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The second filter is a 1 micron filter to remove fine sediment, chemicals, rust, algae, pollen, as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts. As the plumbing in houses is highly variable, the DIY kit may not include all the fittings that are needed to connect the system into your existing plumbing. DOMESTIC, CORPORATE, OFFICE, COMMERCIAL UNITS: Boiling and Chilled Water Systems, Boiling and Ambient temperature water, Chilled Water only, Boiling Water only, designed for easy under bench installation. INSTANT BOILING WATER: With the innovative Billi electronic temperature monitoring functions, your hot water will be delivered as close to boiling point as possible You will never experience temperature drop off even during high use periodes. WATER PERFECTLY CHILLED: Enjoy the convenience of being able to vary your water temperature to suit your taste and the seasons.
SAVE ON SPACE: With a focus on space saving, the compact Billi Home under bench systems have been designed to simply integrate into any storage module design. NO VENTILATION REQUIRED: Because they generate far less heat than other systems, Billi Water Systems do not require cupboard ventilation or an external cooling fan.
DOMESTIC MODELS: Fitting in the most compact cupboard and affordable for all, these two systems have become the modern home and office dream. Touch dispenser option: The touch dispenser is an innovative, contemporary tap, with no levers to interfere with the clean, sophisticated style. Integrated font option: The new integrated flush mount font is the perfect addition to the new tap creating the ultimate in modern, clean styling. Colour options: Dispenser tap options are available in bright chrome, brushed chrome, black chrome and matte black. FUNCTIONAL STYLE: You will find the elegantly styled and ergonomically designed Billi dispesers a pleasure to use. DISABILITY CONCIOUS DESIGN: Designed for all users, the dispensers lever operations meet Australian Standards relating to access for people with disability.
High-tech filtration system: Certified by global public safety agency NSF International, Billi premium sub-micron filters ensure that all health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are safely removed, leaving you with filtered boiling and refreshingly cold drinking water, every time.

With a focus on space saving, Billi under bench systems are often less than half the size of comparative products, allowing you to make the most of available space. Automatic boiling water calibration: Because boiling point varies by altitude, Billi systems identify the boiling point during the start up mode and sets the temperature accordingly to ensure your boiling water is close to boiling point as possible. Tap swivel feature: A unique swivel action allows you to swing the dispenser out of the way if you need more sink space.
Drinking Water Coolers for home and office use featuring exceptional space efficiency and elegant functional style for user convenience. Billi Range of Wall Mounted Drinking Water Boilers incorporate robust design and proven technology. Designed for the modern home and office, PURO4000C is highly effective in removing virtually all contaminants including heavy metals, fluoride, all types of chemicals, cysts, bacteria, viruses, bad taste and microorganisms. When installed with one of our Billi, you have a chilled and boiling drinking water system which is the envy of everyone. One micron is one thousandth of a millimetre and can filter out many bacteria and protozoa like Giardia that are reasonably resistant to chlorine disinfection. The image below shows a Sediment filter after 12 months use on urban town supply in Bethlehem, Tauranga, New Zealand. The 'Ionizer' extends the life and performance of most cleaning agents including soaps, shampoos and detergents. Enjoy instant boiling and cold filtered drinking water from a stylish Billi boiling and chilled water tap. Less than half the size of other units on the market, it fits easily within a standard cupboard compartment and allows you to make the most of the available space.
Instead, its design incorporates a unique cooling system that further enhances energy efficiency and removes the need of cabinet alterations.
With their undersink boiling and chilled water reserves, Billi is ideal for kitchens, office lunchrooms or recreation areas.

With its heat insulated body and concealed child-proof safety switch, you can be sure of a high level of user protection. Green building design principles are incorporated into the Billi Alpine 125 XL providing you with chilled and ambient temperature water from the same stylish tap. Enjoy the convenience of being able to vary your chilled water temperature to suit your taste and the seasons.
KDF also extends the life of the carbon filter by greater than 300%, making our filter a very economic choice over a standard carbon filter. Compounds in water that normally would produce scale in pipes and appliances are altered so they no longer form scale. Billi Splash Free boiling water delivery means that flow is electronically varied, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters your cup. A swivel action allows you to swing the dispenser out of the way if you need more sink space. Simply press the switch to release the lock and depress or raise the red lever to dispense boiling water. The ionizer will also slowly reduce existing lime scale deposits within the pipes and fittings.
Billi Eco & Quadra have the smallest carbon footprint, the smallest hot and cold drinking water systems available.

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