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Sponge filters are a cheap and simple to make biological and mechanical filter, perfect for fish tanks, temporary setups and quarantine tanks for new fish. They are also cheap to run, and a low wattage air pump can provide filtration for several tanks simultaneously. As with all aquarium filters, the tank needs to be properly "cycled" (which can take several weeks) before there are enough bacteria on the sponges to effectively maintain the tank water. For larger tanks, two sponges can be fastened together with cable ties, and the airline tube sandwiched in the middle (as in the picture). Any pool owner knows that it is important to keep one’s pool clean in order to keep it looking good, as well as to make sure that swimmers have a pleasant experience when using it. Cartridge filters are tube-shaped cartridges that are housed in a sturdy metal or fiberglass tank. When trying to select the type of filter that is right for your swimming pool and your specific needs, make sure to enlist the help of your professional pool equipment and maintenance company, Sterling Pool Service. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. Below is my furnace and I need to change the filter however I am unsure which way is the airflow direction. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged hvac furnace or ask your own question. 3Why is my furnace blowing cold air?1Massive reduction in air flow in furnance with air filters3What would cause a furnace to shut off prematurely? In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase?
Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Blagdon Minipond also comes with the option to run a filter, waterfall or water feature using the second outlet.
The set up of both the Minipond and Midipond pumps is very similar; however they both have slightly different parts included.
Setting up your Blagdon Midipond to be used to run a filter box, waterfall or water feature. 1.Attach either the 25mm, 20mm or 12mm hosetails to the outlet (depending on what size your hose is). If you do not require the fountain and you wish to only use your Midipond pump to run a filter, waterfall or a feature then you can attach the 25mm, 20mm or 12mm hosetail straight into the top of the pump. Maintenance on your Blagdon Minipond and Midipond is simple and once you have got the hang of things it shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes.

Sometimes the impeller (the motor inside your pump which rotates and pushes water through the pond pump) can become clogged with bits of dirt and silt taken from the bottom of your pond. Should you encounter any problems with your Blagdon Minipond or Midipond pump, there is a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee valid from your date of purchase.
Receive exclusive offers and discounts directly to your inbox when you sign-up to our newsletter! For small tanks, simply bore a hole into the sponge, put the end of the airline tubing inside and hook it up to an airpump. By attaching an airstone to the end of the airline silicone tubing inside the sponge, you will create finer bubbles which improves oxygen diffusion into the water. To make this happen, one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you will need to keep your swimming pool sparkling is a good filter.
With the help of a pump, water from your pool is drawn into the tank and passed through the cartridges in order to catch impurities and contaminants in the water such as sediments, soil, and other types of dirt. Having provided top-quality equipment and services to residents and businesses in Dallas and Plano, TX for more than 26 years, we can guarantee that we can help you make the process as hassle-free as possible.
Sterling Pool Service's helpful and friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your inquiries.
Just like the Minipond, you can use your Blagdon Midipond to run a fountain,waterfall or water feature at the same time  as using it to run a fountain. To use your pump to its maximum capacity we always recommend using the largest size hose possible. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up both the Minipond and Midipond.Below are the set up instructions for the Blagdon Minipond. The guarantee covers any manufacturing faults but it does not cover accidental damage or lack of maintenance, so it is important that you clean your pump cage at least once a month and your impeller annually to avoid any faults. Air from the airpump will bubble up from the middle of the sponge, creating a current and drawing in waste, whilst providing healthy filter bacteria with the oxygen they need.
Make sure to also inquire about our FREE weekly service agreement and FREE pool renovation offers!
This is essentially the same as the Midipond pumps but just a smaller model which makes it ideal for a smaller pond. If it’s the Blagdon Midipond you would like to know more about, scroll a bit further down the page. We always recommend you use the largest hose size possible, so if your filter, waterfall or feature will accept a 25mm hose this would be the one to use. The Midipond comes with two flow control functions, one for your fountain and another to control the flow to your filter, waterfall or water feature.
If you are only using your Minipond as a fountain pump there should be a green blanking cap on each of the two outlets either side of this.

If you require any spare parts for your Blagdon Minipond or Midipond pump, there is a full list of the parts and part numbers in your instruction manual.
If you wish to slow the flow of your fountain down, you can remove the blanking cap from the top outlet. Remove the pump from the pond by grabbing the cage or fountain stem, do not lift the pump out of the pond by the electrical cable3.
The cage surrounding both of these pond pumps has a higher surface area than old fashioned pumps due to its modern design. Remove the front of the cage by pressing the button on the top of the cage, and pulling it apart.4.
This means that there are more holes across the cage for bits of dirt and debris to pass through, so your fountain pump will get clogged up less frequently and require less cleaning. If you need your fountain to be even higher you can then screw the 20cm extension pipe into the top of this. If you are using a Daisy fountain head and have the pre-filter foam in your filter, this needs to be washed thoroughly. Both the Blagdon Minipond and Midipond also come with a pre-filter foam, which will help to avoid your fountain head becoming clogged up with bits of dirt and debris.
Most good backpacks have extra fabric loops or daisy chains on their exterior for this purpose.
All the fountain heads screw straight on to the telescopic extension, apart from the Foam Jet.
It’s a good idea to try and raise your pump off the bottom of the pond to help avoid silt and sludge from the bottom of the pond being pulled through the cage and clogging up your pond pump. Mini-biners are also very useful for everything from attaching a underquilt insulation system to a hammock or clipping frequently used items to the outside of your pack, like a multi-tool or Inca pen.
I prefer using mini-wire-gate carabiners for this purpose because I find them more durable, though any mini-biner will do.Plumbers TapePlumbers tape is great for creating a tight seal around a hydration reservoir capIf you use a Platypus hydration reservoir with a screw-on water filter, like the Sawyer Mini, it can be difficult to get a tight-fitting seal between the two. Most backpack makers use the same buckles across all of the backpacks in their product lines, so if you own multiple packs from the same company, be sure to harvest the used buckles to replace ones you might break in the future.I also collect webbing straps from old backpacks when they bite the dust because they can be used to add external attachment points to a pack or replace a sternum strap.
No backpack is perfect for all conditions, but it can be bent to your will if you have extra buckles and webbing straps lying around to extend its capabilities.Tri-GlidesTri-glides are good for attaching items such as pockets with straps to backpack daisy chains to form a strap-to-strap connectionTri-glides are great for attaching pockets or accessories with a vertical webbing strap to vertical daisy chains on backpacks to form a strap-to-strap connection. While not expensive, but I mainly harvest mine from old backpacks and shelters that have bitten the dust.Seam Sealer, Zipper Lube, Mirazyme, and ShoegooSeam Sealer, Zipper Lube, Mirazyme, and ShoegooI use a variety of potions and lotions to waterproof tent seams. I use it for deodorizing train runners and wet suits, and eliminating mildew on backpacks and shelters.

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