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Your bottles would stand ready to help my neighbors in case of disaster, and serve my family on camping trips. I would use the HYDROS bottle to motivate myself to drink water instead of those cute glass soda bottles I have been reaching for as of late. I have had to stop drinking anything but water recently because of a bladder problem I have. I would love a hydroswater bottle, Iam currently trying to lose wieght and one of my goals is to drink more water. I drink a lot of water but currently use bottled water, it would be great to use tap water and cut down on the amount of water bottles my family and I use.
I travel a lot and do a lot of hiking and having a filtering system on a bottle bottle would certainly reduce weight I’m carrying and also the number of plastic bottles to recycle. Being a diabetic I must drink water having a HYDROS bottle would be more inexpensive than buying cases of water. I would really like to win the water bottles,live in the country and drink alot of water on my daily walks or gardening. I am in very desperate need of a water bottle such as this, as I am always on the go all day!! I have had health problems my whole life I broke my neck and back and just recently had another back surgury I have to take alot of medicine which requires me to drink alot of water and I can afford spring water so I have to boil my own. When access to clean and safe drinking water is not going to be a reliable option when traveling, camping, hiking, hunting, or just surviving, then bring along one of these cool new LifeStraws.

Silica sand filter also known as water mechanical filter, is a kind of water filtration equipment.
At Alpha Water our range of bottled water coolers offer a stylish way to dispense our quality spring water in either home or business environments. Attractive, elegant & upmarket - will match the decor of any home office boardroom and reception area.
Attractive, elegant & upmarket - will match the decor of any home office boardroom and reception area.
This newly-enhanced bottle is the one and only bottle on the market that features a twist and turn spout that filters on entry.
I carry store bought water bottles and refill them often, it would be comforting to know the water will be clean.
I know how important water is to overall health including younger looking skin and who doesn’t want that? I am a new mom, and think the HYDROS bottle would be great to throw in the diaper bag, or keep nearby wherever I happen to be. The design is slim and I can walk each day with my new water bottle and feel so much better. These innovative personal water filters are shaped and used like a regular straw to suck up and effectively filter up to 1000 L of dirty, contaminated water.
It is mainly used to remove granular impurities, suspended solids, colloids and other substances in water. Features the easy convenience of two different temperature taps: one for room temperature water (also useful for cooking) and one chilled for cold drinking water.

Features the easy convenience of two different temperature taps: one hot for making coffee, tea or soup, and one chilled for cold drinking water.
Hydros bottles can also aid in the reduction of the 60 million plastic bottles that end up in landfills every day.
I bought 1 case of bottled water, but being on a fixed income, I can’t do this often. Privacy Policy5685 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.
If I had a Hydros bottle, I could take it with me anytime I left home to make sure I had good drinking water at all times.
It contains no chemicals, no batteries, no BPA, and no moving parts to wear out and has a 5 year shelf life. A great lightweight and relatively inexpensive solution to have around when you just can't trust the water. The filtering material granularity and height should be in conformity with relevant technical requirements.

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