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Global NevadaCorp offers project management services for Geothermal Energy Plants Investors.
Geothermal Energy – heat, in the form of hot water, steam, or rocks, near the surface of the earth’s crust used for direct heating and cooling, or for electricity generation.
Geothermal and biomass, on the other hand, can be more complicated, and will be more maintenance- intensive than solar and wind. Masood Textile Mills is a vertically-integrated textile manufacturing company with in-house yarn, knitting, fabric dyeing, processing, laundry and apparel manufacturing facilities.
Majority shareholders of Masood Textile Mills have formally agreed to sell 52% shareholding through a Share Purchase Agreement with a Chinese group and two other acquirers, according to a notice sent to the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on Monday.
The decision follows the amended public announcement of intention notification that Shandong Ruyi Science and Technology Group, Nazia Nazir issued on January 3 for the acquisition of up to 31.2 million ordinary shares of Masood Textile Mills through AKD Securities, which is acting as a manager to the offer. Masood Textile Mills is a Faisalabad-based, vertically-integrated textile manufacturing company with in-house yarn, knitting, fabric dyeing, processing, laundry and apparel manufacturing facilities. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Topline Securities research analyst Muhammad Tahir Saeed said the transaction is expected to range between Rs180 and Rs200 per share. The company’s total issued shares are 60 million, out of which only 10 million shares constitute its free-float. Following the expression of interest by the Chinese group to acquire a majority stake in the company – which is a first-of-its-kind development in the country’s textile sector – the share price of Masood Textile Mills has soared tremendously. After acquiring 52% stake through this deal, Saeed said, Shandong Ruyi Science and Technology Group is expected to make a tender offer to purchase half of the remaining shareholding – or 24% of the company’s total issued shares. Masood Textiles Mills produces value-added textile products, whose exports to the European Union (EU) are expected to increase due to the GSP Plus status that Pakistan has recently received. Its just the tip of the ice burg more to come ahead.I forsee a drastic change which will prove to be the sign of prosperity coming!
Textile sector is one of biggest industry sector of pakistan which was pressed by non regular availability of gass and non-favourable last goverments policies.

Although this goverment has made more strategic policies to turnaround this sector once again such as GSP plus and favourable tax incentives but the machines of textile mills are running on gass which require constant gass to produce cloth to meet demand of domestic and international market. Slowly slowly, chinese are eating a country called pakistan, in which pakistani’s never able to undersand.
Faisalabad is a hub of cotton related products but foreign investors were not keen in investing in any mill and even some mills gone bankrupt and closed in the past. Moreover with this deal around 25 Million US Dollars will flown in Pakistan and every dollar coming towards Pakistan is better for us and also the Sellers can invest these millions of dollars elsewhere which is good for our economy. Such capital inflow is in the benefits of Pakistan as they are not only investing in textile sectors in Pakistan but also investing in Power sector to secure their investment.
We must encourage Chinese to buy more Pakistani firms and modernise them …this way we will get better products and tech!
Chines r our trusted friends n investing in our country means economic activities will flourish, generates new jobs.
Overall its good for us to invest in our country, it will enhance job opportunity and new ideas from other people.
Great Step Long Live Pak China Friendship and To All Jealous Indians Pretending To Be Pakistanis GET A LIFE!!!!!!! It is estimated that the uppermost six miles of the Earth’s crust contains many times the energy of all oil and gas resources in the world.
Geothermal power, unless you find our self-located on a tectonic fault line, will likely involve a lower-temperature binary plant with the same condensers and heat exchangers you use now – with the same maintenance issues. You need foreign capital to invest in production facilities – preferably in manufacturing other than textiles.
The reason was that foreign investment was flowing in and Our currency stabilized and also every foreign company brought their own expertise and knowledge from which local entrepreneurs and investors learned as well. This take over will now bring Faisalabad on the global map and in the future we will see more accusations.

Today selling and buying of business in other countries is a norm.Many indian companies have been bought by US and Europian entities and vise versa. By investing heavy amounts they will install state of the art production facilities that will increase efficiency and I guess it is a win-win situation for both.
We will be able to get trust of other foreigner like this contracts and economy will in good position….
Biomass, simply another form of fuel, will generally pose the same maintenance issues as a coal-fired power plant would – you are just burning a different fuel.
On the other hand China was loosing competitive edge in their home country and they would gain through this transaction.
Our experts are able to execute, govern, and measure the clients’ portfolios to improve business performance.
We can recover this heat as steam or hot water and use it to heat buildings or generate electricity. Geothermal is commonly used both for direct heating and cooling and to produce electricity. Geothermal heat pumps, which exchange heat between the earth and a home or business, are useful in most areas of the West and are not dependent on the same type of resources as large scale geothermal electricity production.
Global NevadaCorp delivers passionate experts and project management services to support our clients and their people perform to maximum potential as well as efficient.

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