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Before the question of which handgun is best for defense against zombies can be answered, several other just as important questions must be asked.
Matching the tool with the job is important no matter what you’re doing, whether it is auto repair, or clearing the undead from your lawn or your town.
It has been suggested by some in the scientific community that shooting out the eyes and ears of Voodoo zombies will reduce or eliminate their ability to track you.
The first step in deciding which handgun is best suited to one or all of these tasks is realizing which handguns are not. The ability of the undead to hear and pursue sounds is well documented, so many people might think that using a suppressed pistol is the answer. The ideal zombie pistol should be powerful enough to reach the brain the first time more often than not, or any bone in the body.
Glocks are the striker-fired pistols against which all others are judged, and for good reason.
But then I had an opportunity to test the new Springfield Armory XD(M) 5.25 Competition model.
XD(M)s are striker-fired semi-autos with a grip angle nearly identical to that of a 1911 as opposed to a Glock. The XD(M) 5.25 comes with an adjustable steel rear sight, fiber optic front sight, and like most XD(M)s, has a trigger pull around 6 pounds.
When crazed terrorists or a rogue insane scientist unleashes the zombie apocalypse plague upon the unsuspecting world. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.
Three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one badass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes.
Daniel bei Diese Zombiefilme erscheinen 2016!Jens bei Kunstblut schnell und einfach selber machenMichelle bei Diese Zombiefilme erscheinen 2016! Zombies Ate My Pizza is a fast-paced funny free to play shooter that runs on a browser and has mmorpg features, players play together to fight off zombies that are everywhere after a zombie apocalypse. The players will fight zombies through pve levels with their friends on the browser, the controls are easy as you get to shoot with the mouse and numbers are used for skills.
Players can also do some pvp, having diferent modes to choose from, once they get in the pvp zone they will test their skills against their friends. Players can buy gear and weapons with specific requirements they will eventually meet, so they will get more powerful over time. They have several slots to put their equipment into, there are weapons, bonuses to stats and utility items, sll types is pretty much covered. The PvP is enabled upon reaching L42 and players can challenge each other to a 3v3 game where they will proof their skill.
An interesting pvp mode is deathmatch, once per day at very specific times players can sign up for it and they will get matched against opponents, they will gain points and rewards by killing their fose as you may guess already. It is also said that handguns have one distinct advantage over long guns in that they are worn, not borne; wearing a handgun in a holster means that you never have to put it down to do something, as you do a rifle or shotgun. These are the true animated corpses, not alive in any sense of the word and sometimes controlled by others. Many police officers have had to deal with suspects out of their mind on drugs who were in the same condition. Everyone knows this, and it’s hard to hear the word horde without automatically associating it with the undead. Low recoil and noise, combined with cheap and plentiful ammo, are admittedly good arguments for this platform. Power-wise it is closer to the .45, but guns chambered in this caliber can hold more rounds.
They can be made very accurate, and its single-action trigger allows quick and precise shooting.

This is especially true for new or inexperienced shooters—which you may be surrounded with. They point naturally, their triggers aren’t too heavy, they are a lot cheaper than 1911s, but most importantly of all, they’re reliable. They have a spring-loaded grip safety, a safety lever on the trigger, an ambidextrous magazine release and a tactical frame rail.
You need to make you're well prepared with a stockpile of guns, ammo, food, water, and the Browning Zombie Apocalypse Knife.
When their peaceful town is ravaged by a zombie invasion, they’ll fight for the badge of a lifetime and put their scouting skills to the test to save mankind from the undead. There are manual weapons and automatic weapons, the second ones are useful when they run out of ammo of the first one.
While there can be no denying that rifles and shotguns have distinct advantages in both power and reach, it is the handiness and convenience that makes the handgun indispensable when the excrement hits the wind generator and the dead start walking the earth. What I’ll call Romero zombies are what we have all seen in such documentary films as Night of the Living Dead. They have no beating heart, which means that even if you shoot them full of holes and there is not a drop of blood left in their bodies, they will keep on coming. Besides, the history of Voodoo zombies shows that they are quite frequently controlled by other people, so maybe they aren’t even using their rotting eyes and ears. Magic or science, their bodies are still made of flesh and bone, and if you destroy their joints so that they can’t come after you or grab you, you’ve eliminated them as a threat even if they are still animated. Gunshot wounds to the hydraulic system of these people will not stop them, because until they have totally bled out they will keep on coming. For example, revolvers, while reliable and time-tested tools, are just not a good choice when it comes to dealing with the undead, for two reasons—capacity and speed of reloading. Where there is one zombie (using the generic term), there are a dozen, that’s why they are such a problem. They are too big and heavy to carry for any length of time, so much so that getting them out and aimed at the threat with any speed is a losing proposition.
This inability to be holstered is what eliminates any suppressed pistol from consideration, as far as I am concerned. The .45 ACP, however, has a lot of recoil, and the cartridges are fat—relatively few will fit inside most handguns.
Consideration, however, should be given to ammo availability after the world turns upside down.
While they are not perfect—plastic sights, mushy trigger pulls—their positives far outweigh any negatives.
The XD(M) also features interchangeable backstraps in three different sizes to fit all sorts of hands. Twenty rounds before you have to reload will get you out of just about any zombie problem you might encounter shy of a World War Z-level chainswarm.  Not just that, but the pistol is sold as a kit, and in addition to the pistol and three (count ‘em, three!) 19-round magazines, you get a holster and double magazine pouch, all for a street price under $750.
Countless customers have put their trust in us and we invite you to accept our discount offer and experience a company that genuinely cares about your personal safety! This fixed blade knife features a razor sharp 7" drop point blade, full-tang construction, and ultra secure grip shape to provide optimum balance and control. Zombies) hits theaters on October 30th and stars Halston Sage, Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan, David Koechner, and Patrick Schwarzegger.
There are also bonuses that can be collected 3 times a day to help winning some pvp matches.
These are bodies that are in every medical sense dead, and yet they are still animated to what extent their rotting bodies allow. If you’re using a pistol, this means that you need to have something powerful enough to penetrate the human skull reliably from any angle. To do this, you’ll need to use a caliber powerful enough to not just reach the center of the body, but break bones.

There are only two ways to stop the infected—shut down their brain or eliminate their ability to come after you by destroying their support structure. Alone, they are easy to outwit and—except for the sometimes very mobile infected—outmaneuver.
While they usually don’t move very fast, zombies can quite frequently move quietly, and you need to be prepared to react in an instant.
While a .22 LR will put down a Romero zombie with one or six shots to the head—depending how many bounce off the skull—those little bullets will do nothing to a Voodoo zombie. However, it usually takes a gunsmith to get guns like this reliable, and then there is the cost. I carry a Glock 34 every day, and if I had been asked last year to pick what I thought was the best zombie pistol, I would have chosen just that. That price should leave enough money in your wallet to buy ammo, not just for FMJ for practice, but the high-end hollowpoints for when the zombies show up.
Especially, when slashing or hacking your way through a city in ruin ruled by lifeless zombies. The third type is not really a zombie at all, but should be mentioned anyway—these are the infected. Unfortunately, a corpse is a corpse, and a dead brain is a dead brain whether or not it has been perforated by bullets.
Broadswords, or better yet, two-ton dumptrucks traveling at highway speeds would do a better job of this than a mere pistol, but we have to work with what we have. Either method requires a handgun chambered in a cartridge powerful enough to perform these tasks. Recoil with a Desert Eagle is more than what you’re going to want in a target-rich environment.
These pistolized ARs have to be slung, and as such for our purposes, are no better than a rifle. While a light may draw zombies to you, there is nothing better to light up those dark corners than a flashlight, and a weapon-mounted flashlight is best of all. Once the world falls apart, paper money will be useless, but until then we all have bills to pay and food to buy. Lock the doors, board up the windows, and see how things play out in the post-apocalyptic world. Afflicted with any number of viruses or plagues which turn them into mindless killing machines, the infected are in many ways the most dangerous of the three. Revolvers only hold half-dozen rounds, and even if you have speedloaders, they are still slower to reload than semi-automatics.
Their capacity is also somewhat limited, so no matter how cool they look, avoid them unless there is no other alternative.
If a stockless AR counts as a pistol, then my pistol of choice is an H&K MP5K PDW—but of course no one would consider that a handgun. Yes, with a good headshot on what is probably a fast moving target—good luck with that—or you can hit them repeatedly center mass and wait for them to bleed out. This ready availability, combined with the number of the cartridges you can fit into even modestly-sized semi-autos, puts the 9mm ahead of other calibers.
Investing over $3,000 for a custom or semi-custom, high-cap 1911 is perhaps not the best way to spend your pre-catastrophe dollars. Make sure your Browning Zombie Apocalypse Knife is by your side as the most faithful companion.

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