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When you want to upgrade your Chevy truck stereo or radio, you can take it to a professional or try to do it yourself. Installing a stereo into your Chevy Silverado is easy to do with our truck audio wiring diagram. Whether you are a professional stereo installer or just trying to upgrade your truck stereo, this wiring guide can help you. There’s two variations of the Silverado from this generation, including the early models from 1999 onward. If you are reinstalling your Chevy Silverado factory stereo, this unit can be found in other used Chevy trucks or vehicles. You will notice the main difference in the C1500 Silverado Stereo Wiring schematic when you try to connect the switched 12 volt wire. If you are installing a single DIN stereo of course, you’ll also need an aftermarket stereo install kit.
To access your truck stereo amplifier, you’ll need to remove the center console to uncover it. The newest Silverado has several different options from Chevy that can complicate your stereo install. If you are looking to install an aftermarket navigation system or even a single DIN stereo with a pop-up face, you will need a install kit as well as new mounting brackets. OBDII trouble code P0340 relates directly with the camshaft position sensor (CPS) in your Scion xB, and today we’ll be showing you how to service your CPS. Before we get into how to service a Scion xB camshaft position sensor, many people ask us what is the camshaft position sensor and where is my camshaft position sensor? This electrified copper wire uses the camshaft machining to accurately pinpoint where the camshaft and crankshaft are in relation to the engine. Crankshaft position sensor (CKP) or Camshaft position sensor (CPS) misaligned or misinstalled. The first step of our how to service a Scion xB camshaft position sensor guide is to locate the CPS sensor on the 1NZFE engine.

The first order of business is to test the wiring section of your Scion CPS, locate your crankshaft positon sensor and unplug it. Now taking your multimeter or voltmeter, measure the terminals of the two pin Scion camshaft position sensor for the correct resistance values.
If your sensor’s resistance values are not within this acceptable range, your camshaft position sensor has failed and will require you to replace it.
If your camshaft position sensor checks out however, there may be a bigger issue at hand that’s causing your P0340 DTC trouble code.
In the diagram above the 1NZFE camshaft position sensor connector wiring is shown as PIN 1 and PIN 2. The ECU for your Scion xB 1NZFE is located behind your glovebox inside the Scion’s cabin.
The part number for this 1NZFE ECU is 89661-52E40, and we’ll be testing from just one of the ECU plugs to diagnose the problems behind your P0340. The plug shown is the E5 ECU plug, and this plug is the one you’ll be most concerned about when it comes to learning how to service a Scion XB Camshaft Position Sensor.
To test the wiring portion of your Scion xB, measure the resistance between the G2+ terminal on the E5 connector and the CPS connector. There should be below 1 ? of resistance on these two wires, signifying that there is no problem with the wiring in your xB. In the uploaded video, one can easily see her well-toned body as she works to strengthen her shoulders and back muscles. Despite the fact that Toyota has discontinued the Scion subbrand, it hasn’t changed how popular the FR-S is. You can use this stereo wiring schematic for any radio install, even for the stock FRS radio.
Although most stereo installs will not require the use of a mounting kit, one can be used to make things easier. You can also upgrade these but for anything larger than the factory speaker, you will need modification to the mounting brackets. The Scion FRS or Toyota 86 comes with an 8″ subwoofer, and depending on the trim of your Scion you may have two. For those DIY stereo installers, our Silverado Stereo Wiring diagram can give you the information you need.
There are several generations of this popular Chevy truck, and today I’ll be showing you the Silverado Stereo Wiring schematic for all years. These are also known as the C1500 or 2500 trucks, and they use a different wiring diagram to install your aftermarket stereo.
This stereo is found in many of the Chevy vehicles in this year range, and even the Corvette. These changes are easy to see and notice, especially when you are installing an aftermarket stereo. We have a How To guide on installing a Sierra stereo here which shares the same stereo removal procedure. You can also opt for a navigation unit from a GMC Acadia or Saturn Outlook, as they share the same stereo connectors.
This unit powers the front speakers as well as the subwoofer if your Silverado came with one. Many of these changes affect your install if you are intending on ditching the factory navigation or infotainment system. The specific OBDII verbiage for this error is Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction, and it can cause problems with your vehicle starting or running. The Toyota camshaft position sensor is no different than any other hall effect style position sensor.

This sensor is located at the end of the intake camshaft, mounted to the side of the cylinder head by a 10mm bolt. You will first begin by testing your camshaft position sensor to see if it’s good by using a multimeter.
You are looking for the operational ranges of 1,630 to 2,740 ? at room temperature, and 2,065 to 3,225 ? if the engine is over 120 degrees F. Removal and replacing the camshaft position sensor is an easy and straightforward process, simply unplug, unbolt and replace. The next part of our how to service a Scion xB camshaft position sensor is testing the camshaft position sensor harness. You are going to be tracing back these wires to your Scion ECU and testing for a short between the connector and ECU. Unplug this ECU connector and refer to the ECU pinout diagram below to test for a break or short in your harness. If your multimeter or voltmeter do not have wire leads long enough, extend either the ECU side of the wires or the engine harness side to make the proper readings. If there is a break or short in your wiring, you will need to replace or cut out the section of damaged wire, try looking for a section of wire that may be exposed or rotting.
Caruso shared the first look of Padukone from the film in which she will be playing the role of huntress named Serena. Whether you are installing an aftermarket Scion FRS stereo, or speakers for your Scion, this Scion FRS stereo wiring guide can help. Upgrading your Scion FRS speakers is easy to do by referencing our Scion FRS stereo wiring guide.
You can take your FRS stereo to the next level by installing an aftermarket FRS amplifier or stereo.
Quickly and easily identify your speaker wires, and what’s needed to wire up your radio. If you are installing a stereo into your Silverado of this generation, you will need to use an install kit like the one shown below. Because this is a double DIN unit, you can get away with just a mounting bracket to make your stereo fit properly.
Today we are working on a 2006 Scion xB with a 1NZFE engine in it, and testing the camshaft position sensor Toyota part number 90919-05024. The Scion camshaft position sensor is a magnetic hall effect sensor that utilizes an iron core which is wrapped with copper wire to generate a current. This CPS signal is then used to control ignition timing, and fuel injection timing to operate the engine. You can clear your check engine light using a scan tool or merely disconnecting your battery. The ECU is mounted there behind the glovebox by 10mm bolts, undo these bolts and slide the ECU out towards you. If this is not a possible fix, then you will need to replace the entire engine harness to resolve your P0340 OBDII Code. Her fans are so sure that Padukone is going to raise the temperatures from her sexy avatar from the feature film. This guide comes in handy whether you are installing a navigation system, MP3 player or even putting the factory stereo back in.

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