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If you don’t have disaster recovery solutions in place already, contact Clearview International at your earliest convenience. In preparation for and following RDR, Adviser firms have built and refined their client propositions, focusing on what they do best and where they can add the maximum client value.
We believe that this trend will continue as firms look to focus on creating capacity for activities which deliver client value, such as solution planning and periodic reviews.
A key benefit of the service is an increase in the availability and accuracy of management and regulatory reporting. As a business we realised that we needed to implement a new organisational structure and to put in place the systems to grow our business.
We worked with Jigsaw Tree for three or four months, where she engaged with each member of staff and from these interviews we were able to put in place a new structure. I would highly recommend Jigsaw Tree they were professional, caring and really fun to work with. Due to historical issues we knew that the data we held on Adviser Office was not clean enough to use with any confidence but we didn't know how to resolve the issue efficiently.
We are not “techies” but having met Chris, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Jigsaw Tree carried out a review of our technology platform to ensure that it was suitable for our developing needs and is now engaged in managing a project to improve the timeliness and accuracy of the company's MI. Jigsaw Tree provided us with comprehensive project management support to assist in our transition to direct authorisation.
We signed up for their outsource Income Reconciliation service to provide us with the robust controls, over revenue recording and reporting, we needed as a directly authorised business.
Jigsaw Tree process modelling workshops mean we now understand the effort and cost to deliver our service. Is your business ready for transforming processes from distributed system landscape to SAP? Our implementation process starts with understanding your business processes compared to best practices in your industry for a company of your volume and niche.

We at Anand understand that each business is unique and hence there is no one size fits all when it comes to a successful transformation of systems to SAP.
Last year we launched our consulting services where we design, implement and support Oracle products.
Setup at customer site: Oracle Access Manager (OAM) deployed with high availability in primary datacenter (assume DC1) and disaster recovery site in secondary datacenter (assume DC2). Cause : Error is self explanatory that WebGate (Policy Enforcement Point) is unable to reach OAM Server (Policy Decision Point) on DR site. Checks : For this issue, we need to check if WebGate is able to contact the OAM server on Port mentioned in primary_server_list of WebGate configuration file.
If you want to learn more issues like above or wish to discuss challenges you are hitting in Oracle Access Manager Implementation, register for our Oracle Access Manager Training. We are so confident on quality and value of our trainings that We provide 100% Money back guarantee so in unlikely case of you being not happy after 2 sessions, just drop us a mail before third session and We’ll refund FULL money.
As per the client requirement we changed proxy port on Primary site because of which it was taking the same value on DR site.
ObAccessclient.xml file which connects webgate to OAM server was showing incorrect value so to correct that value we have provided the method in our Blog. The articles are copyrighted to Atul Kumar and can only be reproduced given the author's permission. It’s impossible to implement disaster recovery solutions without one decision maker guiding the process.
Identify staff who will be required for disaster recovery and make sure they understand the exact nature of their roles should they ever be called into action. Brainstorm all the potential disasters that could affect your company, and then order them according to the level of disruption they would cause and the likelihood they would occur.
Unless explicitly stated, your service level agreements (SLAs) aren’t invalidated by a disaster.
For many organisations this has resulted in the full or part outsourcing of portfolio management services.

Redirecting existing resources from operational activities to more productive work can help grow revenues and improve client satisfaction. As the staff helped build the new model, they were delighted, as were Rob and I as business owners.
The assessment report we received from Jigsaw Tree amazed me in terms of the depth of information they could retrieve and the clarity of the plan to resolve the issues. Furthermore they have helped create a suite of standard processes and their advice has had a really positive impact on how we use technology in our business. As a consequence we can target our resources appropriately to deliver efficiencies for the business and increased value for clients.
This post is from issue we encountered during failover of Oracle Access Manager (OAM) from Primary site to Standby site for one of our client. Pick someone to lead planning and implementation efforts based on their expertise with IT and their familiarity with your company as a whole.
Determine how this process will work and who will be involved, and cut out as much bureaucracy as possible to streamline the decision making process.
As you develop them, involve your suppliers, clients, contractors, and local law enforcement agencies so that everyone is on the same page in advance of a disaster. Make sure you understand what level of service you will have to maintain to avoid penalties. Make sure that at every step in the process you’ve created redundancies, backups, and contingencies. Once your plan is developed, train your staff on effective disaster response, then run them through simulated scenarios to test their level of preparedness. To meet this growing need we have designed an Income and Commission Outsourced Reconciliation service.

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