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Creating invitations is one of my favorite creative things to do in preparation for a party.
After reviewing a ton of invitations, which provided ample inspiration, I started designing the Think PINK bridal shower invitation. My mom asked if it was possible to make some tweaks and create a bridal shower version of the chalkboard sign. It took a little bit of finesse, but I was able to adapt the 1st birthday sign into a bridal shower chalkboard sign! As the bridesmaids and I started to brainstorm for the bachelorette party I took to Pinterst (obviously) to see what ideas were out there.
All you have to do to enter is share the post on my FB page (it was just the easiest way to track it) and I’m going to randomly select a winner on November 1st. It’s that time that you never thought would happen; your best friend is finally going to tie the knot.
You could also ask the groom to add some photos and messages or do a secret video with him which could be shown at the hen party to make it interactive and engaging for everyone. Try to choose something you know she will enjoy but will be something completely different to what she has done before. If she is the creative type maybe you could all make something, alongside a few glasses of champagne of course! If you wanted to get out into the great outdoors then maybe a woodland survival weekend is for you.
For something a little different you could choose a pretty bohemian theme, retro theme or naughty burlesque. Another great idea is a mini hangover kit (filled with meds to help with the morning after struggles).
Whatever you decide to do for the hen’s big weekend, make sure it is tailored to her tastes with a little surprise twist.
What ever you decide to do you will of course need somewhere to stay, kate and toms have some of the most sort after luxury properties to rent for Hen nights, weekends, weeks or even longer if you really want to party!
Holmegate House and the way kate & tom have equipped it had the 'Wow' factor from the moment we crossed the threshold! We did 'drag' ourselves off site to enjoy Studland, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and of course Wareham, but really appreciated just relaxing 'at home' and enjoying the house and garden. Regardless of the type of hen party you are throwing for the bride to be, the most important thing is the personal touch. A really nice idea is every guest bringing a token gift like a photo, a poem, an object or something handmade for the bride to be, and which symbolises their friendship or relationship. In the Bridesmaids movie, a Parisian themed bachelorette party is thrown for the bride to be. Every now and then I like to write cute, funny and personal poems for special friends which usually go down well. There’s no doubt about it, hatching chicks naturally is so much easier than hatching chicks in an incubator.
Although there really isn’t a whole lot you need to do when a hen is brooding, there are a few ways you can help ensure a happy, healthy hatch. Although the instinct to go broody has been bred out of many modern chicken breeds, there are a few still known for easily going broody. Creating a dark, quiet place for the hens to lay their eggs is a great way to encourage brooding.
I have found that if we leave a bunch of eggs in a nest for several days in the Spring, inevitably a hen will take notice and decide she’s going to hatch the clutch. Once you’ve identified one of your flock as being broody and she’s sitting on a nest, mark it on your calendar and count forward 21 days to Hatching Day! Move her at night when she’ll be less likely to try to return to the first nesting place.
If you find a broody hen sitting on a nest with room for a few more eggs underneath her, and you know she hasn’t been sitting for more than three days, you can add eggs to the clutch from your other hens.

If you find a broody sitting on a nest with way too many eggs in it (like the one pictured above), you’ll need to remove all of the extra eggs, preferably the ones already out from under her body. Keep the rest of the flock separated from the mama and her chicks during this time to protect them from attack. They were so tasty and the at the bachelorette really like the little details and descriptions of each of the drinks. Being her maid of honour you have the responsibility of organising her hen party but what to do?
Adding a personal touch will show how much her friends know her and will be something to keep forever.
After all it is her big day and if you have her camping in a muddy field when she is a more of a get her nails done kind of girl then she will not thank you for it.
Get a few fun games going and you could organise a naked butler to serve you drinks alongside the fun.
There are so many themes to choose from so consider what the bride would feel comfortable in but of course you want to make her stand out and be the centre of attention. All the gifts will be put together and the bride to be will go through them and guess who the gift bearer is. All the guests will more than likely have a gazillion other hen parties for other friends and they can all easily turn samey same. There’s no worrying about regulating a thermostat, monitoring humidity, turning eggs, or the power going out in the middle of a hatching, or brooder boxes and all that stuff. To ensure the eggs you want to hatch are fertile, your hens must have had constant exposure to a rooster.
Aseels, Bantams, Australorps, Cochins, Jersey Giants, Game Hens, and Silkies are among the best breeds for broodiness.
This typically happens in Spring when the days are beginning to get longer, and the hen is eating more greens than grains.
Naturally, when a hen gets it in her mind to lay a clutch of eggs to hatch, she’ll hide away somewhere private, such as underneath bushes or in a dark corner of the barn, so that she may sit in her trance undisturbed.
Collecting the eggs every couple of days, and swapping the old for the new will keep the nest fresh and will avoid wasting good eggs while you hope for a broody to come along. She’ll be sitting in the nesting box (usually already on a clutch of eggs), and when you reach into the nest to pet her or retrieve an egg– watch out!
Get a box and gently fill it with the eggs, then place her on top of them, allowing her to settle back down so she doesn’t walk on and crush the eggs. If she decides to get off the nest for a time, you don’t want another broody to come along and sit on her nest, forcing her to find another clutch to begin incubating. A smaller game hen won’t be able to cover as many eggs with her body as a larger breed.
If you leave too many eggs, she will try to gather them all underneath her, and in the process will kick out a warm egg (which might already have a forming chick in it) and collect a cold egg to sit on instead, thus killing the already forming chick. If there is already a chick forming in the egg, you don’t want to kill it by taking it out of the nest. But soon she will fall into a trance-like state and may eat very little to nothing at all for quite some time.
Set out starter rations for the mother and the babies to eat and plenty of fresh, clean water for them to drink.
The other hens will sometimes peck the little babies and can even kill them if the mama is unable to defend them adequately. It is going to be one of the biggest days of her life so you want to make it extra special.
Ask people close to her to give photos from throughout her life and to add funny captions for that extra personal touch. If this seems too much hard work though, you could do a food tour or chocolate tasting experience.
As well as being a nice little touch for the bride to be, it gives everyone else a chance to learn more about the other guests and their relationship with the hen.

As a matter of fact, you really don’t have to put much effort at all into the task because that mama hen knows exactly what needs to be done. It is best to create a special brooding area which can easily be blocked off from the rest of the flock to protect a sitting hen and her eggs, and to keep other hens from laying fresh eggs in an established nest. If you allow eggs to accumulate in a nest, mark the date on them with a pencil so you can keep track of the oldest and newest. She’ll fluff herself up as big as she can get, threaten you with growling noises, and may even strike out to bite your hand. I have tried moving hens in the past for various reasons (namely for the safety of the hen and chicks) with disastrous results. It is recommended that smaller hens have a clutch size no more than 8-10 eggs, and larger breeds a dozen. She will teach them how to peck the grains and dip their beaks into the water by clucking and demonstrating what to do. Once a chick is bleeding the rest of the flock will be drawn to the blood and will ruthlessly go after the injured one. I love trying to think of ideas like this for hen parties – what does the bride to be like from food to drinks to tv programs? You could get everyone to write a sentence over the weekend or include it when you are playing hen party games – get someone to start it off and then others add a sentence.
Not only do you save a lot of time and worry when hatching naturally, you’ll almost always have a much higher hatch rate and healthier chicks.
Double-yolkers are tempting to try to hatch, but even if one of the chicks survive until hatching it will likely be weak after birth. Once you have a hen who goes broody and sticks with it throughout the duration of the hatching period, you can usually expect her to continue being reliable year after year. You might also purchase wooden eggs or even use golf balls to trick a hen into thinking there’s a nest that needs to be hatched. When a hen is moved from her nest, sometimes she will refuse to sit in the new location and will be determined to return to the original nesting site, eggs or no eggs. If the hen cannot fully cover the eggs she is sitting on, they will not get adequate heat and humidity and the chicks will not survive. Once the chicks begin hatching after a 21 day incubation period, the hen will only stay on the nest for 3 more days. Heaven forbid you grab a partially incubated egg from the nest and crack it into a hot breakfast skillet! Unlike day old chicks from a hatchery, you don’t have to do anything at all but sit back and enjoy watching nature do her thing. Some mother hens are extremely aggressive and will defend their babies to the death, and some are only mildly protective. Try think of all the things she loves and surprise her with something themed specifically to her personality. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to influence the hen to go broody or to take good care of her chicks.
Once you have a broody to claim the clutch, you can swap the fake eggs out for fresh ones laid by the other hens in your flock. If you can provide them a place to scratch in grass or in the woods, the chicks will learn how to hunt for their own food- a valuable skill to have as they get older. It is best to separate the mother and babies for several weeks while the chicks grow and get big enough to handle themselves. Any remaining eggs which are close to hatching but still require incubation will die unless you are fortunate enough to have another broody hen to slip them underneath or an incubator to finish the process.

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