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A number of factors is driving the success of Prosecco, and one of these surely it is that the sparkling wine is now not anymore a wine consumed only in particular occasions to celebrate something, but it is becoming always more a wine consumed on an everyday basis like in France, Germany, north Italy and Catalonia.
Another factor has been the use of the Prosecco in one cocktail famous initially in Veneto, the Aperol Spritz, and now drinked also in Austria, Switzerland and the US. Then the style of Prosecco helped it to have such huge success, in fact it is very different in style from Champagne, because it has low alcohol level (around 11 abv and this helped also the success because the people is looking for lighter wines) , it is less acidic and has softer bubbles (Cooper, 2012). Another reason of this popularity of the Prosecco is also because it is a cheaper alternative to the Champagne and this is fundamental in this period of financial crisis, for example by the end of the 2012  in the UK the sales of Champagne will be a  third less from the beginning of the recession, but the sales of Prosecco and Cava will be 50% more. From the 1 August 2009  the Prosecco received from the wine authorities the quality assurance label of Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC), meaning that only grapes grown in the regions of the north-east Italy can be utilized to make the Prosecco.
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Ducks, often the hybrid Mulard species that are a cross between a Pekin and a Muscovy duck, are most commonly used to produce foie gras, totalling just over 98% of French production in 2014, while the remainder are usually geese.
Foie gras is served both hot and cold, generally cooked by roasting, grilling and pan-searing, or slow cooking methods as in a terrine, and is typically served with vegetables or other meats. Force feeding of birds for foie gras generally occurs after 63 to 90 days from hatching, and this method of feeding lasts for around 12 to 25 days, when the liver is roughly six to ten times the normal size, after which they are slaughtered.
From around 2500 BC Ancient Egyptians force fed birds to fatten them, similar to the foie gras production process, and the practice eventually spread across Europe, while the earliest known mention of the consumption of fat bird livers is during Roman times. France is the largest producer of foie gras in the world, with a total of 19,300 tonnes (21,275 tons) in 2014, or 72% of the total world production, of roughly 26,600 tonnes (29,321 tons).
Foie gras is very high in fat, cholesterol, vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron and selenium, and has a buttery feel in the mouth, and rich flavour.

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The higher quality assurance label, the DOCG, was given on Conegliano- Valdobbiadene , the area with the highest quality grapes (Cooper, 2012), but at least in this way the future of Prosecco will be protected from attempts of imitating it both within and outside Europe and everyone is producing it in areas that are not DOC or DOCG will have to label their bottles as the name of the grape, Glera (drinksint, 2009). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Without doubt the star of this success had been the Prosecco, an Italian grape variety, renamed Glera in 2009, responsible for a wine of the same name (Robinson J., 2006).

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