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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he brought you one hell of a zombie survival kit. A bar of soap won’t hurt, but the cysts, sores, rashes, bacteria filled grime, and basic lack of cleanliness will kill you as easily as a zombie bite.
Sommige ouders gaan heel ver om hun kind tevreden te houden, en deze vader is daar een goed voorbeeld van.
Now you’re huddled up in your home and the lights in the neighborhood have just went dark. It’s incredibly effective as a melee weapon, still has sharp ends, and can be used for a myriad of other purposes. You want to fully crush a skull, and that much force will dent a metal one to uselessness.. Zijn zoontje was zo dol op zombies, dat hij besloot van hele alledaagse voorwerpen de ultieme zombie survival kit te maken.
If you prepared for this moment, you’ve got a zombie survival kit and a fighting chance.
If you’re going in on the apocalypse with a friend, this kit is a great self-defense kit for holding a position.

It either A) increases your grip, or B), in the case of bayonets, catches the other guy’s bayonet. Het resultaat: deze te leuke doos met daarin alles wat een klein jongetje nodig zou hebben tijdens een eventuele zombie attack!
However, while planning only three days ahead could get buy you the time to get a real plan in place, this kit doesn’t fit the bill for actually enduring the zombie apocalypse. If you’re more comfortable with a baseball bat (metal) instead of an axe, go for the bat.
Speed is of the essence and on foot it’s impossible to carry more than a gallon or two of water with you. While the satellites will still work for months or even years, your GPS will be dead in a day or two, max. It’s small, lightweight and can get the attention of other groups that can hopefully assist you. Find a thin, thermal sleeping bag that’s easy to carry and reflects your own body heat back into the bag as you sleep.
I don’t have the previous comps, but already in the design process I was later updated to reduce my colors down to just two.

It’s all about day-to-day survival, but you need tools that can last you in the long run.
If you’re down with swords, grab a high quality, full-hilt sword that can be used in combat. But when push comes to shove, this is the best way to get much needed protein into your diet. Make sure it has at least a quart’s worth of capacity so you can carry some water with you. Luckily, there are some fine harbingers of zombie survival capitalism that have created some kits that are ready to go.

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