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View DetailsUp for auction is a NOS Fulton Sun Visor Dog Bone Bracketin excellent condition. 7 watchingNew complete replacement pair of center fulton sun visor mounting brackets !bracketsare a new copy of the original center type ofbracketthat was used on fulton exteriorsun visor ! Improve customer satisfaction and generate additional work with your custom printed multi-point inspection form. This publication provides alternate methods for symbolizing certain parts and should be consulted when a symbol is not clearly understood.

Figure 5-15 shows the electrical symbols used in the reference drawings of gun mounts currently in service.
For example, SIH1 is an interlock switch (SI) used in the left upper hoist(H) and the number 1 distinguishes this particular switch from all other switches in the hoist. For example, a relay is designated with a number followed by the letter K, followed by another number (1K1, 2K1, and soon).
Table 5-1 is a partial listing of first- and second-group designation used on the Mk 45 gun mount.

The third letter identifies the major equipment assembly within which the component is located.

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