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SOAP is a medical acronym used to remember and organize patient notes; it stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Use our Digital Patient SOAP Notes to complete a Patient SOAP Note on your phone and email it to a physician, program director, Search & Rescue team leader, etc. The Wilderness First Aid kit by Rescue Essentials is a very well thought out basic first aid kit.
If you are like me, you like to customize your first aid kits for their intended purposes, adding any missing medicines or other items that might be necessary. If you browse the Rescue Essentials website you’ll find that first aid kits and medic supplies are what they do, and generally for the medical and first responder industry. Topics during the program include; medical legal considerations, basic anatomy and physiology, patient assessment, airway adjuncts and oxygen administration, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, managing traumatic injuries as well as medical emergencies, hazardous materials and ambulance operations. Upon successful completion of this program students will be eligible to sit for the National Registry Certification Exam for EMT-Basic. Gulf Coast Tick Pacific Coast Tick Soft Ticks The bodies of soft ticks are round, their head is difficult to see, and lack a back plate. Tick-borne Relapsing Fever is relatively common in the ticks above 8,000 feet throughout the mountain west and Canada.
Accurate patient field notes help focus the rescuer and increase patient care both in the field and once the patient reaches definitive care.

This is the same tablet that is sold with our Case Studies in Wilderness Medicine workbook. Recipients can print and forward your Patient SOAP Note to others streamlining communication from the field in an emergency.
Each first response kit has the necessary tools to administer medical care in a crisis situation.
Patient notes are admissible in a court of law and verify your field assessment and treatment. You can also take photos of an injury and include them with your SOAP Note or in a follow-up email. While most first aid kits come in a bag or pouch that is just large enough to hold the contents, the bag included with the wilderness kit has plenty of room to add your personal items.
As many situations requiring first response kits are time sensitive, it is important to have a kit that allows you to be fully prepared and act quickly. Use a Space Pen or soft leaded pencil to write in extreme heat or cold, upside down, and even underwater. Humans are the sole host of the disease spread by lice while mammals and reptiles are the reservoir for the tick-spread disease.
Lice-borne relapsing fever is uncommon; however, tick-borne relapsing fever tends to occur annually in mountainous regions above 8,000 feet.

Turn your device sideways and zoom in to facilitate entering data into the text fields.This is a MUST for guides and outdoor programs who work within cell range or carry a paired satellite phone or hot spot.
Patients usually become ill after they have slept in cabins infested with spirochete-infected ticks that feed quickly during the night. By assembling the kits ourselves with e-first aid Supplies’ items you can rest assured that they will meet your first aid requirements. The initial febrile episode lasts an average of  3 days with an average of 7 days between the initial episode and first relapse.
On average patients with the tick-borne disease experience  three relapses while those with the lice-borne disease experience only one. Tick-borne relapsing fever is treated with 100 mg of  Doxycycline by mouth every 12 hours for 7-10 days.
Doxycycline causes severe sun hypersensitivity; sun block is usually ineffective in preventing sunburn. Patients should be treated for at least 3 days after the fever subsides and until there is evidence of clinical improvement.

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