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There are 10 wallpapers in this collection that are officially included with Windows 8 Pre-Beta, Build 8102, (and are probably going to be included in wallpaper collection of Windows 8 final version). The rest of them are simply beautiful products of creativity by a couple of gifted designers, and therefore I have decided to feature their remarkable work here in this post. You use the Device Manager to install and update drivers for hardware devices, change the hardware settings for those devices and troubleshoot device problems. The Advanced tab gives you access to a number of configurable settings that vary depending on the device your viewing while the details tab gives a vast list of properties and their respective values. CHKDSK Command Parameter in Windows 10 has among its tools a simple application that can be used to check and make sure the status of any hard drive in our computer. As used in Windows CHKDSK to check, check, repair, eliminate disk errors, bad sectors and ensure proper functioning of hard drives via the command line. Flash RAM--the storage technology within SSDs--is immune to the violent disasters and wear-and-tear that can crash a hard drive. An extremely fragmented hard drive can slow down a PC, but fragmentation is irrelevant on an SSD. If you're running more programs than fit in your physical RAM, Windows swaps some of them to your internal drive. Check out my article on virtual memory to learn more about this issue and learn how to turn it off. No, Superfetch is not a canine superhero, but a cache-like Windows feature that's supposed to improve performance. When you put a Windows PC into the energy-saving sleep mode, it still uses a trickle of electricity. But hibernation also copies everything in RAM to the C: drive--wearing out the SSD just a little bit. Freelance journalist (and sometimes humorist) Lincoln Spector has been writing about tech longer than he would care to admit. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

This procedure is a way to connect devices together for file sharing between devices but also allows you to share the internet too. To share your Wi-Fi connection, you will need an external USB Wireless adapter like an Edimax Adapter. Once connected with the external USB adapter to the Wi-Fi and logged in to your Cyberair account, make sure you are not connected using your build in Wireless card and follow these steps. Select the name of your onboard wireless card (this will be the other one to your USB adapter which you checked the name of earlier). Now, for the next step, if your other device is a Windows Laptop, follow the steps as shown. This however means there is no security key to connect to your signal you create and could leave it free for any one to connect to so do so with caution. The strength of your new signal will only be visable close to your laptop as won’t be that strong however. So for connecting another Windows PC give your network a name, choose WPA2-Personal and choose a password. Cyber Ware Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 3160139. Until then, go ahead and download fresh Windows 8 wallpapers featured below for your desktop. The other tabs depend on the device selected but apart from the general tab, you should be able to see a driver and a details tab for every device. If you avoid unnecessary writing, your SSD will probably last until you want to replace it with something better. If the big button near the top-right corner says "Turn on schedulea€¦," no problem; you don't have to change a thing. It didn't really help all that much with hard drives, and it actually slows down SSDs as it wears them down. It will normally be Wireless Network Connection, and you USB adapter Wireless Network Connection 2 or 3, etc.

However, if you wish to connect a non-Windows PC or device to your shared connection, you have to select No Authentication (Open) for the Security type, as well as choose a Network name. Then we can properly repair sectors containing errors and if possible to retrieve information that is in a defective area. But if it says "Configure schedulea€¦," click the button and uncheck Run on a schedule (recommended).
Using this tool correctly and regularly allow us to have our records working in optimum condition, we can detect any type of error in the file system and repair them in time before the damage becomes irreversible. There are millions of wallpaper’s available on the net but who’s got the time to search for, and search for the perfect wall paper. Microsoft released two ever-green theme packs for Windows 7 that can adorn your Windows desktop, year on year, and help you customize Windows.Christmas Themes for Windows 7The first is called Decking the Halls theme for Windows 7.Fa-la-la-la-la! Everybody’s tastes are different so to find the right wallpaper for you, I will leave it up to you.
But here I would like to share with you my collections of the Top ranking windows wallpaper, you can browse and download it for free.  Since these wallpaper’s are of very high resolution, I am displaying the thumbnail version of it with link to the full size, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail and it will load the full size which you can save it by right clicking on the image and “save as”. He also also enjoys playing with Photoshop and is a serious Windows, Software, Gadgets & a Tech news buff. Hope you enjoy these awesome windows wallpaper, as much I have enjoyed sharing with you.Want more wallpaper ?
Go here if you want to learn how to make a Windows 7 themepack.Go here if you want to learn how to preview wallpapers, before downloading Windows 7 theme packs from Microsoft.

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