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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Texting while driving is illegal in many states, but without strict enforcement, the law is worthless. After watching the video, I began to give this mobile phone business some serious thought, and I just may have hit on something. Seeing as where enforcement is just about non-existent, there has to be another way to get people too stop using their phones while driving, and walking. First off, a government mandate that ALL mobile devices with a key board be banned from production, and banned from importing to this country.
Government mandates have been around for years, (ie.) seat belts, air bags, crash proof, energy absorbing bumpers on vehicles, just to name a few. Third, and this is the most stringent of them all(and the reason I am going to talk to someone at Intel).
I want to see if Intel, or some company, can come up with a chip that can be placed in all future mobile devices that will work just the opposite of a motion detector. All motion detectors work on the principal of activating a device, be it a light, elevator door, etc., when ever something comes into the line of sight for the device. My idea is to have a chip installed in mobile devices that will de-activate the device and lock it when it senses any motion, beyond the motion of picking up the device to use it.
If the device were placed on a car seat, it would sense the motion of the moving vehicle, and lock out of activation. The only times the device would work would be when there is no movement, and this system would also apply to hands free systems already used in many vehicles.
I believe in this age of advanced technology, this chip could be made, and installed in ALL mobile devices. To say this would cut down on the deaths and injuries by irresponsible users of these devices, would be an understatement.
I am sure when safety devices were mandated for vehicles, there were those who screamed in outrage, and I fully expect there will be some of that same screaming with this proposal. The object would be to stop people from using their mobile devices when it is dangerous to do so. And for those who will cry you have the right to text while aiming a 3-5,000 projectile, often at unsuspecting others, I offer you two, count 'em two one fingered salutes. We do frequent road trips for fun, see stuff, see the Kidz, etc., and the texting is nearly epidemic, on all the roads we drive on. If the chip were developed as I stated, even the passenger in a vehicle would be obstructed from using a device while the vehicle is in motion. Congress can't decide on what time to go to lunchola, and where, let alone address that hot potato.
Anecdotally, as a half time passenger on our road trips, I find GOOG Maps, radar, copping rooms, etc.
People who text while driving don't care what the law is or what experts say about texting.

At Select Auto Imports you know you’re purchasing a vehicle with Select Certification and that can give you a great deal of peace of mind.
Some vehicles have known issues that come to light over time, whether it’s a foggy taillight or a recalled part that needs to be replaced. A Vehicle History Report will give you some insight into what a possible purchase has been through.
Just because someone has put a new motor in a vehicle, it doesn’t mean the motor was brand new when they purchased it. If you notice that the check engine light remains on, this may be an indication of bigger problems.
If you’re serious about purchasing the vehicle, take it to your trusted mechanic for an inspection. The 626 was also sold as the Ford Telstar in Asia, Australasia and Southern Africa, but this has been replaced by the European-sourced Ford Mondeo. The 1971 model 616 and 1972 model 618 had been modest successes in the United States, each lasting just a single year. The forthcoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class is probably the automotive industry’s worst-kept secret and now, the biggest image leak to date provides us a proper look at the new executive sedan. At first glance, the similarities between the new E-Class and the current C- and even S-Class are uncanny. Other impressive features include Air Body Control multi-chamber air suspension which automatically controls the ride height to suit driving conditions.
In terms of dimensions, the E-Class is fractionally longer than the current C-Class (4,92 m versus 4, 68 m). The E 350 e Plug-in Hybrid model will be powered by a 4-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor with a total output of 205 kW and 600 Nm of torque.
The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be shown at the Detroit Motor Show from 11th January 2016.
I've lost 3 friends in the past year, on the same stinkin road, by teenagers texting while driving. If watching it causes even one person to decide to pay more attention while driving, that is a good thing, IMO. When you purchase cars from other dealers, you may be unwittingly purchasing someone else’s problem. When you’re in the market for a used car, decide on which model vehicle you are interested in and check for known issues. Of course, the report may not show everything, but it should detail any major accidents and let you know if you’re dealing with a salvage title. The engine may run well for a short time, but a few months later you’ll have major electrical issues.
Some people go so far as to remove the bulb or fuse to the light, so be aware while viewing the car. When you’re test driving the car, be sure to take it on the highway so you can see how it performs at higher speeds.

Your mechanic will be able to spot things that you may not have noticed, or he may put your mind at ease that a problem you thought was serious, really isn’t.
While in Europe it was always considered a large family car, in North America the first two generations of the 626 were compact cars, and the third, fourth and fifth were mid-size cars.
By 1980, the American public was ready for a compact piston-engined Mazda, and the 626 has been a top seller for the marque ever since. It was a front engined rear wheel drive compact, little changed from the Japan-market Mazda Capella on which it was based.
Using the Dynamic Select switch, the driver can also choose between four suspension settings including Comfort, ECO, Sport and Sport+. The E 350 e Plug-in Hybrid can achieve about 30 km of pure electric and emission-free driving. We’ve done our research, and found some great ways to spot a lemon when you’re out shopping for a car. If the vehicle you’re interested in has a salvage title it has a greatly reduced value, and could have potential issues. Protect yourself from this by inspecting areas where sand or silt may have collected; under the spare tire, under the dashboard and under the carpet are all good places to inspect. We recommend opening up the hood and looking for yellow or orange crayon markings on the engine parts. Each one of our used cars undergoes a strict inspection and most include the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty.
An Individual option also allows the driver to configure the vehicle according to personal preferences.
Flood damaged cars also tend to have issues with mildew, and the owners will often try to mask these odors with heavy duty cleansers. One innovative feature was a split-folding rear seat, which increased cargo capacity and flexibility tremendously. The new E-Class also features, Remote Parking Pilot, Distance Pilot Distronic, Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function, Evasive Steering, Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist. If the car has a strong deodorant smell to it, you may want to walk away from that particular car.
We recommend checking the features while test driving, such as the air conditioning, heating, power windows and locks.
A range of 4-cylinder petrol engines will join the range with power outputs ranging between 135 kW and 180 kW.
The E 400 4MATIC will join the range later and will top the diesel offering with 245 kW and 480 Nm of torque on offer.

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