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When we finished installing this wrap and parked the chrome corvette out front, every person who passed by stopped to take a photo and get a closer look! The material used for this gold chrome corvette wrap was Avery Dennison Conform Chrome in Gold Supreme. With the advances in vehicle wrap technology and creative graphics teams the possibilities of what can be done with a vehicle wrap remains endless. FHM’s Mini Cooper design is a great example of being unique and using the vehicle as a canvas. The Lotus Elise Tiger is a beautiful concept of using the yellow and white two tone as well as the stripes to create the look and feel of a real tiger. Taking patterned designs to the next level, this Lamborghini Aventador shows how you can be exotic and unique at the same time. The Epson Bugatti wrap by Skinz Wraps at the previous 2012 SEMA is a stellar example of an advertisement, as well as a luxurious design that paint cannot replicate.
While this may not be the most flashy outgoing design, it is one of the most comical and perfect advertisements on wheels ever made. Now over to the other side of the spectrum, this National Geographic Bus Wrap is truly unique and something to be admired. The infamous Copenhagen Zoo Bus remains still the talk of the wrap world when it comes to creativity.
After doing much research on vehicle wrap installers as far north as Long Island, NY and as far south as Richmond, VA, I ultimately decided the best installer for me was Bobby and the Exotic Vehicle Wraps team.
I was so impressed, I took my WRX there to have the roof wrapped (in and out in a couple hours). I am happy and would recommend this place to anyone looking for *extremely* high quality job. I have a BMW 550i, got my roof wrapped from these guys about 10 months ago, it's held up perfect and the install was flawless. Graphics on your utility truck don’t need to be limited to simple cut vinyl decals or even a partial wrap.
A full graphic vehicle wrap can be designed and applied to any vehicle, from utility trucks to personal sports cars, to boats, airplanes and even hovercraft! Are you interested in a full graphic vehicle wrap for your utility truck or other car in Westminster, the greater Los Angeles area or nationwide?
The Vehicle Wrap Experts at Iconography are proud to have completed this matte black vehicle wrap on a Toyota FJ Cruiser for a customer in Orange County, California. On this new site users are able to use a custom version of our MyStyle platform to design their own cool wraps for different types of vehicles. For wrap shop owners, you may also claim or register your business listing in our Wrap Shop Directory for free, and set up a free profile. The site is in beta status right now meaning it's hot and fresh and might be a little rough around the edges, so let us know what you think.
More exciting features are on the way which can empower wrap shops anywhere to take advantage of our application from their own websites as well, so stay tuned!
One Giant Media is a high-end, boutique web design and solutions agency based in beautiful San Diego, California.

There are several other chrome wrap colors available including silver, gold, blue and black.
Every year new companies and teams continue to raise the bar in creativity which raises the question, “what is the best vehicle wrap?” Firstly, how do you judge what is the best wrap? The design flows very well throughout the vehicle and even onto the spoiler making for a proper professional looking wrap. The matte black pulls together the black and white Godfather character as well as the smoke. The asparagus wrap on the cement truck is perfectly installed and gives a great 3D look and feel. In the wrap world this is an ongoing challenge to show customers what they are missing out on whilst painting their vehicle. Perfectly designed, clean, and innovative style using the doors to open the mouth lands this bus at number 2.
We hope you found this article informative and shows what the future of vehicle wraps can become. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We had a customer that wanted a new Jeep in Orange that is no longer made and couldn't be located in the country. Bobby is a wonderful person to work with and was amazing in helping me come up with a design for my new F-TYPE. This stunning graphic wrap for a utility truck for Live Wire, located in Westminster, CA in Orange County,  is a full wrap, meaning the vinyl graphics fully cover the painted surfaces of the cab and the bed of the truck. PRODUCTION – once the design has been completed and the print files have been built, your project is ready to move to production.
INSTALLATION – once your vehicle wrap material has been printed, laminated and trimmed, it is ready for installation on your vehicle.
Read more here about the details and benefits of a wrap, or give us a call today at 714-527-5424 to speak with one of our matte black vehicle wrap experts.
There are many factors that go into the effectiveness of a wrap such as creativity, eye catching, and no limitations. Let these innovative designs spark your creativity to create your own top 10 vehicle wrap or let our professional graphic team be the ones to design the future! The quality of the EVW facility, the professionalism of Bobby and his staff, and their clear attention to detail let me know this was the right shop to install Xpel clear full frontal coverage and some carbon fiber trim work on my 2016 Cadillac ATS-V.
They also were able to dip the rims in black and had the windows tinted to really finish the look.
What drew me to make the 5+ hour trip from New York was not only the impressive resume EVW demonstrates on their webpage, but the care and patience Bobby demonstrated on our first phone call. This step involves printing your graphics on one of our large format digital printers, and then laminating the prints with a UV laminate film that will protect your prints against minor scratches that could otherwise occur during the installation phase. It is important that your vehicle is clean and free of any prior decal residue, sap, road tar or other items so that your wrap material can be properly installed. We offer top-notch solutions for everything - from small business websites to interactive web applications - at extremely competitive prices.

We have compiled our own top 10 list that we believe to be the best and most creative wraps. A couple days before the date I called to confirm and found there had been an error in scheduling (in the automotive industry it's not uncommon) and the shop was booked. Bobby and the EVW team's passion and attention for detail speaks for its self in their work. The first is the conceptual design – making sure that the design is going to look great because of the elements it combines, such as the correct combination of complementary colors, photos, logos, text and other graphic elements. The UV laminate will also protect your prints from premature fading due to the sun and elements.
Minor dents, dings and scratches should at least be buffed or sanded out so that the vehicle surface is smooth. He took me thru the whole process with patience ( i had a lot of question !) - and he kept updating me with pictures throughout the whole process. I could write another 3 paragraphs about their work but I think a scroll through their pictures says it all. Once a conceptual design is created, it then needs to be build into a workable file that will be used to produce the graphics on large format digital prints that will then correctly fit on the vehicle. There is no need to repaint such areas, but a good primer is recommended, as the adhesive on the back of the vinyl is made to adhere to paints and primers. The same could be said about my interaction with the team, but simply put they are an honest pleasure to work with. This is probably the most challenging part of the job – fitting a 2-dimensional concept onto a 3-dimensional object. This off-gassing is critical to prevent lifting or bubbling of your wrap after installation. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the project and will definitely be bringing another car down soon. We strongly recommend working with a designer who has experience building vehicle wrap layout files.
They did an excellent job keeping it a secret, and even wrapped it in a bow for me when we came to pick it up.
At Iconography, our design team can manage the entire design process for you, whether you need us to create your graphics, or if you will be creating the design in-house.
If you create your own design, we are happy to walk you through the tricks and tips for effective vehicle wrap layouts.
I would absolutely recommend exotic vehicle wraps to anybody looking for a high-quality and professional job.

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