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The built-in search feature in Windows 7 is significantly better than the horrible search options in Windows XP. By default, the Search Indexer in Windows 7 indexes the most common locations where your files would be stored, i.e. That means you can tell Windows 7 to index and return results from files and folder on network drives or external hard drives. Depending on how many files and folders are in a location, it could take some time for search indexer to index everything. You can also click on Index Settings to modify some of the settings for the Search Indexer. Here you can choose to index encrypted files and other options like treating similar words with diacritics as different words.
Overall, the new search features in Windows 7 are greatly enhanced and let you customize most of the search options.
Thank God I have Windows XP and Windows 7 on different hard drives so I can use XP to search the Windows 7 drive for what I need to find. Aseem, please do a simple scientific test before you write articles telling us how great the Win 7 search facility is. Windows 7 not only lacks many old time functions, which were disaled or modified, but it is also incredibly packed with absurd interdictions which cannot be switched off or which need system tweaking to get rid of. I have used every version of Windows starting with 3.1 and 7 is the worst I have ever seen. Despite the fact that all Windows OS's need to be patched (Service Packs), including Windows 7, it still is the best Windows so far. Search Indexing is an added feature to Search function, which might very well be buggy, the first time it sees a user base, but it's innovative and smart, and it works on my system. I guess any operating system will have some limitations, and Microsoft can only go so far to provide every functionality. For finding and searching files, I have been using biterscripting for a long time (have used it on various Windows releases). I have been using windows since 3.1 also, which likely explains my fondness of windows explorer.
For E-Mail search in Outlook I bought the searchtool Lookeen, which works perfect and fast. I have found no way to actually index those files, altough they are in my library folder, which, from what I understand, should be indexed automatically. As one of the previous posters I found this article as a direct result of trying to find help for issues with Windows 7's search. Other people may use it and not have any severe issues but I simply cannot get it to function. But if people want to stay with Win7, is there something I can recommend for them to try in terms of file search?
You can search network files and index network files without having to store it on your computer. Thank you guys for clarifying what a relatively unknowledgable computer operator like me was beginning to think was my stupidity.
What I also want to see is a further response from the joke who wrote the original article that included the phrase 'Overall, the new search features in Windows 7 are greatly enhanced and let you customize most of the search options. As for you people who name your files cryptically with multiple braces, that's just stupid. There's actually an entire API devoted to Windows Search and the customization is very powerful.
If you move from Windows 7 to Mac because of the search, then I can't help but laugh at you. The problem comes if you are more organized and demand efficiency from your operating system.
I am not sure exactly what it is that you're having trouble with but using the Search feature in Windows 7 is easy to do although a bit different than in the past. It sucks that they had to use such a bad naming convention, but we still have to work with it.
1st, let me give you a link that will give you some insight into Windows 7 search features. Bonesnap: That W7 feature _is_ pretty cool for executable application files, but most of us here are not trying to find those types of files.
I realy do not care about wildcards from DOS, Libraries from Microsoft, Indexing from Windows 7! I refused to trade my XP at home for Vista, and now I'm refusing to trade my XP at home for Windows 7, at least until they work out this obvious bug. XP – search any disc, hidden files, compressed files, any file type, within files etc EASY!! How do you search for a specific word or sentence across thousands of documents on your computer? In Windows 7, there is a feature that lets you search documents for text or a phrase within them.
Let’s see how to do this, in a traditional Gnoted way, step by step, with screenshots to illustrate every step along the way. First, for those unfamiliar with it, the Windows Search tool can be located in any window of any folder you open. Now, if you want to narrow your search to one specific folder and documents inside it, then simply open that folder and cotninue as described here. Another nice thing about the results is that, below the file name, it will display a short portion of the text where the words you were searching for were found (screenshot above).

Also, if you are interested in more advanced things about Windows Search, I definitely recommend Microsoft’s official page on using search filters. This search method is CRUCIAL to my work & I can only do it on my 12 year old laptop at my desk.
This article will help you find the profile folder for your Mozilla application (as well as other hidden files and folders) on Windows 2000 and later. Your personal data files (bookmarks, passwords, mail, address books, etc.) are stored inside a profile folder, in a separate location from the program files for your Mozilla application.
You can also use Windows Explorer (or My Computer) to navigate to the profile folder or other hidden locations but you will need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders in your Windows "Folder Options", as shown here.
Windows XP and 2000: Open "Folder Options" from the Windows Control Panel (or from the Windows Explorer or My Computer "Tools" menu). You may also wish to uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" box, in order to see the file extensions for all files. Note: You may need to uncheck another box, "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)", to see certain hidden Windows operating system files and folders. You can search for specific files in your profile folder or other hidden locations using the Windows Search feature. In Windows 2000, you must enable viewing of hidden files and folders, described above, to enable searching in hidden locations. In Windows XP and above, you must enable searching for hidden files and folders in the Search tool itself. In this Windows 7 tutorial I'll try to summarize the steps in order to show how to activate Windows 7 by phone. Normally Windows 7 users can automatically activate their Win7 installation when their Windows7 computer is connected to internet. But if you can not connect to internet and if you want to activate your Windows 7 setup during the activation period, you can use phone and call Microsoft Windows 7 Activation numbers as I will describe below and following the instructions in each activation step, you can easily activate your Windows7 install. If you can connect to internet and have not activated your Windows 7 copy during the installation process, you can find how to activate Windows 7 automatically at How to Activate Windows 7 Manually - Windows 7 Activation Steps tips and tricks guide for Win7 users.
You should activate Windows 7 copy you have installed within the given period, since otherwise you can not continue using all the features of Windows 7 with your installation. If you have already tried the methods of Windows 7 activation by automatically and by phone where details are illustrated here in this guide, but failed and getting "This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine" warning message then you can refer to Windows 7 troubleshoot article Windows 7 Activation - This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine for other possible solutions. This menu selection will display the System screen which is displaying basic information about the computer running Windows 7.
Since I have not activated the Windows 7 setup yet, in the Windows activation section you can see the message "n days to activate. Another method of opening the Windows 7 activation screen is by executing the slui.exe application on the Search programs and files search list as follows. No matter which method you used to open the Windows 7 Activation dialog screens, the below activation wizard will start and guide you through all activation steps.
As mentioned in this screen, you must activate Windows 7 within the left perion to continue using all Windows features. If your installed Windows 7 computer can connect to internet, you can continue activating Windows 7 by selecting the first item in the list. The next screen will display the nearest location for available phone numbers for activation of Windows 7. When you click Next button, the Windows 7 activation wizard will display the 3 steps you should do in order to complete your Windows 7 setup activation. After you select Windows 7 (it was number 2 when I made my activation call for the Virtual PC Win7 installation), you are requested to enter the Installation Id by typing on the phone.
After you enter yout system installation id, you will given a corresponding 54 digit long Confirmation ID by the activation phone system. Please note this confirmation id on a peace of paper or on your computer use the Notepad application.
Please note that the above Windows 7 activation wizard screen displays activation phone numbers for United States. After you type the Confirmation Id into the approtiate input boxes, the Next button will enable for you to select. After you click the Next button, Windows will match the installation id of the system and the confirmation id from your input and will complete the activation if the matching is successful. With the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft built on the evolution of the platform’s search capabilities introduced in Windows Vista. Searching the computer via the Search programs and files box means essentially entering queries in the box under the Start menu.
Instead of installing a third-party program like Google Desktop to search for files on inside files on your computer, you can now do it with easily from Windows 7.
With Windows 7, you can configure the search indexer to not only index any file you want, but also to index the file contents. At the top, you’ll see the total number of items that have currently been indexed on your computer. If you have noticed that certain files are not being indexed by search indexer even though they are included in the search locations, you may have to add the file type. Then select it and choose whether you want to index just the properties or the properties and the file contents. If you are having problems with Windows search or something has become corrupted, you can rebuild the index by clicking the Rebuild button. If you have a faster hard drive that the OS is not running on, it might be a good idea to move it so that it performs faster.
Windows 7 is by far the worst operating system ever conceived by Microsoft, at least from the usability point of view.

I can not understand why microsoft is not able to integrate a powerful search function in their OS?!? I have a folder with nearly 2000 files, and I can't even find something in the file names. I am not a Microsoft basher at all, and there are obviously many things about 7 that are great, but this is not one of them.
If I use the search facility to search for avis which that directory actually open in front of me, it finds no avis. I just got a new PC with Windows 7 and I'm trying to RIGHT click and select SEARCH to search an external drive.
I tried to index using index option on specified directories and later on try to search files on those specific directories with index turned on, Guess what ? Yes, it returns extra results because it searches within files instead of exclusively file names (I believe there is an option to disable this, but I don't remember), but it always lists what I was looking for. She doesn't understand folder structure, so when she needs a file, she has no idea where to find it. You have to go deep into the indexing control hierarchy every time to reset parameters that should be plainly visible at the first interface.
But the Windows 7 on my new computer does not allow ANY find at all, not the names or the inside of folders or documents.
How do you search for text, not only by file name, but inside the files themselves?A This is also useful for when you want to find a file whose contents you know, but you forgot its file name.
As you can see, the results include various document types such as Word documents, txt documents and even Power Point presentation file. That way, you know exactly where that word is located if the document has many pages and lots of text.
There is no separate option in the Windows 2000 Search tool to search hidden files and folders. You can also open this screen by opening the Control Panel and then selecting the System and Security and later System item. And click slui.exe application listed in the Programs group to open Windows 7 activation screen. After this activation screen is displayed you can change the location for your location in order to make a suitable phone call. If available a toll-free number, an other toll number again if available and an SMS yet available. When you call the toll or toll-free number by phone, you will ask for which Microsoft product group activation you are calling, for Windows Vista, for Windows 7, for Microsoft Office, etc. Installation Id is given on Step 2 section and is about 54 digit long number grouped in 6 digit long 9 items. With a genuine copy of Windows 7, you are eligible to receive all available updates and product support from Microsoft. Just like its predecessor, Windows 7 allows users to perform fast and seamless searches throughout the operating system, in Windows Explorer, as well as via the search box under the Start menu.
Restarting the computer does nothing to resolve the incorrect results returned by Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I searched for the mail file *.ost and it only found the file if I did the search in the exact folder where file was. The (horrible) new search feature is only one of the literally hundreds of things which worsened a lot since Widows XP.
As many have said, the search facility in 2000 and XP (and maybe even earlier ones…?) was a simple matter of pressing ctrl+F and typing in a suffix or even part of the filename, or text within in the file. Basically, it will look inside all files that contain some kind of text written with letters (is that general enough?). At present i am using Text Finding, which is also a wonderful tool to search for words tnside text files on all windows platforms.
Once you have your profile folder open, you will want to exit your Mozilla application before you start modifying the files within your profile.
On the phone you can listen the confirmation id again and again and I can suggest you to select the listen again option until your Windows 7 activation is completed. Furthermore, locations such as Control Panel limit results returned to queries to topics specific of the computer’s settings.
Only the category headings of the categorized search results are displayed, such as Programs, Control Panel, and Documents. An update is not yet available from the Redmond company; however, a fix can be implemented in order to resolve this specific issue for affected customers. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. However, Microsoft notes that in some scenarios, Windows 7 search can deliver inaccurate results. Additionally, if you click the displayed category headings, nothing happens,” the company noted. Why is it that if I type in the full name it finds the file, but if I just type in "386" it can only find one file that is 386 bytes in size? Oh and by the way, again perhaps it is my own slowness, but is anyone else having the same experience that I am having with Homegroups – to say nothing of all Windows networking since XP (which was no problem).

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