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The problem I have is that the serial number indicated is C5-000038 and for a SA-01-PS205V but the paperwork I have is for a different VIN Number.
Basically to me it looks like the yellow piece is for the trailer and the blue one for the boat. It is just that the sticker on the trailer is faded and the metal one indicates the following number which does not match any paperwork I have C5-000038.
Chux has free shipping in the continental US on almost everything over $99 with no junk fees like the other guys!
No matter what you drive, you have to be sure that you completely understand what its towing capacity is. If you have a homebuilt trailer or you can’t find the VIN plate on your trailer the best thing to do is have your trailer weighed. If you think you have less than 300 pounds of tongue weight you can use a common bathroom scale. With this set-up, you take the reading off the bathroom scale and triple it to get your tongue weight. If this isn’t practical for you, you can usually take your trailer to your local trailer dealer where he can determine the tongue weight for you. If you still have questions or just want more information you can call us at Chux Trux or if you live in or around the Kansas City area stop in and see us. How I got my start in automotive- My father owned a salvage yard while I was growing up, so I was always surrounded by cars and trucks.

However, Interstate Trailer VIN numbers are usually located on the front roadside of the trailer. Trailer dimensions, weights and measurements will vary due to manufacturing and production changes. I have e-mailes Mastercraft and they have already replied asking for copies of the titles for me to reproduce a sticker or metal one. The thing is that just to the right the serial number states C5-000038, is that a normal type of number for a mastercraft trailer? When you buy from Chux, we’ll beat our biggest competitors advertised prices, even up to 1 year after you bought it from us! In it you will not only find out what the vehicle can tow, but also detailed instructions and limitations and, very often, some good safe towing tips. This is your vehicle’s standard curb weight, plus an estimate of the typical load of passengers, fuel and stuff.
This is the combined weight of your vehicle and the trailer (Not the tongue weight, but the total weight.) This number cannot exceed the GCWR. This is the maximum safe weight of your vehicle and trailer when both are fully loaded with people, fuel, and all your stuff. You can do this at some RV dealers, state highway weigh stations, refuse transfer stations, and commercial truck stops. You can buy special tongue weight scales for about $150, but unless you tow many different trailers with varied loads very often, this probably isn’t necessary.

More weight in front of the axles will increase tongue weight, while moving the load to the rear will reduce it. Too much tongue weight will cause your vehicle to sag at the coupler putting more strain on the vehicle. We have highly trained experts on staff that can help you get the most out your next towing experience.
Exceeding this weight will place stress on your engine, transmission, and brakes beyond what they are designed for. And like the GVWR above; exceeding this weight will place stress on your engine, transmission, and brakes beyond what they are designed for. And just like the other two weight ratings above, exceeding these numbers will damage your vehicle and create dangerous driving conditions. Too much sag could even reduce the weight on the front wheels to the point that the ability to safely steer is reduced.
Not enough tongue weight will cause the trailer to sway and wander and that also creates a dangerous driving condition. We have multiple stores and an online presence that almost no other online retailer can claim.

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