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Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web. La cosecha se realizo en la madrugada para aprovechar temperaturas bajas y maximizar la concentracion de aromas. Cocteles, ceviches, pescado a la talla, tacos de pescado al pastor, empanadas de jaiba, tostadas de cazon, ensaladas, sushi y comida oriental. Nariz: Vino de intensidad aromatica media con notas florales de manzanilla y frutos tropicales como guayaba y pina.
To be considered a dinner wine, the alcohol level should be about 9% to 17% alcohol, with the median being 11% to 12%.

Fortified wines are wine with “fortification” (higher alcohol) added (usually brandy) to raise the alcohol level. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Se despalilla la uva la cual pasa por un enfriador de mosto para bajar su temperatura a 8° C antes del prensado, se fermenta en tanques de acero inoxidable a 15° C para obtener un sabor afrutado, joven y fresco. They also may take on different personalities as they are grown in different soils and in different climates.
Succulent and rich, this first growth Premier Grand Cru offers a textural sensation of red and black fruits, cassis, tobacco and walnut flavors finishing long with coffee and earth notes.

Today most of the “bum wines” are gone, and alcohol levels have been lowered to 13% to 15% but these are not satisfactory food wines. A red, purple or black grape can make white wine by quickly removing the skin of the grape peel from the juice.

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