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The Lincoln City Council met Monday night to decide whether to put a storm water bond issue on the May 10th ballot.
Lincoln’s fiber optics infrastructure manager, David Young, told the City Council during a recent presentation that the system would lower the number of vehicles on city streets, reducing the need to widen some roadways.
It’s been just over two months since an 18-year-old Iowa State University student was hit and killed on Lincoln Way in Ames. Meet the presidential candidates in election 2016 – lesson, About the author: lisa prososki is an independent educational consultant and instructional design specialist. Constitution day lesson plan - pbs newshour extra, Give students the experience of building their own classroom government using this constitution day lesson plan.. Eight steps to writing a perfect lesson plan, Whether you're working on your teaching credential or being reviewed by an administrator or evaluator, you will often need to write out a lesson plan. Ks2 lesson plan: rights and responsibilities by, Lesson plan which aims to help children explore their rights and responsibilities and also to consider what is right and what is wrong.

Lesson plan: separation of powers and the power grab game, Armed with your copy of the constitution and your own knowledge of the power of your branch, you will race against the other branches to locate where a breach.
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It was a 9.8 million dollar storm water bond that was aimed at controlling flooding in some areas of town.
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