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EDIT: And I know how you feel - I searched for weeks to find an early VIN decoder for our '72 Commando before I found that site above.
Muscle cars 1962 to 1972 [archive] - page 6 - high def, [archive] page 6 muscle cars 1962 to 1972 car forum. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Vehicle identification number (vin) plate - dodge, Vehicle identification number (vin) plate 5 = truck with side air bags 5 a = ram pickup 4x2 light duty.
1c6rr7nm3fs579202 - 2015 ram 1500 : decode this vin decoder, The vin 1c6rr7nm3fs579202 decodes to a 2015 ram 1500 decode this offers free classic and modern car and truck vin decoding since 2006. New ram 1500 crew cab inventory - champion dodge, Ram has a huge inventory of new 2017 and 2016 ram 1500 crew cab trucks.
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I feel like a recovering addict that just had a bag of blow, a bottle of Jameson, and a sack dropped in his lap.
I have a frame serial number, but I am not sure if it is a partial number, because I can only find 8 digits. It has a VIN number on the title, but nothing on the Jeep, except for a partial number (8 numbers, from what I can make out) on the rusty frame. I know Jeeps change hands over and over, and being able to simply build your own Jeep is what makes them so great. My Jeep has been redone before, and the VIN plate is missing, along with all the other appropriate stickers and plates.

I tried to decode the VIN number on the title, and the number points to a 6 cylinder CJ5, with a manual trans.
I joined this forum to get answers, and tap into a great resource, and have some fun with fellow Jeep lovers. I tried those online VIN number searches, and they only research back to '81, when the VIN numbers changed to 17 characters, from 13, which what my tile has.

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