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Faster access to vehicle information and make, model, year, trim, dimensions and weight with a simple VIN number scan! The rest of this page contains examples of input and output for most of these types of searches. Look up information on a flight by typing the airline name or code followed by a space and a flight number. Find out about a particular airplane by entering its FAA airplane registration number into Google’s search box. Here's the typical EU to NA ports of call for the weekly car transport vessels run by Wallenius & Wilhelmsen. The Shipping schedules are posted as a PDF at the Wallenius Wilhelmsen website, and changes, but look for the Westbound schedule chart. NOTE: My car never was displayed on this tracking site although Wallenius Wilhelmsen is listed as the logistics carrier, and agent for my ship, operated by ARC. For sailwx, enter the port latitude, and longitude of Bremerhaven, the port BMW usually ships their cars out of. The ship photos in the pop-up window on MarineTraffic show the Integrity as green, not blue - the ship was repainted blue in 2008.
Final Destination, VPC New Jersey Port, shown below is the Northern NEAT (North East Auto Terminal) dock. Here's another shorter guide which provides some summaries of the entire process and each step to order and delivery tracking. We?ve been talking a lot about this for weeks, so I thought I would summarize all this information for folks that are still waiting on their cars and those that are new to M3POST. Once you place your order and give your dealer a deposit, they can then put your configuration into the ordering system and it will give you a production number. As soon as your dealer gives you your production number, it shows up in OC as ?On Order.? You should also get a Production Week Number when your car will be produced.

Approximately three days prior to your car going into production, OC will reach this stage. Your car gets loaded onto a train and is then driven to Bremerhaven, where it is unloaded and then has to wait for a ship.
As soon as your status changes to ?In Transit? on the 800 number, or to ?En Route? on the OC, check the shipping company?s website (Schedules) to figure out what ship your car is on. Depending on how much time has lapsed between your ship docking and your car getting off the ship, it may take a while to show up at the Vehicle Preparation Center. Once your car reaches your dealer, they have to PDI your vehicle, which basically means remove shipping blocks, remove the plastic on the inside, check the vehicle from top to bottom, add any dealer installed options (CD Changer, Tint, Aluminum Pedals etc.) and finally, call you up to come pick up your new baby. If you have any doubts or questions, remember, your dealer has a system that can tell you exactly where your car is, so always defer to your dealer for more information. If you are going crazy over the location of the ship that is carrying your beloved BMW, let me offer you the benefit of my pre-occupation with tracking my E92. Once you have determined the name of your ship there are various websites that offer you the ability to track your vessel.
There is another AIS website, but I will not mention that now for specific reasons which I will explain later. After your ship leaves the North Sea on her way to the Atlantic Ocean, she passes through the English Channel. This is a free site, information is usually updated 2 hours after a ship reports their position and registration is not required. If your ship does not participate, figure that it takes 6-7 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean until you can resume tracking with the following website.
There also seems to be a lag in the time you first register and when you get your sign-in information. Recognizing what country your vehicle was manufactured at is an important piece of knowledge.

To determine where the subject vehicle originates from, check the first digit of the seventeen character VIN. These numbers and letters are the manufacturer identification and tell you where the vehicle was built. The Second Character will tell you the manufacturer while the Third Character identifies the kind of vehicle or the company’s manufacturing division. In the end, the best bet for understanding various components of a used vehicle’s VIN, is to go to a search engine and type in Understanding BMW VIN. The destination listed on your ships itinerary will likely be the next port, and not your cars final destination. It verifies the previous 8 characters based on a mathematical computation developed by the U.S. Once on a ship, BMW status on their website will no longer provide a detailed update, but you can still continue to track the vehicle.
With GM, for example, the restraint info is in the 7th character position, while BMW has the code in its 8th character position.
Some of the more common countries are: Japan (J), Italy (Z), Germany (W) and Great Britain (S).
The system are repeats itself every 30 years probably assuming most people could tell the difference between a 1980 and 2010 model.

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