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Inspections, cleaning, and repairs are done daily in order to make sure each of these facilities works properly. Our sewerage system plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and pleasant living environment and in the makeup of a healthy water circulation system. Anoxic tank The water from the aerobic tank containing nitrogen combined with oxygen is fed back to the water from the anaerobic tank. Aerobic tank By blowing sufficient oxygen, the organic substance gets decomposed by microorganisms while nitrogen is combined with oxygen. Access8-minute walk from Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station on Yurikamome Line (Tokyo Waterfront New Transit).
13-minute walk from Tokyo-Teleport Station on Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit (Rinkai Line).
3-minute walk after getting off the Metropolitan bus to "Tokyo Big Sight" or "Tokyo Teleport" at "Ariake 1 chome" from Monzennakachou station on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line or Toyosu station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. There is a facility to enjoy the experience of learning about the sewerage system, its roles, and the importance of water environment.
Animation and video are used to allow people to experience the sewer system and wastewater treatment system in a fun way that would not be normally possible.

The Bureau of Sewerage does not rely on businesses to repair or clean drainage facilities in housing. Facility tours of water reclamation centers are available except weekends, holidays, and the New Year's season.
New buildings are being fitted with rainwater harvesting systems and we manage the UK’s largest energy and water metering programme, with over 800 buildings being monitored. It is therefore unhygienic and dirty; containing dissolved and suspended particles of sewage and surface matter.
The bigger ones like paper, bottles and plastics go first, then the lesser ones such as silt. Some of it( the sludge) is squeezed to expel the excess water it hold while the remaining is reused. BOD describes the amount of oxygen required by microorganisms to eat organic material in water, and COD describes the amount of oxygen required by oxidizer to decompose organic material in water. In addition to cleaning water that is dirtied by use in the daily lives and activities of Tokyo residents and returning that water to the rivers and sea, the system also speedily removes rainwater from land surface of cities. We also recycle treated water and sludge, and utilize unused energy, as we work to build a recycling city.

Hence, we are adopting an advanced wastewater treatment called A2O method (anaerobic-anoxic-oxic process) in order to remove larger amount of nitrogen and phosphorus. Due to the lack of oxygen, the microorganisms in the activated sludge discharge the phosphorus that they have stored within themselves into the water. The microorganisms then take in the oxygen combined with the nitrogen and start breathing, while the nitrogen deprived of the oxygen gets released in the form of gas.
Further, the microorganisms absorb more phosphorus than is released from the anaerobic tank.
It is therefore crucial for a wastewater treatment process to be undertaken before consumption. The quality levels of discharged water are specified in terms of BOD for rivers and COD for seas.

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