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Mosaic floor tiles are laid throughout Dunedin railway station’s concourse. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated.
The Emergency Alert System is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service providers, and direct broadcast satellite providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency. They are also working on a Next Generation Emergency Alert System that will become operational soon. The Emergency Alert should have been activated in January 2008 during the inauguration and simply left running since then.

While trying not to drag this into bashing, I will say that I am of the opinion that both major political parties are of the same DNA.
This tile depicts a stylised train on tracks, centred in an elaborate abstract design.
It will complement other public alert and warning systems and will enable consumers to receive alerts through a variety of multi-media platforms on their smart-phones, blackberries and other mobile broadband devices.
We can recover from natural disasters but I am less confident in our ability to recover from this President and his nincompoop minions.
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