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Every car lover has to have watched The Fast and the Furious and it’s sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious.
In total, Tokyo Drift used over 200 cars for the movie, and they came from all around the world. Most of the drifting cars had to be upgraded to drift properly, like the Nisssn 350Z which had to be upped to 475hp through the use of turbocharging. After dabbling for years in the IT industry, Paul Tan initially began this site as a general blog covering various topics of personal interest.
Aiya Paul Tan, don't go ler, wasting your ticket RM 20 for week end and RM 15 for weekday. Better go straight to their showroom, entrance free and the sales man may belanja you at least sebatang rokok or mineral water.
And for RM20, meeting the girls is already a worhted sight, not to say the rare Pagani Zondas, Carrera GT, Enzo and so on. Michelle Rodriguez Rocks a Neon Bikini, Does Yoga Headstand in Front of a Bugatti on Fast & Furious 7 Seta€”See the Pic! Michelle Rodriguez Rocks a Neon Bikini, Does Yoga Headstand in Front of a Bugatti on Fast & Furious 7 Set—See the Pic!

How's that for a sneak peek of what's to come in the upcoming film starring Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and more.Between her neon bikini and the ultra-fancy ride, this snapshot captures quite a bit of eye candy for everyone to enjoy!In another shot, she posts a selfie of her relaxing at the beach in the same swimsuit, her toned abs on full display.
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I previously posted about the upcoming third installment in the series, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
There are 11 Nissan 350Z cars alone, and these were brought in from Japan because they required right-hand drive vehicles for the movie. Part of the storyline involved the hero transplanting the venerable RB26DETT twin turbo straight-6 from the Nissan Skyline GT-R into a Mustang, so one of the 6 Mustangs had this under the hood.
With an increasing number of readers paying rapt attention to the motoring stories, one thing led to another and the rest, as they say, is history. Only few manufacturers like Toyota, Honda or Ford shown their production car and future cars. Perodua really understands what the market wants rather than making the market accept what they had.
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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX four wheel drive cars had to have their gearboxes locked to rear wheel drive to allow for the crazy drifting action you’ll see in the movie. An avid electronic gadget aficionado as well as big-time coffee lover, he's also the executive producer of the Driven motoring TV programme.
Most of the cars were second hand, as they needed some out of production cars like Toyota Chasers, Mazda RX7s and old Nissan Silvias.
Kudos to manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsu and Perodua for giving much effort in making this show look good. Volkswagen also provided some cars – four Volkswagen Golf R32s and a few Volkswagen Touran MPVs.

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