remember that the purpose of the bag is to get you someplace safe within 72 hours, and not to build a log cabin in the woods, start a militia or hunt bears. The following items have been well thought out and discussed with other urban survivalist so you can be sure that these items will be worth their weight in gold when the time comes.
The list contains items such as clothing, toiletries, walkie talkies, a firearm and much more. 72 Hour 2 Person Elite Prepper Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Disaster Pack Kit Authorized Dealer, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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