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Germany was one of the few countries in the world to take a no-excuses approach to developing renewable energy by creating a highly ambitious set of policies to promote localized, distributed generation. Optimists about Germany's situation would say these graphs are proof that renewables are wreaking havoc on the utilization and economics of fossil fuels, thus stimulating a business transition for large power companies.
Pessimists would point to the dominance of coal generation as proof that large amounts of solar and wind aren't enough to quickly derail entrenched fossil fuels, nor to make up for a phase-out of nuclear power. However, realists would likely see both sides and agree with an energy expert like Vaclav Smil, who argues that true energy transitions do not happen in a decade. Alternative energy is a wide encompassing field and there are distinctively pros and cons for each alternative energy form. A particular alternative energy may suffice the energy needs of different regional and national communities. Environmentally, it can decrease air pollution which is the primary cause of asthma among children.
Despite the obvious benefits of using alternative energy sources, it can not be taken for granted that they also offer some environmental impacts. Plantations of biomass can be disastrous to the environment because it discharges bad emissions. Although we may think that alternative or renewable energy is cheaper, the sets of equipment in building energy plants are very costly. The velocity energy of water stream or ocean current is converted to pressure energy, and pressurized water is then used to drive high-head waterwheels that achieve stable electric power generation.A  Large bulk of seawater is pumped up, and pumped-up seawater is utilized for desalination, hydrogen generation, rare earth element collection, cultivated fisheries, etc. Full utilization of kinetic energy of water enables power generation unaffected by weather, and is economically advantageous over wind- or solar-powered electricity generation in terms of operation cost. Ocean energy power generation system also renders various activities feasible, such as desalination of seawater, collection of mineral resources in ocean (e.g.
In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant in 2011, arguably the worst nuclear power accident in history, the Japanese government has decided to phase out nuclear power by 2030. The accident brought the Japanese government and people to the brink of cataclysmic disaster and in one fell swoop altered Japanese thinking about their energy program and the utilization of Japan’s relatively ample albeit limited government resources.
In order to meet its ambitious goal, Japan has introduced tariffs to subsidize renewable energy and commissioned its first major project in Tahara City, one of the sunnier cities in Japan.  The project brings together the collective experience and knowledge of seven of the largest Japanese conglomerates, including Mitsui and Toshiba, to begin building the plant this year and bring it online by 2014. David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth.
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By spending years in the flywheel industry, Jim Fiske learned a great deal about grid-scale energy storage and its true requirements.
Presently, pumped hydro provides nearly all grid-scale energy storage, but requires vast quantities of water, two very large reservoirs, and extreme differences in land elevation. Gravity Power’s technology is similar to the concept behind pumped hydro, but overcomes many of pumped hydro’s limitations.
According to Fiske, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Gravity Power, the company is currently doing a deep cost-analysis of the technology.
The company is currently seeking additional investors, and countries including Germany, South Africa, China, and India are interested in utilizing the technology. The company’s goal is to complete a small-scale demonstration module first to verify the technology.
The Lone Star State leads the nation in natural gas production (more than doubling the output of the runner-up), oil production (nearly tripling the output of the runner-up), and total electricity generation (nearly doubling the runner-up). Texas also leads the nation in installed capacity and electricity generation from wind power (again, the runner-up is not even close). If you think you're late to the party, don't worry: companies have no plans to curtail wind energy investments in Texas anytime soon.

Texas wind is so plentiful that even a few unconventional players have joined in the action. At the end of 2014 three companies accounted for over 42% of the state's installed wind capacity. German energy company E.ON owns several of the largest wind farms in the state (and world, for that matter), but American investors cannot acquire shares without journeying to foreign stock exchanges or the OTC. Meanwhile, NRG Energy and NRG Yield own respectable wind capacity in Texas, although the latter acquired a 947 MW wind farm in California in June 2014 that dwarfs the combined output of the Texas assets. While the total price tag came in near $2.5 billion, the project is expected to add $220 million in annual EBITDA by 2016. Of course, no discussion about American wind energy is complete without mentioning NextEra Energy, which remains the best opportunity for investors to tap into Texas' wind leadership.
From 2009 to 2014, the amount of electricity generated from wind farms in Texas grew nearly 100%, while new installations grew by less than 50%. What does it mean for investors?Texas has been an energy paradise for natural gas and petroleum companies, but we often fail to recognize that the same is true for wind farm owners. Mounting legacy costs of feed-in tariffs, increasing electricity rates and rising CO2 emissions are raising a debate about the effectiveness of the country's energy transition. Bruno Burger of the Fraunhofer Institute released the latest data on Germany's electricity mix. But when considering yearly electricity production, coal is still winning out over everything.
Coal and nuclear baseload generation did decrease in 2014 in order to accommodate more wind and solar on the grid. Hard coal plants saw radical variation in utilization rates, contributing to the strong decline in revenue among power-plant operators. On June 6, 2014, Germany saw a record-breaking 212 gigawatt-hours of solar production -- around 18 percent of total generation that day. On December 12, 2014, wind hit a new record of 562 gigawatt-hours -- producing around one-third of total electricity that day. Despite those impressive records, solar and wind still followed biomass, coal and nuclear in monthly generation totals. So, a massive increase on its price is a big burden to every country’s economy and its citizens. It cleanses the air which can avoid respiratory diseases and even eradicate early death among people of all age.
After determining that flywheels were not the best option, he and the investor of his flywheel company founded Gravity Power. It can be difficult to fulfill all three necessary parameters, and a big plant can cost over a billion dollars with delayed financial returns. Utilization of this type of energy storage could help compensate for the variability of wind power and other renewable energy generation techniques.
But companies such as NRG Energy and NextEra Energy should steer you in the right direction. While having more land area than any other state in the Lower 48 certainly helps, Texas lucked into bountiful fossil fuel reserves that were formed millions of years before borders were drawn.
It might come as a surprise, especially given the state's abundant shale gas reserves, but wind power was the fastest-growing energy source in Texas from 2009 to 2014; its share of electricity generation swelled 70% in the period. That means investors could be on the receiving end of market-beating growth for years to come -- if they know where to look. For instance, Valero Energy owns a 50 MW wind farm that powers its McKee oil refinery, while BP has helped to build several hundred megawatts of capacity in the state. What stocks have catalyzed the ongoing trend depicted above -- and how can investors jump on the bandwagon? That will change once privately held Tri Global Energy, led by Texas billionaire John Billingsley, brings online its 1,240 MW of capacity currently under construction.

To put that in perspective, NRG Yield has guided for just $420 million in EBITDA for all of 2014. The company owns 10,351 MW of installed wind capacity -- making it the nation's largest producer of wind power -- with over 27% residing in Texas (including assets belonging to its subsidiaries). Billions of dollars in investments in recent years have allowed the state to generate over 10% of its total electricity from renewable wind power.
Check out his personal portfolio, CAPS page, previous writing for The Motley Fool, and follow him on Twitter to keep up with developments in the synthetic biology field. He graduated from SUNY-ESF (2012) with a Bachelor of Science in Bioprocess Engineering and from Carnegie Mellon University (2016) with a Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering.
It features 250 charts that illustrate every relevant yearly, monthly and daily statistic on the country's energy production for 2014. Due to this, the international market emphasizes the urgency to assess all alternative energy available. Wildlife and eco system are not safe due to hydro ventures that significantly distract them. Fiske, one of the great benefits is that the units can be easily built by civil engineering companies all over the world because no exotic materials are needed – just concrete and steel. In addition, it is quite feasible to build many gigawatts of storage per year due to the ease of construction of the Gravity Power Modules,” stated Mr.
Since a yieldco's primary function is to grow cash flow and use it to acquire more cash-generating assets, investors can expect the acquisition to spur future expansion. The company's presence in the Lone Star State grew by another 250 MW in December 2014 when the Palo Duro farm came online.
Wind farm owners such as NRG Energy and NextEra Energy generate tax credits based on power generated. Future investments -- and efficiency-boosting transmission lines -- promise to keep the momentum going for residents and investors. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. The demand for these services is increasing constantly as the universal economy fights the global downturn that has happened last few years. Fortunately, these effects are much lesser compare to the damage that can be brought by nuclear plants.
A 40MW unit is 30 meters in diameter and 500 meters deep, while a 250 MW unit is 80 meters in diameter and 500 meters deep. Fiske anticipates that a 250 MW storage device would cost approximately 250 million dollars. The technology is based on existing technologies, but this will be the first time the pieces will be combined in this particular way. Consider that total electricity generation for the state grew 11.3% in the same period, despite the fact that all other power sources saw their share of generation decline. Instead, over 3,500 miles of new transmission lines have been built to connect wind farms in the northwest part of the state to population centers in the southeast, which has resulted in less power generation being wasted and higher utilization rates of wind assets. The addition of far-reaching transmission lines in Texas has allowed existing assets to be more productive and, therefore, more profitable -- without any change in behavior. Predominantly, the call for a productive use of energy, especially renewable and clean energy, gets louder as time goes by. In effect of this, the country will not be vulnerable to unexpected fuel supply interruption and oil price hikes.

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