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Fat Man manufactures a complete 1937 – 1940 Chevy Chassis with plenty of Upgrade Options to make your Chevrolet Chassis perform like you want it.
We don’t like to brag, but as an Accredited Manufacturer we can supply these Chassis with a Legal VIN Number and a Statement of Origin to help you Title a complete reproduction car.
Our Frames are built using CNC Mandrel bent rectangular Tubing for more strength and lower cost! If you are using a reproduction body, we are able to supply a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) and 17 digit VIN number which will assist you in getting a proper title from your local DMV. These are the strongest frames on the market which is especially important on Fiberglass cars.

We are a legally listed manufacturer with the Federal Government and our MSO is the same paperwork provided with any new car.
Many states allow you to title the car as the year it most closely resembles, and inspect it as that year. Some others will require you to title it as the year we built the chassis, and typically then inspect it as to the year of the engine used. Fortunately, the general practice is to use the emission specs for the earliest year that engine type was built, that being 1968 for a new crate 350 Chevy. Since there were no emission specs outside of California in 1968, the engine need not meet any emission limits.

There are 50 states with 50 sets of ever changing regulations, so visit your local DMV Enforcement officials to get the local requirements.
It is a violation of Federal law for any one other than the original manufacturer to supply a VIN number or to stamp one on a car. Therefore, you must request this service before your chassis leaves our shop. We cannot supply you a number to stamp on it later and will only supply the paperwork for reproduction bodies.

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