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A wide range of industries, manufacturers and institutions rely on a steady and reliable source of pure water for daily operations. A Pentair Industrial AquaLine Cartridge and its Pentair Industrial AquaLine Cartridge Housings can be found in industries as diverse as health care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, oil refineries and recovery operations, chemical production plants and water desalination sites. Pentair Industrial offers a full line of components and equipment to handle the unique challenges presented by each industry segment. Whether a new facility is being designed or an existing facility is being renovated, prospective customers may be uncertain about the specific components they will need for the best and longest-lasting performance. The right Pentair Industrial AquaLine Cartridge and its complementary Pentair Industrial AquaLine Cartridge Housings are chosen based on the particular industrial requirements. Aqualine products are specifically designed for processes requiring the use of potable water.
Pentair Industrial Aqualine systems are easily maintained by replacing filter cartridges regularly. Because they are fabricated from durable high-quality materials, both filter cartridges and their housings withstand handling during maintenance procedures and still perform as required.
See our selection of Pentair Industrial AquaLine Products and contact Filter Pure Systems today to discuss your specific needs at 800-942-7873. These filters are excellent at stopping bio film from coating the filter which coats lesser quality filter cartridges and causes flow reduction and bacteria to grow in the filter cartridge.
The CWF-CVM-BC10Z filters will replace many part numbers, Raindance, Cuno, CC1-10-C , BC10Z filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings. 5″ Doulton Super Sterasyl Candle will fit most water filters using a ceramic candle filter.
Please enter the characters displayed in the box below:CommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our proprietary carbon water filter removes chlorine, trihalomethanes (a result of chlorination that is assisted with cancer), organic chemicals and unpleasant odours or tastes.

I set up this pump on a 12x24 Intex pool-8,400 gallons and it only runs for 3.16 hrs a day to filter the entire volume of the pool.
User friendly and absolutely the greatest addition to my daily summer activities between working 12 hr shifts in an emergency room and busy home life.
Truly I can relax without the strain of preparations for a couple hours in my pool every time I want to relax or just have my family over for an afternoon swim. I LIKE THIS SAND FILTER IT IS WORKING OUT GREAT AND YES I WOULD BUY ANOTHER IF WE NEEDED ONE.
The pump is working great only had it running for two days and the water is crystal clear.i wish i would have started out with this one instead of the one that came with the pool. We work hard to make sure that every order placed Monday - Friday leaves our warehouse the same day, if ordered before 5pm EST. Your order typically leaves our warehouse within one business day and then takes an additional one to five business days to arrive at your doorstep.
They rely on Pentair Industrial AquaLine’s products for quality and reliability when a constant supply of pristine filtered water is a major component of their own products and services. Because of this diversity of uses, Pentair Industrial Aqualine products are suitable when purity of product counts in any environment from a hospital to a desalinization plant in an arid region. Moreover, the company maintains an adequate supply of repair and replacement parts to address regular maintenance needs as well as emergency situations. Filter Pure Systems personnel are happy to discuss the specific needs of their customers, making the selection of the appropriate AquaLine equipment.
Customers can select from cartridges made of stainless steel or high-strength plastics or ones with integrated strainer baskets. The materials used do not impart any contamination that would affect the quality and taste of water used in producing food products or pharmaceutical preparations such as bottled water or sterile saline solution. The filter cartridges are simple to replace, making routine schedule maintenance quick and affordable.

Removes Cysts, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Chlorine, Chemicals, Trihalomethanes, Dirt, Rust, Bad Taste & Odours for clean, safe and healthy great tasting drinking water. Carbon filter will also adjust the PH of the water to a mild alkaline which helps to restore the PH balance of bodily fluids. I finally upgraded from the paper filter saltwater system, it was so worth the extra money.
Once in operation it is automatic (which is really nice) and does a perfect job of keeping your pool water clear.
All products provide excellent filtration which removes sediment, makes sterilization easier and improves the taste of potable water. Filters and attendant repair parts are always in stock to eliminate inconvenience and costly delays. Also make sure you've cleaned or replaced filter cartridges as recommended in the Owners Manual.Can we use the pool while the 2650 Sand and Saltwater Pump is operating?
The factory cover approximate 30,000 square meters and have 200 employees with well-trained & rich experienced.
Water is sanitized as it's filtered through the Saltwater System where the two stage process generates low, but effective levels of chlorine and copper ions that destroy pool bacteria and algae. Our products, britta water filter, britta water filters are produced by automatic assembling line and controlled by strict QC system. Welcome to close to Yinyue, all staff of company believes that we can supply you not only all various products but also good solution.

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