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An aviator's survival vest (SRU-21P), worn by helicopter crews, also contains survival items.
This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge. By just adding a hatchet this kit meets the Alaskan and Canadian survival kit requirements. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

This compact kit (8x12x16) weighs only 16 pounds yet contains everything needed to help you survive an unexpected night out including 2 quarts of water. It is the kit to have if you want to be a prepared pilot and realize there may come a day when you have to survive for days in a remote area before being rescued. PLBs are probably the single most important piece of survival equipment you can have but since many pilots already have a PLB one is not automatically included in this survival kit.
Each component of the kit from the outer backpack with padded back and shoulder straps to the DaJo Survivor knife was chosen for its quality and ability to perform.

Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest. The main survival kit contains a complete first aid kit and a pocket survival kit, each of which can be carried separately.

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