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Place the infant seat in the main portion of the cart and drag an extra cart around with you if you need to do a big grocery shopping.
In response to those that say they’ve never seen a car tip over, I worked in retail for many years and have done first aid on kids that have done just that. I saw a woman today in Whole Foods with a baby in a car seat balanced on the top of a shopping cart and her toddler in the basket moving around and jumping around. Another super unsafe thing I’ve seen is babies in car seats perched on top high chairs in restaurants.
I think that infant carrier seats are possibly going to be something we look back on as relatively unsafe devices in 30 years time.
I have severe tailbone pain that started during my labor…baby wearing is excruciating now.
Another simple solution is to simply bring your stroller into the store, and place your groceries under the stroller.
Alternatives: wait to shop when dad, or grnd parent can either look after little ones, trade babysitting , borrow and backpack carrier. Baby Jogger City GO Infant Carseat Giveaway – The Blogiversary Celebration Continues! Most carseat manufacturers specifically prohibit using their seats this way but that warning is usually buried along with 30 other generic warnings in the instruction manual so it doesn’t get much attention. Here are some suggestions for making a trip to the store a little less hazardous for your baby. Different carts have different dimensions so it may be possible in some carts but not in others. Furthermore, doing this can actually damage the mechanism in the seat which can cause it to fail in a car crash.

If you don’t, my solution was to use my stroller in the store, making the large bottom basket my shopping basket. I’ll often also bring a few reusable shopping bags with me that help out when it gets full under the stroller. Each year approximately 23,000 children are treated in hospital emergency departments for injuries from shopping carts. And it certainly beats a trip to the ER where you’ll have a lot of explaining to do while they examine your baby for serious head injuries. Nothing you’re going to buy at Costco or Target or the supermarket is worth risking your child falling off the cart face first.
I don’t know what happened after that but I remember being really upset by what I had just seen (and heard). Sometimes I just use the stroller and plan to not get much, sometimes I bring a helper to push the cart. Very helpful when you have a lot of shopping to do, instead of piling the food around the seat in the basket.
It stayed with me and from that day on I was always super-conscious about how my kids were secured in shopping carts. Many years ago a nurse did oxygen saturation tests on babies in car seats and discovered they have decreased oxygen. In the bitter cold, I also liked not having to remove my baby from his carseat and blanket with the cold wind blowing as I struggled to get him into the carrier, at which I was never great or fast.
There were some things I couldn’t get, this way, like a big flat of sodas from the wholesale club, but I did surprisingly well. If baby is old enough to kick, grab or try to sit up  – that increases the chances of falling.

However, I am obviously in the minority because far too often I witness dangerous baby in shopping cart situations. But even though I have lots of options for not balancing my baby in hir seat on top of the cart, not everyone has those options, and sometimes even if you do have a lot of options, they don’t work all the time. I didn’t even know they were there until my older child pointed them out to me, I thought they were he usual cart with built in seat.
If the harness straps are loose, or worse yet – not buckled at all, that greatly increases the chances of a fall. I’d really love to see, for example, carts with a designated spot to put infant seats, or more carts with attached infant seats in more stores. This isn’t intended to say my idea is better, but it is an option for those who don’t want to babywear every time for whatever reason!
And if you have a preschooler shopping with you – the chances of baby toppling off the cart just increased ten-fold. But giving unsolicited advice to strangers can be more dangerous than playing in New Delhi traffic, so usually I just keep quiet. It gives more people more options to safely get the food they need while having their baby with them. In case you haven’t noticed, little kids like to push the cart, climb on the cart and hang off the sides of the cart as soon as you turn your back. The cart isn’t the most stable object on 4 wheels to begin with, so adding a toddler or preschooler into the equation can be a recipe for disaster.

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