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I bought this when setting up my 75 gallon tank, when my older whisper models finally crapped out. I have the 80 on my over populated 10 gallon and only clean this system once a month and no problems.I have had several different sizes and types of filters over my 28 yrs of my aqua hobby and for the price and ease of use this is an exceptional addition to your freshwater aquarium.
This is a three process filtration system that keeps it simple and will NOT take up a lot of time or money to keep it running properly.
Water Treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use.
Formally, reverse osmosis is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a semipermeable membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure. Demineralization – Deionized water also known as demineralized water is water that has had its mineral ions removed. Water Softening – When water contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, it is called hard water. Filtration –The process of filtration involves the flow of water through a granular bed, of sand or another suitable media, at a low speed. Desalination – Water desalination is the process of removing salt and minerals from seawater or brackish water.
Reverse osmosis is a process of water desalination that pushes water through a membrane while trapping salt and unwanted minerals. Effluent Treatment –The Effluent treatment plant is designed to treat the effluent coming from different areas of the plant.
Sewage treatment, or domestic wastewater treatment - is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic. Sewage Treatment Plant, or domestic wastewater treatment, is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both runoff (effluents) and domestic.
Membrane Bioreactor - Bioreactors are reactors that convert or produce materials using functions naturally endowed to living creatures. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems essentially consists of combination of membrane and biological reactor systems. Ultrapure Water - Ultra pure water is mainly used in the semi conductor and pharmaceutical industry.
WelcomeThis site is aimed at providing technical resources and information to assist Appropriate Technology (AT) specialists working in the following areas: drinking water supply, sanitation, electrical supply, construction, fuel-efficient cooking stoves and environmental education. Our MissionITACA understands AT as technologies that are easy to construct and maintain, low cost, using local resources as far as possible, simple to replicate and adapt to different contexts, and both environmentally and economically sustainable in the long-term. BienvenidoEste sitio esta dirigido a proporcionar los recursos tecnicos e informacion para ayudar a la Tecnologia Apropiada (AT) especialistas que trabajan en las areas siguientes: abastecimiento de agua potable, saneamiento, suministro electrico, construccion, bajo consumo de combustible de cocinas y educacion ambiental.
With a one valve system, all you need to do is close the valve so it appears perpendicular to the cold water line.
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Did you know that some areas within the City of Playford do not have access to mains sewerage?
Those who live on rural allotments, or within the townships of Angle Vale, One Tree Hill and Virginia (except the subdivision “Virginia Grove - The Green” which is serviced by SA Water sewerage infrastructure), must rely on an on-site wastewater system to treat and dispose of their wastewater.
If you own, or are looking to buy a property with an on-site wastewater system, understanding the type of system and the correct operation and maintenance requirements associated with it is critically important. That'd mean if you got a load of bad fuel, say contaminated with water, you'd have to have the tank dropped just to change the fuel filter?
I haven't looked at a CRV but most newer cars don't have a fuel filter as what use to be used. I was wondering the same thing and looking at my manual it shows as it is shown on the picture above.
The self-priming intake tube has a built-in extendable stem to allow placement of the intake strainer close to the bottom of most aquariums.
I have had the cascade300 on my 75 gallon tank for 7 months and I am happy with my water quality.

These can include use as drinking water, industrial processes, medical and many other uses. When two liquids of different concentration are separated by a semi permeable membrane, the fluid has a tendency to move from low to high solute concentrations for chemical potential equilibrium. Mineral ions such as cations of sodium, calcium, iron, copper, etc and anions such as chloride, sulphate, nitrate, etc are common ions present in water. Hard water is known to clog pipes and to complicate soap and detergent dissolving in water. This carbon is compressed into a solid block form, as opposed to the more loosely structured, granular, sand filters. Effluent Treatment Plants or ETPs are to purify water and remove any toxic and noneffluent-treatment-plant toxic materials or chemicals from it. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.
The task of designing and constructing facilities for treating wastewaters falls to environmental engineers. Reactors using immobilized enzymes, microorganisms, animal, or plant cells and those applying new methodologies such as genetic manipulation or cell fusion are typical bioreactors. These systems are the emerging technologies, currently developed for a variety of advanced wastewater treatment processes.
Because of the continuing miniaturilisation in the semi conductor industry, the specifications become more strict every year. We see AT as a tool to address the inequalities and injustices faced by millions of communities around the world who lack access to the basic resources required for a dignified life.
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Misuse of an on-site wastewater system can result in potential health risks, additional costs and inconvenience, and possible enforcement action by Council.
The goal of all water treatment process is to remove existing contaminants in the water, or reduce the concentration of such contaminants so the water becomes fit for its desired end-use. Deionization is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins which provides ion exchange site for the replacement of the mineral salts in water with water forming H+ and OH- ions. Water softening is a technique that serves the removal of the ions that cause the water to be hard, in most cases calcium and magnesium ions.
This type of slow filtration over a granular bed is generally known as slow sand filtration. Such filters often include other media substances, in addition to the compressed, solid carbon.
Bringing salt water to a boil causes the water to vaporize while leaving the salt behind.
Organic wastes, suspended solids, bacteria, nitrates, and phosphates are pollutants that commonly must be removed. They employ a variety of engineered and natural systems to get the job done, using physical, chemical, biological, and sludge treatment methods.
Bioreactors differ from conventional reactors as living organisms present in the reactors operate under milder conditions of temperature and pressure. The QUAD filtration consists of a first stage mechanical polyfilter pad with a built in second stage of activated carbon for chemical filtration to remove toxins, odors and discolorations. Utility value of world’s freshwater resources like lakes and rivers are diminishing rapidly due to over exploitation & pollution. One such use is returning water that has been used back into the natural environment without adverse ecological impact. It is the oldest method of filtration but still widely used in municipal water treatment plants & for industrial application as well. An ETP plant is a plant where the treatment of industrial effluents and waste water is done. Its objective is to produce a waste stream (or treated effluent) and a solid waste or sludge suitable for discharge or reuse back into the environment. The ranges of operating conditions within bioreactors are usually determined by the biocatalyst (organism) and are usually small.

I was also surprised to see that the cartridges have zeolite as well as carbon in them to really get proper chemical filtration at no extra cost!
The best way to soften water is to use a water softener unit and connect it directly to the water supply. The demineralised water is then processed through a high performance Mixed Bed or by Electrodeionisation to produce Ultrapure water. They don’t put their awning away in a heavy wind, only to find it in the next campsite. The last stage is a unique Bio-Falls system placed in the water return spout to provide additional surface area for the nitrifying bacteria of the bio-filtration.
The objective of Water Treatment is to produce safe and potable drinking water and other industrial applications.
A water softener is a unit that is used to soften water, by removing the minerals that cause the water to be hard with the mode of Ion Exchange process.
Physically, they perform the same function as slow sand filters, blocking the passage of unwanted materials with molecular structures that are larger than water. The ETP plants are used widely in more or less all type of process  industries to reduce  BOD, COD, suspended solids & other contaminants  from waste water. Features a leveling devise attachment to properly position the aquarium filter and keep it stable on your aquarium.The Cascade 80 does not include a lid or the Bio-Falls Filtration System.
Have a few towels handy in case of dribbles, and disconnect the water pump from the fresh water tank on the water pump side. Screw in the temporary bypass to the pump side, then put the other end into a jug of RV antifreeze. A $10 plumbing line could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace because it’s so difficult to access the line to change it. Make sure it’s non-toxic RV plumbing antifreeze, which is specifically designed for a plumbing system. Make sure the outside drain plug and all water taps are closed, and then turn on the water pump. Run the hot and cold in the bathroom sink, then run the hot and cold in the tub, and make sure you run the shower head until you see antifreeze. If you have an outside shower or taps make sure you run them on the hot and cold side until you see antifreeze.
Step 5: Fill check-valve line The check-valve line is where you hook up your RV to city water.
First, you must alleviate pressure by opening up the hot tap in the kitchen or the relief valve on the water heater itself – otherwise the plug will shoot out at you like a rocket! First of all, it’s very important to make sure your water pump is in the off position. Push in on the check valve inside (some water will spurt out), and hold it down until you see some antifreeze trickle back down that line. If your RV has a washing machine or an icemaker, you’ll have to winterize those items too. A lot of people forget to connect it back up, then hook up their water in the spring and flood their floor, causing water damage and a huge headache.
Plus, if you accidentally circulate antifreeze into your hot water heater, you’ll need up to 8 to 12 gallons of antifreeze, which is completely unnecessary.
If that sounds complicated, bring it in for winterizing If those steps were easy and straight-forward, then great! Most units have this bypass already installed – usually a one, two, or three bypass valve system.
If they sounded complicated, then remember that you can always bring your RV into our Service Department where we offer a complete winterizing package.

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