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Amscot Financial will refund the $14,000-plus in fees it charged to cash a check for a mentally incompetent St.
Florida law allows check-cashing companies like Amscot to charge up to 5 percent of the face value of cashier's checks and even more for personal checks.

After Ramsey, 55, was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia, a judge found him unable to handle his financial affairs and appointed a guardian in 2002. But officials at the Florida Lottery did not know about the guardianship before wiring Ramsey's winnings to Wells Fargo account he opened with $50 borrowed from a cab driver.
By the time Judge Lauren Laughlin, who monitors Ramsey's guardianship, learned of his windfall Dec. Amscot, with 230 stores in Florida, has an operations center in Tampa that employees can call at any time of day to get authorization to cash checks.
Skipton have told us that our cruise tour operator never cashed our cheque - can we get the money back for another holiday?

An additional $118,000 is being held for safekeeping while Ramsey's guardian tries to determine if there's a way the money can be spent for his benefit without jeopardizing the government aid that pays his medical bills and his room at board at an assisted living facility. Amscot doesn't charge for money orders but did collect $14,082 for cashing the check, an investigator found.

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