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Today, Cacti is a highly extensive performance graphing and trending tool that can be used easily for tracking about any monitored metric, which can be plotted on a graph. In the previous two articles in this three-part series on monitoring network devices with Zabbix, we learned how to monitor network devices using the Zabbix agent. Cacti – Cacti is considered one of the most extensive performance graphing tools than can be used for tracking and monitoring. Open source monitoring tools, including Sensu, Nagios, Incinga and Zabbix, are also a major part of this picture. The malicious ads were delivered to website owners signed up with Google's AdSense program, wrote Denis Sinegubko, a senior malware researcher with Sucuri, a Delware-based security company. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (officially titled the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002), signed into law on 30 July 2002 by President Bush, is considered the most significant change to federal securities laws in the United States since the New Deal. Written as a practical step-by-step tutorial, this book is full of engaging examples to help you learn in a practical context.If you are a system administrator or an IT architect and want to know how to better integrate your Zabbix installation with your surrounding environment, this book is ideal for you. ZABBIX is a great, free-of-cost, GPL-licensed (define), all-in-one 24x7 monitoring and alerting tool for networks and servers.
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The Linux monitoring systems are often used to follow system resources, such as CPU load, the amount of free RAM, network traffic statics or memory consumption. From those monitoring tools we will list the 7 most important in this article which will be described and identified by giving their features and mentioning their current version. Monitor network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, and PING), applications, operating systems, network protocols and system metrics with the same tool. Detect infrastructure outages rapidly and send e-mail, SMS or call phone notifications to the right people when a problem is detected. Seriously, Nagios is one awesome IT infrastructure monitoring tool which I strongly recommend it for every administrator wishes to make his work easier and organized but it is good also to use it with other monitoring tools since Nagios doesn’t show any graphs such as the network interface.
Cacti is another monitoring system licensed also under GPL but unlike Nagios, Cacti is a network graphing solution designed to exploit the power of RRDTool in storing data and building graphs. It enables users to view CPU load graphs, RAM usage and other information collected from different hosts.
Support all RRDTool’s graph items including AREA, STACK, LINE, COMMENT, VRULE, and HRULE. But unlike Nagios, Cacti doesn’t notify users while problems appear so it is recommended to use other flexible tools supporting alerts. Currently there are 4 different solutions available to suit different organizations with evolving business needs.

CES Essentials is CES Standards including access to new software products and services such as Platinum level supports and various software extensions which allow users to automate the daily tasks of administration and monitoring. CES Advanced is CES Essentials adding also the Centreon’s complementary plugin pack and different templates comprising databases, applications and infrastructure services.
The last one is CES Complete which is the mix of all the centreon software products and modules, including BI, BAM and Map. Zabbix is our fourth free monitoring system which is licensed as Nagios and Cacti under GPL and it is written in PHP. Personally, I like the way how Zabbix can check and make report about every authorized or not change happen at one of the user’s servers.  This free monitoring tool, can from remote hosts where Zabbix is used. It is a little bit complicate for beginners and some additional time to be familiar with this monitoring system is recommended. It enables users to easily monitor their servers, network devices and applications, collecting appropriate statistics and performance data. It is designed to scale from small environments with a few devices to large ones with thousands of monitored devices. OpenNMS is another free network monitoring system and it is the world’s first enterprise grade monitoring tool which can be used a big number of unlimited devices.
Icinga is another enterprise grade free monitoring system which enables users to follow network and its resources and also notifies them when any problem appear. It allows users to easily develop their own services checks due to its simple plugin design.
No need to install any external SNMP package since MRTG uses a highly portable SNMP implementation written fully in Perl. It creates visual representations of the traffic seen during the last week, month and year. Whether it is on disk utilization or fan speeds in a power supply, it can be easily monitored as Cacti can easily track it. For starters, Zabbix can send out alerts and notifications if specific predefined events are occurring. It came in the wake of a series of corporate financial scandals, including those affecting Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom. A basic, working knowledge of Zabbix is assumed, so that the book can focus on how to take full advantage of every component. This command-line powered product is based on Linux and it features a web-based monitoring interface.
Web monitoring [Zabbix Documentation 2.0] To activate web monitoring you need to define web scenarios.

Web monitoring [Zabbix] - constantine Let's use Zabbix Web monitoring to monitor the web interface of Zabbix.
It enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before affecting critical business processes.
For more details, you can check the license as either as by using the LICENSE file of the Nagios distribution or by reading the online version of license. Like Nagios, Cacti supports SNMP that makes it possible to monitor: Linux’s, BSD’s and windows hosts. Mostly called CES referencing to the Centreon Enterprise Server, is the choice of some world’s largest company. We can say that Zabbix is the mix of Nagios and Cacti functions: it is characterized by its simple way of monitoring data with graphs and its alerts sending to user in case of any problem. It is simpler than Nagios, Cacti and Zabbix which can be more beneficial to use it with small projects. Of course, there are other tools we don’t mention, if you want to include them in our article please feel free to leave a comment here with a brief description of the suggested tools. Observium is a Linux-based, command-line driven product with a web-based monitoring interface.
Furthermore, those tools notify the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) when something interrupts or goes down which makes their life easier.
It lets company supervise all their infrastructure and applications comprising their information system. Mostly, it is used for monitoring network interfaces, CPU, memory and network interfaces statistics. In spite of Zabrrix does not provide a separate commercial version, users can see commercial support contracts that obtainable in five different levels ranging from ‘Bronze’ to ‘Enterprise’. Moreover, this tool also provides some other paid services, including integration, turnkey solutions and general consulting. Many of you all may not have heard about this tool, but NeDi is an excellent solution for tracking different devices across a network.
This tool constantly walks through a network infrastructure and catalogs devices, keeping track of everything that it has discovered.

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