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However, we know a bug-out-bag is meant to help you survive for few days, but what if you don’t manage to get to a safe place after few days? It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter.
Relying on or using electronic tools in a survival situation is a serious debate among the survivalist and the emergency preparedness crowd.  Sometimes the usefulness of a tool might out weight risk of something going wrong with it, which is the case with the Kindle. There is also another factor that a lot of people do not think about in survival situations.
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Without a doubt, the worst part of a 3-gun competition is hauling all of your crap around the range. The bag can be loaded from the front (as shown) thanks to some heavy duty zippers that do a great job of keeping rain and water out when closed, or from the top if you’re packing compressible items like clothing.
The top rain cover has some internal storage space as well, featuring a pretty well laid out admin section.
The bag also comes with a lumbar strap for carrying heavy loads across long distances, but I never used it and so I appreciated the fact that it’s removable. The bag has an external compartment that is the exactly perfect size to slide a SCAR 16S in there. If you’re going to be backpacking far distances for your hunting trip, the ease and comfort with which you can carry a gun is something to consider. If one gun isn’t enough, Eberlestock offers a scabbard for this bag that latches on to the side MOLLE webbing and lets you carry your shotgun as well. At the end of the day, whether this bag fits your personal shooting or hunting style will determine if it’s the right pack for you. Give me either a hair more space or a hair lower price and you’d have yourself a five star review. If you where trying to make the point that it was rarely issued why did you use NSN’s for beer and condoms? As some youtube guy would say, it depends on you POU, but I would never want to hump such a thing for an extended trip through the woods.
For some reason this reminds me of those humorous cats with bug out Alice packs that will end up Bugging In because their whole setup weighs 50lbs, and they wouldn’t get 1 mile with that on their backs. Carrying a rifle or two is no joke either, but nothing a couple of cinch straps won’t take care of on a quality 3-4 lb backpack. The less you have to carry and the better you can carry it, the further and faster you can go.
I’ve heard many good things about Eberlestock, but the main problem for me is that it is simply way over my budget.
I might have been tempted to a look at the pack if I had not purchased a large 5-11 pack last year.
These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Google Hot Girls Marijuana" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. The blade features the same tanto-tip and straight blade as the folding version, and the same serration patterns but with a considerably longer blade, following the same elegant lines. Its slim cross section is sufficient to ensure it’s able to cut and slice, and the back of it is flat like its smaller folding sibling, which gives it an even slighter profile.
The sheath is well made, including a selection of lashing points both for cord and a pair of webbing-sized holes as another option.
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Something really bad happens, and you and your family need to relocate to somewhere, say a couple hundred miles away.
A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. Not only do you have to move all three guns around, but you also need to carry enough food to keep them running, all of your spare gear, a set of tools, maybe a spare sweatshirt… the weight adds up fast. For the last year I’ve been shooting with Team FNH USA, and Eberlestock is one of their sponsors. The well constructed fabric shell is supplemented with a water resistant inner layer to keep your gear dry even when you’re not. That feature lets you use it as both a range pack and a travel pack, with more than enough room for a 3-day supply of ammo and gear plus clothing. It has space for all kinds of notebooks and pens, and even two slots for a standard AR-15 magazine. If you’re going to be carrying your gear for long distances, though, it might be a good idea to keep it on and use it.
For me, a 3-gun shooter, it’s perfect since I can just throw my handgun in the internal compartment and chuck the whole shebang into a truck to get to and from the range in comfort and style. So much so that I didn’t even offer to send it back when the season was over, I just asked them how big the check needed to be to keep it.
Eberlestock wants $299 for the bag, which is about twice the price of a similar internal frame bag from REI or some other outdoors equipment manufacturer.
Eberlestock lists it at 2,700 cubic inches and that’s almost exactly how much space my gear takes up for a weekend of shooting, sans guns. That stuff was requisitioned all the time before .mil went all PC and forced troops to buy their own BC (liability mostly but pc killed beer on most bases) so what’s your point their? NSNs are still assigned to gear that has been supplanted in the military logistical process, and to gear that might make it INTO the military supply process.
When I was in beer was not ordered by NSN, even on the rare occasions that a unit DID buy everyone (who was legal to partake) a round.
Even so, carrying 50lbs is no picnic, and if you can get away with a lighter load, that might be preferable. Judging from the look of him carrying it, it doesn’t look to be really suited for a long haul, but he might just have it overloaded with heavy stuff. Compare this to a hardcore backpacker gear enthusiast pack of the highest quality like the Zpacks Arc Blast: carbon fiber external frame, waterproof tough cuben fiber fabric with polyester overlay, 3650 cubic inches (60 liters), 17 ounces.
Also, and I realize this is a fairly unusual mission envelope, but it’s not compatible with a motorcycle seat. Having bot cheap gear that fails when you need it I dont mind paying more if I can use it for a lifetime and Eberle is so sturdy and reliable I’ll probanly hand it off to my son one day. I’m usually the go-to blade person around the office, in the labs, in the campsite or in the pool. The handle is skeletonised and features two lanyard holes midway, and a third in the pommel end. The blade is stiff even for its thickness, which I suspect is due to the steel and temper, but I wouldn’t want to use it as a pry bar. The final attachment option is the steel clip, which used to have an option for fitting at the bottom for a downwards draw but now appears to only attach at the middle, for an upwards draw. These bags, on the other hand, are actually used by the military (NSN 8465-01-548-9564) and law enforcement. The opening is ringed on three sides by MOLLE webbing for various and sundry attachments, and the internal pockets are just the right size to hold some AR-15 standard capacity magazines.
It’s great if you need to carry some stuff for record keeping or just keeping organized, and I used it as a place to keep my wallet and cell phone while on the range. The bag also has some compression straps that fit around the bag, so if you’re carrying clothes you can keep the cross section of the bag as small as possible.
However, given the firearms related details (like the MOLLE webbing and the specially designed firearms pouch) I think it’s worth the premium.
They are also given to things that some group with a special role maybe orders a dozen of, and no one outside that group ever bothers with it.

Keeping to the principles of its name, this blade has been engineered to Keep It Super Simple. The knife has cut and shared more than one roadside meal, it’s cut ropes, dispatched car-struck mortally wounded animals on occasion and generally been put to a variety of small but important tasks. I’ve found that the bag will fit three 25-round shotgun boxes across the bottom just about perfectly, with room to spare for a 9mm box or two. The pocket is more or less rainproof, meaning that I didn’t have to scramble for cover if the skies decided to open up between stages. But since it has been ordered (or perhaps since someone wants it to be an orderable item) it gets an NSN.
Most cruisers are simply impossible because of their gyno exam chair riding positions (thus the odd sissy bar) and sportbikes are kinda awkward as well. I have been able to punch holes in cans for drainage however, and the finger notch and thumb-groves on the spine make for a very sturdy and secure grip even when wet. And what if you wanted to take that same bag hunting, using it to carry your stuff while hiking into the wilderness? However, since that relationship did exist at some point in the recent past, I wanted to include this short disclaimer so you can keep that in mind as we venture into the review. No matter where you need to grab the bag, there’s a handle right there for you to pull and grab onto. There’s an opening in the top of the pack and the gun slides down behind the rest of your hear, but with some nice padding between the gun and your back. Which is why my very first AR-15 as a starving college student used a Noveske barrel, receiver and rail.
That being said, I’ve enjoyed my gunslinger 2 for years, had has accompanied me many times into the wilderness, at about a 50lb weight.
A nut affixed to the blade around the midline acts as the friction lock to keep the knife firmly in its Zytel sheath, as well as being a good rest point for the thumb during delicate cutting. So if you need to get your bag out of somewhere in a hurry (like a burning humvee) it’s easy to do no matter how the bag is oriented. There are two buckles to keep the gun in place or put a rain hood over the gun should you want to. It gives me the same features I love about the Gunslinger II, but with twice the internal capacity. Unfortunately the Stiff KISS is no longer in production, although they can be picked up online, and CRKT offers a next generation of it, in the Sweet KISS.
What if there was a bag that offered you more room for your gear, and that you could use not only on the range or in the hunt, but could also double as a gear bag that you could check on airplane rides? It gives you the ability to carry a gun in a manner that distributes the weight on your body as if it were a normal internal frame backpack, but still gives you near instant access to your firearm should you need it. My last backpack purchase, a Kelty Tioga Classic (5500 cubic inches) is the biggest external frame Kelty makes, aluminum frame, weighs 4lbs 4oz. I like Glen Eberle but I think his packs are low value for the cost and for most purposes way over-built.
Get rid of some of that MOLLE and lower that denier to half the weight and I’ll reconsider.
Good thing companies like Blue Force Gear and KUIU are innovating in this sphere, making tough gear in camouflage patterns that isn’t loaded down with unnecessary 1000-denier nylon and extraneous MOLLE covering the entire exterior. Those who actually go afield on foot-based expeditions know that against a lighter pack that offers the same hauling capabilities and comfort, the extra 5-7 pounds of this pack is a generally a very poor investment.
But holding onto money in this situation would be impossible, even likely to get you killed.
You can’t hunt, or scavenge, because you dare not leave your wife and kids unprotected, even for a few minutes.

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