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After Hurricane Sandy swept through parts of the United States in October 2012, it left a trail of devastation behind. Insurers have gathered up these cars, hoping to recover some of the billions of dollars in losses caused after Sandy. Some of the imported cars that are sent for interior and exterior wash here locally usually have sticker markings or chalk writings that state the car was damaged in flood, collisions or any other incident before the job is carried out.
New rule just implemented: Government will not allow used cars from unauthorized dealers for registration.
The car fax cost around 10$ on the internet and it has all the previous history of the car and will show if the car was hit or slavaged.
After organising about 10 different pieces of paperwork, and a few false starts, I was successful in getting a 3 day transit to travel overland from the UAE to Qatar via Saudi Arabia:).

The plan for the trip was to drive from Dubai to the city of Al Hofuf in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, a distance of ~700 kilometers (435 miles).
A row of 'mud' sprayed cars at a roadside Mosque at Salwa, near the KSA-Qatar border crossing. After crashing for a bit after the early start and long drive, I headed out to explore the city. Lighting, Sound, Stagecraft CD's work on both PCs and Macs - featuring dozens of animations, video, color photos and more to help make learning fun and engaging. The 15,000 cars recovered is still a small number compared to the estimated 230,000 cars that were reportedly destroyed after the natural disaster.
Some of these will probably make its way into the UAE used car market, and we are pretty sure they won’t come with any warnings.

Tara Maginnis (of fame) putting makeup on herself as she talks and walks you through the process of becoming a character! Some of these cars, about 15,000 of them, have been gathered up on the empty runways of Calvetron Executive Airport in New York State. The least-damaged cars will be auctioned off, while some will be parted out, and the rest will be scrapped.

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