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When I talk to friends and family that are non-preppers about prepping, I don’t suggest that they stockpile a five year supply of survival food and another $20,000 on firearms and other stuff, that would scare them and just about every non-prepper away for good.
If You Don’t Put Together Your 72 Hour Survival Kit Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later! It’s really hard to garden, take care of the animals, do outdoor work, BBQ, and enjoy the sunshine and stay on the computer. In the spring and summer I bust my butt working with garden and yard chores, then collapse in front of the computer and read this blog. I agree I don’t always have anything to add to a certain topic if I know nothing about it. I know a lot of us are prepping because it is planting season, and like for me I am done planting and now splitting twice as much firewood for next winter as I had last year. Keep up the good work, you’re the best and we all owe you for what you do and the time that you spend doing it. My husband and I would agree that retirement (mine was due to medical reasons and happened 5 years earlier than planned) has been a financial disaster, to some degree.
I too will be affected with the 6,000 new regs of BO, some will raise our electric costs 75% since we are dependent on coal plants in my area.
When Chicago had a heat wave in 1995, 750 people died as result in a week from not affording airconditioning, most of them elderly. It’s good to check and double check, and see what new things to add or old stuff to take out. We have neighbors who believe in being self reliant, but with his work schedule he does not always work full time.
CA needs more reservoirs for water storage, but I doubt it will happen in my life time due to the the tree huggers, EPA, and ever other brain dead idiot that they let cry to the courts.
So while a 72-hour kit is a good thing, you need to plan for much more and make sure you don’t have any association with FEMA.
No one will be allowed a firearm, knife or even extra food when FEMA gets on location and sets up camp to save you.
Just wondering does anyone here know if people that did go to the Superdome were allowed to come and go as they wanted, or were they restricted in movement in any way? Where can one obtain a copy of this poster large enough for those who have short sightedness(polite way of stating head up the kazoo)? You might like to go camping with these items, see what you are missing, then share your ideas at the bottom of this post.

Obviously, these things can be expensive to accumulate, so we work a line item into our budget and build our storage a little bit at a time. Awhile ago, we had a little unexpected extra money (how often does that happen??) and we decided to be smart with it and invest in some of our emergency funds. Long story short, I decided to make 72 hour car kits for both our cars (since those were on our list anyway) and today I am going to show you what I did! Don’t forget these last few items that are easy to forget about, but have just as much importance!
Earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms, power outages and floods could leave you and your family stranded at home for a few days without power or electricity. How many of you have an extra supply of food, water, and emergency items in your homes?
As always, please click on the link above the photos to be taken to the original sources and tutorials. The ultimate being prepared item I would argue that is missing from this list is a home generator that will provide instant backup power when needed.
A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe my readers will enjoy. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Creekmore Every new prepper has to start somewhere and putting together a 72 hour survival kit is a great first step. Usually my mind is too spaced out to offer anything worth while in response to others comments, like you do, but I rest and read. This will hurt many people with fixed incomes and some may not be able to air condition their homes this summer or heat their homes this winter.
Started late last year when my wife who cleans houses started pt cleaning for a fema inspector who has a contract for HUD houses. And why does the government endorse a 72-hour kit and then call preppers domestic terrorist?
The government wants to take care of all your needs, bur it could be 72-hours before they are ready to do that.
Use a 72-hour kit to get home, to a new location or just out of the path of whatever you are running from. They took over many of the outside offices and brought plenty of water of which nobody in the airport was given any until around Wednesday afternoon that I remember.

If you remember this post about our financial plan, you know that we have a monetary emergency fund.
If you would like to embed this infographic to your site, there is an embed code right underneath the image. Have 6 month stock of food for family of four.Even changed my key ring( now have small sparker, para cord, mini leatherman, and compass on keys). This is why I moved where I did, I always have lakes to cool off, and use wood heat mostly to heat in winter.
We were stuck in the airport ( along with about 250 others) from Saturday afternoon until Wednesday. There is even one that’s called thunder or something along that line and is extremely loud. We heard the horror stories of the “Superdome with the gangs, shootings, filthy conditions those there had to deal with.
When all these things are in place, even if you lost your job you would be able to live comfortably and without added stress while searching for something else. I was super happy with the kits, but as I went through them I realized that it could be duplicated pretty easily with things you most likely have on hand.
If a natural disaster strikes, you and your family may need to leave at a moment’s notice. Don’t use milk jugs because the plastic is porous and may absorb contaminants over time. I believe the first place to start would be putting together 72 Hour Kits and Emergency Supplies for your family. I’m retired from construction, work pt as a security guard and am a combat vet served in Nam.
When the hurricane hit some of us were allowed to go into the foyer and film it, but the police took shifts at the doors so nobody could get out. Its just the two of us and our golden retriever, but, our daughter and her family of 4 live about 40 miles from us and will be on our doorstep (if possible) when SHTF. Don’t have to worry about water here in NC, last summer in rained (cloudburst) almost every friggin day.

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