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The Flash is so fast that it seems like he’s everywhere at once, from DC Comics to the CW drama to the upcoming Justice League movie. After his tenure as a hero named Impulse and then a sidekick stint as Kid Flash, Bart became the Flash. If there’s one things comics nerds love to engage in, it’s debates about who would beat whom in hypothetical contests.
Whether it was wily Jay Garrick stealing kinetic energy from Superman to squeak into first place or a revived Barry outright smoking Superman in a new race, Flash was the clear victor.
It’s true: Flash is responsible for the reality-altering that resulted in the New 52 universe of DC comics.
This resulted in a kind of Twilight Zone version of the DC comics universe, as readers were invited to “imagine a world” where Superman is hooking up with Wonder Woman instead of Lois Lane and years of continuity baggage is simply shaken loose to make way for new stories.
DC Comics has been around a long time, so fans have developed ways of referring to different “ages” of the comics.
The popularity of the revamped hero led to the modernization of other heroes, leading to DC’s Silver Age of comics. Of all of the side effects of the Flash’s powers, one of the most interesting is that it’s difficult to read or take control of his mind. While the latter may seem surprising, Captain Cold felt it was simply practical: The quickest way to get the attention of a local superhero is to kill someone, particularly a police officer.
When it comes to wacky superhero gadgets, most people think of Superman or Batman before they think of the Flash. After the first time he was hurled through time, scientist Barry Allen decided that he should be able to control his trips through time. When it comes to super strength, the Flash is, once again, not the first hero most think of.
If the sheer power of that punch isn’t enough proof of Flash’s pugilistic prowess, he can also punch someone up to one billion times per second.
At first glance, the Flash has a rather large and glaring weakness: Without the armor of Batman or the innate toughness of Superman, it seems like all it would take is one lucky bullet to take him down.
One frustrating aspect of watching shows or reading comics where villains time travel is the typically limited scope of what they do. Hailing from the 24th century, Zoom already knew Barry’s secret identity and used his own super speed to make Flash’s life miserable. Tags: DCFlash FactsThe FlashTVA look back at all the comic book references and Easter eggs from last night's show. Most commonly, the hazards we associate with electricity and exposed electrical equipment are those due to direct contact. Startlingly, these arc flash explosions occur a reported five to ten times each and every day in the U.S.
As a brief guide, arch flash PPE equipment (which you kind find here) for various NFPA arc flash electrical risk levels are fairly straight forward.
After you’ve taken these “action” steps, look to training and employee education to further your electrical safety program.
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With so much Flash in so many places, there are many facts about this scarlet speedster that viewers may be unaware of.
Not counting the usual comics chicanery of alternate dimensions and non-canonical Elseworlds stories, there have been four characters to go by the name. Barry ditched the helmeted look of Garrick for the more familiar full body suit after lightning struck some chemicals that he was working on during his career as a police scientist. Overall, Barry has been the most iconic, and he served as the Flash after DC reset their continuity with their New 52 brand of comics.
A classic topic of debate is whether the Flash could be faster than Superman, who is known for being faster than a speeding bullet and, if the movie plot calls for it, can even fly fast enough to turn back time. This shouldn’t be surprising, though—while Superman is enhanced by the yellow Sun, he still has to obey basic physics, including friction.
Of course, the true culprits are the DC editors who decided to try to lure young readers to their brand, but it was Flash that served as the in-story mechanism for doing so. However, every reader who longs for the good old days of DC comics can blame the Flash for the state of the universe. The Golden Age refers to the first incarnations of characters such as Batman, the Flash, and Green Lantern, with the latter two appearing quite differently than they eventually would in their more famous appearances. While it may be difficult to imagine in a world that has a seemingly infinite supply of comic book shows, movies, and games, Barry Allen did something amazing in 1956: He made superheroes cool with the public again. While that may not seem that useful, it’s worth pointing out that Flash regularly fights an intelligent gorilla that tries to take over everyone’s brains.
Instead, he thinks just as fast as he runs, making it difficult for even the most trained mind-readers to read his thoughts. However, there is one major distinction between the Rogues and almost every other supervillain group: a moral code. And the quickest way to bring down the entire Justice League on your head is to kill a superhero.
After all, Superman has the rad arctic Fortress of Solitude, complete with Phantom Zone Projector. He’s not regularly lifting cars like Marvel’s Spider-Man or deflecting bullets from his eyes like Superman. To put that into context, the Flash is able to smack someone with far beyond the impact necessary to end all life on Earth, and if that first punch somehow isn’t enough, he can hit someone 999,999,999 more times before a second has passed. Why not use your powers, viewers ask, to just directly kill your nemesis when he was a kid?
Specifically, he did everything from pushing a childhood Barry down the stairs and letting the child’s dog die to killing young Barry’s mother and framing Barry’s father for the murder.
Welcome to Flash Facts, a  weekly column dedicated to discussing the various comic book references, Easter Eggs and other cool facts about The Flash, CW's new superhero show. When he's not yelling at the Newsroom for upsetting readers or complaining to his wife about why the Internet is stupid, he sits in his dingy business office trying to find new ways to make the site earn money. In these cases, a worker might accidentally touch an uninsulated wire or piece of electrical equipment, and momentarily become a conductor themselves. Unfortunately, these numbers mask the real risk factor of such conditions, as they are reported via special burn unit hospitals when an electrical arc explosion is the cause of injury or death.

When equipment is properly labeled, employees are aware of the possible hazards of using the equipment or just simply being around equipment which could pose a risk for an arc flash. This can seem tricky, but, given some thought, you may be able to use it in your own business. Luckily, the NFPA, or National Fire Protection Association, provides guidelines on exactly how one can go about assessing the risk associated with any piece of energized equipment. Worn insulation and parts are a leading cause of arc flash explosions and fires, so make sure that all parts are up to their respective tasks. Lower risk categories simply require a full body buffer of cotton clothing, while higher risk categories require users to wear rubber insulated clothing and fire-resistant pants, shirts, overalls, and face masks.
Even when it’s your responsibility, the success of any safety program or element thereof comes down to your employees and how responsive they are to what you teach and ask of them. We litterally have thousands of facebook covers for you to browse and hundreds of facts about you covers as well.
The original was Jay Garrick, a college student who inhaled gases from hard water experiments and became a living embodiment of the speed god Mercury. The third Flash, Wally West, was originally introduced as Allen’s sidekick, which seemed like a natural solution after West also encountered lightning and chemicals, resulting in super speed.
Over the years, DC’s writers teased such fans, setting up races for the characters that were ultimately called off or ignored so they could team up to defeat some foes. The Flash is powered by the nigh-magical Speed Force, which allows him to tap into speed that others simply cannot.
The Silver Age marked DC’s first effort to modernize its heroes, and it started with Barry Allen’s Flash. This was necessary because, even in 1956, Batman and Superman had been punching people for nearly two decades.
It’s not foolproof—telepaths like Martian Manhunter can still get vague impressions from his brain, and his powers don’t protect against psychic blasts that simply try to hurt the mind instead of read or control it.
Primarily created and enforced by Rogue ringleader Captain Cold, the rules include avoiding harming children and women, abstaining from cruelty, not battling teammates, and, most interestingly, not killing cops or superheroes. Therefore, the Rogues try to avoid fatal violence, although this occasionally backfires when they overestimate their foe. Batman, of course, has an entire belt of weird toys and more vehicles than you can shake a cape at. However, creative use of Flash’s speed results in the most powerful punch of all: the infinite mass punch. When it comes to Professor Zoom, also known as The Reverse-Flash, the answer is simple: He wanted to replace Barry Allen instead of kill him. He also killed Barry’s wife, Iris, and threatened to kill Barry’s second fiance, Fiona Webb. While I'll attempt to be as thorough as possible, I'll definitely miss a reference here and there. Christian is also the only person in history stupid enough to moderate two comic book forums at once. An industrial label maker (such as this one) can make the job of creating labels easy, efficient, and even fun. Elimination involves finding places in your operations where workers are unnecessarily exposed to risk. Not-so-luckily, the process involves some semi-complex equation work that could potentially be intimidating to the layperson.
Additionally, your maintenance workers should be specifically trained to inspect energized electrical equipment, and all such systems should be completely powered down and grounded before inspection, or the inspectors themselves may be put at risk. Keep that in mind, and you won’t ever find your business or your workers represented on a chart of arc flash explosion statistics! Make sure to view them all and check back often as we always are adding facebook covers for your facebook timeline. After Barry died trying to save the universe, Wally became the full-time Flash until the introduction of Bart Allen—Barry’s grandson, who inexplicably hails from the 30th century. After Barry finds out that his mother was actually killed by his nemesis, the unfortunately named Reverse-Flash, he decides to use his speed powers to go back in time and try to stop the villain. Thanks to the Flash, however, superheroes have continued to flourish for over half a century.
Imagine a coworker who can read your every thought, and you can see why Flash’s ability is surprisingly handy. However, being difficult to manipulate is another advantage the scarlet speedster has over the likes of Superman.
This happened when they attacked Bart Allen in full force, unaware that his powers had been stolen. However, the Flash has them beat with his possession of arguably the weirdest bit of tech: a treadmill that allows him to travel through time. The treadmill was useful to both Barry Allen and Wally West, but it occasionally caused difficulties when evil speedsters such as the Reverse-Flash used their own powers to abuse it.
This is the creative name for Flash’s ability to hit someone with many times the force of the explosion caused by the Chicxulub meteor, also known as the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Combined with his superhuman reaction speed, Flash can typically begin this vibration as soon as he feels a bullet hitting him, meaning that even when someone gets the drop on the Flash, it’s difficult to take him out. If all that wasn’t enough, Zoom once claimed that he was the direct cause of every bad thing to happen in Barry’s life. You can comment with your Facebook account below and we'll take care of adding it to the stream above.
An Industrial label maker can print heavy duty industrial strength labels which are capable of withstanding the harsh environments within the industrial work settings. For example, look at the time of day that certain energized electrical systems need to be running, can they be turned off during worker shifts? If you’re not confident in your ability to accurately conduct this assessment, you need to hire a risk assessment organization who can do it for you (many of them exist and even specialize in electrical hazards).
While you can’t control individual behavior in the moment, properly encouraging compliance and working around any mental or physical hangups that are causing employees to not wear their PPE falls on you.
Work tasks should be structured in such a way that workers are at risk or near energized equipment for as little time as possible, if at all. Unfortunately, this ends up sending that wacky Speed Force through reality like a bullet, changing it forever—or at least until the next editorial change. The attack that would have been a simple diversion for a fully powered Flash ended up killing him.

Eventually, however, it became a moot invention when Wally West realized that he could do what Barry could not: travel precisely through time using only his own powers.
Compared to the occasional killer clown, Flash illustrates that Batman has it pretty easy in the archenemy department. But you really should consider getting a full Outhouse account, which will allow you to quote posts, choose an avatar and sig, and comment on our forums too.
These explosions can cause heats burns, lob dangerous molten droplets a considerable distance, and damage equipment beyond the point of no repair. These types of labels help to enhance overall safety and communication when it comes to protecting your employees.
Your training programs need to make the importance of safety with regards to arc flash explosions clear to your employees.
Additionally, if gear is not being worn, you should engage employees as to why it’s happening.
In the comics, the Reverse-Flash also goes by the nom de guerre "Professor Zoom."Making Barry stronger – Dr. In this case, upgrading it to a newer, safer model might be expensive in the short term, but an extremely smart long term investment. Taking a current system and ensuring that it has proper grounding can also help to make sure it won’t arc and become a safety a hazard. In the comics, the third Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon, believes that he is helping Wally West (the third Flash) in his own twisted way to become a better hero by inflicting personal tragedy on him and his loved ones.
Even tasks which workers are the ones conducting on the ground level, inspecting their own PPE for defects, for example, should be double-checked at regular intervals by management to ensure you maintain control of the process and that no corners are being cut. Heat Wave first appeared in Flash #140 and was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino.In the comics, Mick Rory was a pyromaniac who burned down his parents' house with him inside.
After seeing the Rogues fight the Flash in Central City, he decided to use his obsession with fire to become a villain himself. Heat Wave eventually joined the Rogues as one of team's regular members.After having his mind altered by the Top, another member of the Rogues, Heat Wave went straight and became friends with Barry Allen.
After struggling to go straight for a while, Heat Wave joined a team of other reformed villains led by the Trickster (now an FBI Agent) to take down the Captain Cold's Rogues.
During the resulting "Rogue War", the Top "fixed" Heat Wave's mind, causing him to go Rogue once again.In the New 52, Heat Wave is still a member of the Rogues, but with slightly different powers. Instead of using a flamethrower to shoot flames, Rory now shoots fire from a device in his chest.Dominic Purell plays Heat Wave in this episode. Purcell is best known for his role in the Fox TV show Prison Break alongside Captain Cold actor Wentworth Miller. Purcell also played Dracula in Blade Trinity.The Rathaways – Captain Cold and Heat Wave steal a painting from the Rathaways, a wealthy Central City couple. The Rathaways' son is Hartley Rathaway, aka the Pied Piper, whom we'll cover in next week's column.
James Ralph, who plays Osgood Rathaway, is a stunt actor who's appeared in Arrow, Watchmen, and both Fantastic Four movies.
In 1944, DC  published Funny Stuff #1, a humor comic that introduced Merton McSnurtle, aka the Terrific Whatzit. The Terrific Whatzit was a superpowered turtle with a costume design based on the Golden Age Flash.
McSnurtle's nephew also became a speedster known as the Fastback, and joined the superhero animal team the Zoo Crew.Space Ghost – Barry's old backpack contains Space Ghost comics.
Space Ghost was a 1960s superhero character from outer space that first appeared in Hanna-Barbara cartoons.
DC parent company Time Warner purchased the rights to Hanna-Barbara properties in 1996, and DC eventually published a "serious" Space Ghost mini-series in 2005 written by Joe Kelly.
In the comics, Barry is able to speed read, but is only able to retain that knowledge for a short amount of time.
In the comics, Firestorm's primary power is transmutation, although it requires him to know the chemical properties of the element or object he is transmutating.Jason Rusch – Jason Rusch also makes his live-action debut this episode. Jason Rusch first appeared in Firestorm #1 and was created by Dan Jolley and the artist ChrisCross.In the comics, Jason Rusch became Firestorm after Ronnie Raymond was killed fighting the Shadow Thief during the events of Identity Crisis. As an inexperienced hero, Jason participated in Infinite Crisis as a member of Donna Troy's space team.
He managed to close a rift in space created by Alexander Luthor, which helped the doppelganger from totally destroying the universe. Jason eventually joined the Justice League and merged with an evil zombie version of Ronnie Raymond during Blackest Night. The two Firestorms become reluctant partners after Ronnie is resurrected at the end of that event.Unlike Ronnie, who used Dr. Martin Stein as a partner for most of his time as Firestorm, Jason used a variety of partners who often retained little memory of their time as part of the Firestorm Matrix. Jason's best friend Mick Wong and girlfriend Gahanna were both killed while serving as Jason's partner in Firestorm. Stein, and the heroine Firehawk at different times during his career.In the New 52, both Jason and Ronnie were high school classmates who were both transformed into Firestorms through an invention of their teacher Dr.
The two joined the Justice League shortly before the Trinity War, and Firestorm used his abilities to save Superman from kryptonite poisoning during that crossover series. The two were merged together as Firestorm during a nuclear accident, and Batman teaches the pair to work together. Jason is played by Luc Roderique.Mercury Labs – Rusch mentions that he accepted a job offer from Mercury Labs.
Stein in passing in other columns, and will discuss him further detail in a few weeks.Porter and Main – Captain Cold challenges the Flash to a fight at the intersection of Porter and Main. Porter severely injured his hand in 2006 and was forced to take time off drawing to recover.
After becoming a school bus driver during his recovery, he eventually returned to comics in 2008 and is now the regular artist on the DC series Justice League 3000.Scarlet Speedster – Captain Cold calls Barry "the Scarlet Speedster". That's one of the Flash's common nicknames in the comics.Golden Glider – In the post-credit scene, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are rescued by Snart's sister.

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